1. FFS another week of ex Man Utd player pundits that are gonna talk about the glory days again and bitching about not good enough players.

  2. He just said a bunch of big word and try to sound as posh as possible so people think he smart lol

  3. Mfw stupid pig American makes a small and innocent joke about my country (I hope your children die in a school shooting and you get shot by police while trying to save them and your hospital bill is so high you can’t pay it so you die and your debt from that is passed on to your wife so she works 3 jobs right after her whole family just died and ends up working herself to death because of poor health and safety laws)

  4. The mother is such a miserable cunt, I'm glad they chose to make this episode 😤

  5. Here in Scandinavia NHL is probably the most popular American league. Always lots of Swedes and Finns and a few Danes and Norwegians playing in the NHL. They get pretty good news coverage in the media, more than NFL, NBA and MLB combined.

  6. Sequence of events -watermelon in ass -other guy fucks it -guy eats fucked watermelon out of other guys ass

  7. All the fud from the launch has really shifted perceptions, I'm so glad I ignored it and played, amazing, rich stories and the gameplay, especially late-game when you have perks, is so fun

  8. It wasn't really FUD honestly, it was a rushed launch. A lot of bugs, and especially console versions (PS4) were really bad, like PS2 level graphics.

  9. Yeah I agree, it should have come out at least a year later than it did. Maybe the marketing should have held back until the following E3 or whatever, I mean it doesn't excuse people sending devs death threats and shit, but CDPR could have made their own lives easier by making a more realistic launch date

  10. I understand the Premier league part but what are the other words? He's just making up shit now

  11. I think he's right. As a London blues, London reds, London whites, Merseyside reds and Manchester blues fans we must get behind marcas rashford

  12. I support all of those teams as well as the lakers, the chiefs and the Madrid all whites

  13. This is what real support looks like, none of this supporting your local club, just get me a club with some real American values 💪💪💪

  14. I still can't believe our £40mil flop striker turned into a genuinely top class centre midfielder almost overnight.

  15. Nice to see Mitro getting some spotlight too. I've a soft spot for him since our championship season

  16. Tbh if I were Ronaldo, I'd just have taken a knife on the pitch during a Clasico and stabbed the fucking midget

  17. This bloke impregnated thousands of geordie wives and flew back to Argentina to live like a curly haired god

  18. Man looks like he was crafted out of melted plastic by an autistic 8 year old

  19. Cities is the best city builder ever made, I've never played Transport Fever sorry.

  20. French people are pretty pleasant tbh, not as sweaty and gross as most Brits

  21. Seriously would love to know what kind of dream world you live in lmao

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