1. Is it in a yellow bag. I got a half of it at leaf realif and I love it. Down to a bid.

  2. Very nice. Pop the tops and let see em! I have about half of those in Artifact and the rest in 2.83s or halfs. What are you favorites?

  3. Yeah I'm in love with my artifact. Like I just now smoking my last of the one huge red ass blueberry cookies got last month. I mean just look at the bud it's just crazy the way it looks compared to any other bud in the program the red hairs are just stupid anyways my first experience was about 2 years ago with second breakfast and Ariel's destiny both I love but then I didn't know the difference between the artifact and the regular and I got second breakfast about 6 months after that not in the artifact and I literally did not get high off of it that's when I learned

  4. No way all artifact? I'll I can find outside of the blueberry cookie artifact is regular Galena. I live in Niles. Green leaf or leaf realif is the closest

  5. That's funny I Remember by accident when I first got into the program I went with some ex-girlfriend to some Amish place and we wound up at that huge dispensary and they had sticky buns and lemon Royale and it was phenomenal and when I got back to Cleveland I never saw them again until recently in Niles. I got to say there stuff still gets me pretty high especially the blackberry Kush.

  6. Then wait until they do a 6.66 of their second breakfast in the artifact line. Completely even better high

  7. Is that the strain? Company? Can you give strain and company

  8. I'm sorry it says cokoh and has a great back story you got to read on relief menu when you click on the description

  9. Yeah I'm looking I'm sure it's good however my experience took me back to Lakewood about a year ago with "Artistry density"(I definitely screwed up the name lol) and at bloom painsvile for "second breakfast" comes in beautiful jars and usually only 5.66 I could be wrong with that part. Long story first time stoned like never second time didn't feel much then I got educated with them and I'm a Galena artifact only huge fan!

  10. Just in case you hadn't figured this wonderful companies line because it took me a few tries and mistakes however go "artifact" line regardless my friends. Absolutely night and day between them. Enjoy!

  11. And fyi my friends...The third picture is intentional becauseI couldn't fit in "your brother problem child lol

  12. Yeah everyone seems to love buckeye but super sour orange is the only one that does it for me I love it always

  13. I still have se of my half I got from leaf realif over a moy ago with a bevedo pack in it and it's still fire whenever I reach for a bowl of it.

  14. Great choice I have had the 1st/2: recently myself and there's actual buds in it where the blue boi was mostly small

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