1. Okay so I got these sweet little ladies about two weeks ago, and a week ago I got them this new cage bc I feel passionately about birds having big enough cages. However, the little blue bird can’t fly, and she falls to the bottom of the new cage several times a day. She flutters to the bottom so she does land on her feet, but hearing her hit the bottom grate hurts me. I’m wondering if I made a mistake by buying them this large cage, and if I should change it yet again to something that is just as horizontal but has less vertical space. My other thought is to add more perches so that she can get around easier. Any thoughts are much appreciated!!!

  2. I’m so sorry you had to experience this, OP. This sounds like a legitimately terrifying experience. I also hope that the nanny gets the help she needs, whatever that might be, because it sounds like she’s really struggling.

  3. I posted a couple days ago asking about best budgie foods, and someone suggested Tops pellets. I did my own research and while the brand you pictured is often suggested, they are one of MANY brands of pellets that list filler ingredients like soy in one of the first five ingredients. I would highly suggest looking into Tops or other brands you might be able to find that put higher concentrations of healthier ingredients in their pellets.

  4. It terrifies me to think that people like this have children. Those poor babies.

  5. For clarification, these birds are very new to my home. The white one who is making this VERY soft sound does not like human interaction at all. I’m wondering if this sound is her being terrified, or something else. In this video I’m sitting near their cage, but I don’t have my hands in it or otherwise disturbing them.

  6. THE LITTLE EARS. It’s so cute you did such a good job!!! 😍😍

  7. That is so beautiful I’m so glad that not only do you have a safe place to work, but that your NK has a safe family to grow up around 🥹🥹

  8. A lot of this stuff actually looks so cute (THE MULLET 😍😍) but why god do we have another bar. It’s not a dealbreaker for me or anything but I almost never use them, I kinda wish something else could have taken it’s spot.

  9. I wouldn’t let her (4f) use the scissors after she was flinging her arms around and almost hitting her brother (6m)…adding a blade to that situation just seemed like a poor choice to me lol

  10. Yeahhhhh that’s not gentle parenting, that’s permissive parenting. Your response IS gentle parenting though, and it’s what we refer to as a “natural consequence.” Not doing a fun activity due to violent behavior is a natural consequence of that child’s behavior. From personal experience, natural consequences work wonders to develop kid’s understanding of why their behavior was unacceptable, and I actually think it prepares them for adulthood really well. Also, it’s totally appropriate to set boundaries and say “no” to kids. When I say no to my NK’s and they get upset, I usually respond with “it’s okay to be upset that we’re not doing x, but we’re still not going to do it bc of y.” That kind of reasoning really helps in their long term understanding of consequences while simultaneously validating their feelings, which is a core element of gentle parenting.

  11. You all can leave the global south the hell alone jfc

  12. Rich people don’t become rich by NOT exploiting other people and their labor :/

  13. Bob's is my favorite show, and I haven't seen anyone talk about this. Rhys guest stars on a couple of episodes as Duncan, a cute but kind of dumb boy that Tina goes gaga over. Sometimes when Stede says certain words all I can hear is Duncan and it cracks me up. Somehow I didn't connect Duncan to Rhys until the first ep of OFMD???? Anyhow glad my old favorite and new favorite have this connection!

  14. SAME. Anything in his slightly higher register is STRAIGHT Duncan lmao

  15. I actually see my work as a nanny as an act of decolonization, albeit for people with means. Pre-contact, we didn’t raise our children in a nuclear family setting. I truly believe it takes a village to raise a child, and I’m happy to be a part of that village.

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