I'm catching the vibration

I don't need it, I don't even necessarily want it, but I've got some cash to burn so I'm gonna get it.

When you come across a feel-good thing.

  1. A motion sensor. Could be for a security system or to control the HVAC.

  2. My husband is getting his PhD and he's absolutely taking on debt.

  3. Go to the Summit Metroparks website and click "accessible trails". You have several to choose from!

  4. My son was 11lbs 2oz. I was tested for GD and was not even close. I regularly checked my blood sugar because of hyperemesis. As young adults, of my kids are over 6 feet. We are just a big family. Some babies are just big.

  5. I just had it. I had a headache everyday (I still have the headache, even 10 days later) but no migraine. Just an advil-takes-care-of-it headache.

  6. It looks and feels nice to write intermittent in cursive, too!

  7. In my long term job I have to come in on PD and virtual days. That's when I do grading and lesson planning. Or just sit at my desk. Ha

  8. I have a 10th grade ELA assignment that is in the same situation. We are watching the movies of books they shoukd have read and then discussing the differences between the boom and the movie. Ha. Just so they are at least familiar with things they should know. Movies are easier for them to digest!

  9. I've been in the same situation with a 10th grade ELA..... Oh my gosh, it's been quite a year!! It's almost over and I am kind of sad to see it go but yes..... exhausted!!

  10. I just want to say something. I was a SAHM for almost 20 years. Odd jobs here and there, but nothing substantial. My husband is a teacher and a musician. No one thought we could do it, but here we are, still doing well. Our house is paid off, we have savings, a retirement with the appropriate amount of money for our ages, and while things can be tight, we've always managed. We drive 10 year old vehicles (paid off) and we get our groceries from Aldi, but we do what we want and how we want.

  11. I heard a white kid say “all lives matter” to a black kid and I had no problem telling him why he had no business saying it. I’m being paid to babysit and help them if they need help, and that kid needed help understanding why that’s an offensive fallacy. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  12. They make it soluble by turning it into a micelle formulation. Emulsifier and bam!

  13. Maybe not the tours with a 2 year old, but for sure the Children's Garden at Stan Hywet!!

  14. Just so you know, a LOT of people's partners act like that after a death, especially a sudden one. They are very vulnerable and their defenses shoot up and they have to micromanage everything.

  15. $200 for 7:00 - 2:25 $100 for 7:00-10:45 or 10:45-2:25

  16. Listen, I'm a mom of a 20, 17 and 15 year old. It is not their job to support me. My husband and I honestly view it as OUR job to support them until they have completed their studies and gotten jobs in their fields!

  17. No, I am patient and willing to do what's necessary to communicate. I lived in NYC for several years and literally no one there spoke the same. It's all good!

  18. So the THC in the weed binds to these things called cannabinoid receptors in your brain (normally they bind with some happy chemical), the thing is that the cannabinoid receptors are nowhere near the part of the brain that controls breathing or heartbeats, so absolute worst case scenario you can't move your body for a few days (and that's I'd you smoke a tonne of weed)

  19. Exactly this. There are no receptors in the brain stem. It is absolutely impossible to overdose.

  20. Isn't the LD50 of thc around 35,000mg oral? I remember there being trials done on mice and LD50 was about 500mg/kg. Which is still a fuck ton. 35 grams of pure weed.

  21. It is, but even then there is the possibility that it is maxing out on the delivery method, not the actual THC! The study you're referencing is really all we have for acceptable upper limits. But if I remember correctly, that study was on rats? And their endocannabinoid system, while close, isn't exactly the same as human. It's just a crazy amount!!

  22. Hello! super interesting, thank you for posting. Do you know of a strain that is good for migraine prevention? Is the tincture better than vaping? I have a sumatriptan that works as a rescue medicine, but I would love to get rid of the daily morning migraine. Thank you in advance for any info you might be able to share with me.

  23. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. I’m in Massachusetts, so I’m going to check out our local dispensaries. I have a nice vape with a great oven for flower. Is a tincture with drops better, or flower? I’m new to using this as medication but am so excited to try.

  24. The tincture is going to be much easier to dose. Even in medical dispensaries, the flower just has too much THC and not enough CBD for this. Growers go for the profits which come from high THC. Higher THC does not always = better pain relief and especially not with neurological issues (migraine).

  25. The neurologist probably had his malpractice insurance raised and now does everything by the book. I'm so sorry!!

  26. I am halfway through my Masters in Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics through the University of Maryland. We have studied nearly every terpenes, many strains and delivery methods.

  27. Their heads smelled like it for a couple of weeks. Intoxicating!!!

  28. Full spectrum CBD oil makes me feel like I have a fever. I get very achy and uncomfortable. Try Tweedle Farms for CBD (not the full spectrum!). Since it's just CBD, you can buy outside of the program.

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