1. Actually you do if you're replacing it, as the new one comes pre-wired to plug-n-play.

  2. I guess since I've always either reused the heater cartridge/thermistor with hot end swaps, or upgraded it separately for higher temps, I automatically think of them as 2 separate things.

  3. Those are with the voron printers running klipper with mosquito or volcano hotends and an upgraded extruder motor.

  4. I just upgraded 2 of my machines to M4P's. The ultimate limit on printing speed is definitely the extruder. It fails around 150mm/s every time, even though the print quality is still fine. 200 or 250 wouldn't surprise me with a different extruder.

  5. Looks awesome! I’m almost done with my build with the e3v2 and m4p dragging my feet on the pin assignment.

  6. It prints fast. It's insane. I bought a 3rd E3Pro just for the frame & motors. The MicroCenter $100 deal. Add in the M4P and you have a badass printer for less than a 3v2 & can walk circles around it. My slow speed is 65mm/s right now. My extruder can't keep up past 150, which is the next upgrade.

  7. I would love to know this too! Or even just lengths of the v channel aluminum. Got pretty frustrated trying to find anything

  8. Edit: I saw in the other thread that you don't even know which board is in your machine. So either you have no idea about your firmware, or you tried to flash something that probably wasn't correct in the 1st place.

  9. There's certainly room for improvement, but overall it's not all that bad.

  10. They are bulging on back side and it was printed facing forward and no there is no material missing the print is very solid as of what I could tell

  11. The back side meaning when it's printing, the side facing the back of the printer?

  12. So you've preheated to appropriate temp for the filament on your machine, went to the menu, manually extruded 10+mm of filament & got a good flow?

  13. All the PETG's I've tried are various levels of annoying up to f$#*@%)%&#.

  14. Every video or article I’ve read so far says to tighten them all the way then loosen them.

  15. You're definitely over-tightening them & watching some pretty stupid videos. With a basic understanding of how these things work it's glaringly obvious. But you seem to have it under control, and getting your bed nice & square to your machine. So my assistance is obviously not needed. Have a great day.

  16. My wording was a little bit vague. What I meant was that I did go through the process of adjusting the E-Steps by calibrating the extruder, running 120mm of filament through it while marking the filament to measure the actual length extruded.

  17. Calibrating the extruder is absolutely essential to success. In fact everyone should be doing it when they build their machines out of the box. Unfortunately the average person only looks up videos on YouTube & there's as much bad information on YouTube than there is on Reddit, which is A LOT. Couple that with bad methods being adopted (using paper to calibrate a machine for example) & just parroted, you can't even fully trust the "trusted" content creators.

  18. I've gone through the process of calibrating the extruder before, but I didn't know I would need to calibrate the extruder at both the extruder end and the nozzle.

  19. I've had a rough couple of days & at my age it feels a little extra rough. I'm trying to wind down with a couple beers so maybe I can get some decent sleep tonight. I'm making this comment, mostly to remind myself to get back to you tomorrow, but also to let you know I saw your comments & I would like to help. My brain is just burnt out for the day. Doesn't take much according to my ex-wife.

  20. Exactly. The Esun Orange print perfectly here at 210 on ender 3 pro.

  21. It is very surprising. Now I understand why there is no universal chart on temp/speed/retraction settings.

  22. I've done this professionally. For years. You know what's really, really fun? The machines I used to work on made school buses look small. And we had dozens of them.

  23. I dint have tools with me where I am sadly like nothing it's for a display at a fair tommorow

  24. It's my machine and I wanna do some fillamnet changes on the fly to show off mate :)

  25. That's a 42-40. The 6 uses a 42-48. That was my mistake. Specs are the same except it's 8mm longer. Hence the 40 & 48 respectively.

  26. I absolutely understand. I had this problem while trying to search for other things myself.

  27. You should have calibrated your z offset during the installation of the probe and then saved that to the firmware. It's one of the few settings you can actually save to the EEPROM without flashing the whole thing.

  28. That is a great thought. If the browser window reader doesn't work great, this may be an alternative... Thanks.

  29. Could you elaborate on mystery spots? Never head of them

  30. Have you been to Santa Cruz, CA or are these “Mystery Spots” nationwide?

  31. Never been to California. I've seen their pamphlets in rest stops everywhere from Michigan & Minnesota all across the general mid-west through the Dakotas & all the flat states into the Pacific northwest. I forget which one I actually visited. It was probably the 80s?

  32. I don't know where you're looking or seeing folders, but there is only 1 file from Creality for the 4.2.7 board in your machine.

  33. I tried to post it for you but the auto-mod deleted my link. I'll put it on my YouTube channel instead.

  34. Now that we got the 32 gig card out of the way, how are you trying to flash it?

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