1. Not sure what you mean by their price going down once but you may have to cure them several times to get them down to 1.

  2. Are you connecting through LAN or the public IP your friends are using?

  3. Woah.... do you have a portal in an ancient city somewhere that it tried to link to?

  4. There could also be an ancient city somewhere below their exit portal, I often see flashes of caves and stuff while going through a portal back to the overworld.

  5. This post seems to be what you're looking for (bottom comment):

  6. Depends on your skill level. If you've played enough Minecraft then sure, iron is plenty.

  7. Servers take their properties from the world they're loading. A survival world will still be survival when loaded on a server.

  8. This looks like the same issue you're having. Scrolling through it real quick it doesn't look like there's an easy solution though.

  9. This already looks great, feels like some kind of spa so maybe continue on that path and try recreating some natural springs like these ones in Turkey:

  10. No worries, it looks like you're off to an awesome start!

  11. I'd start with lowering the amount of ram you're giving it, it really doesn't speed things up after a certain point and can even slow it down. I find 6GB to be a pretty good sweet spot, at least on my system.

  12. So I'm still running into the same issues on iris/sodium/lithium/phosphor as I was prior. Is entirely resetting minecraft the only choice?

  13. They're definitely taking their time with it but due to all the account confusion they may not see your account as eligible for the cape. I don't think anyone here can solve this so you may just want to contact Mojang for this.

  14. You said the farm doesn't work and he's leaving carrots everywhere. That's because he can't pick them up cause his inventory's full.

  15. It's a great start but the buildings don't look like those birch pillars really support them. Maybe build some large trees keeping them up?

  16. That's a really good idea I'm not the greatest with building trees but I'll see what I can pull off thank you.

  17. I struggle with organic shapes as well. Practice makes perfect though!

  18. I went with this one, but it seems odd they need to be around the corner from each other

  19. Not sure what you mean by being around the corner.

  20. It's very common to get burned out on a world. For me the solution was finding people to play with so I'm not all alone in my world.

  21. This was asked many times before. I think this may get you started:

  22. I try to build moderate size farms. Anything bigger than 2-3 chunks and it's too much.

  23. Same here, I usually try to make my redstone look semi-decent so I can keep it on display lol

  24. Boats / minecarts seem like the best choice for that distance.

  25. Bedrock doesn't block beacons so either there is some netherrack hidden amongst the bedrock right above the beacon, or (if this is Java) something may have been built above the nether roof.

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