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  1. As far as I know there is not an easy way to identify an africanized bees through a photo of a single individual. If you suspect the colony may pose a threat to you or your family I would suggest you reach out to a pest management company or bee removal service.

  2. Thank you! I rang a few people and it’s after hours so I was hoping for some insight. I can’t open the attic without a bunch of bees coming down at me and I would like to go up there and look and see, so I suppose that’s why I was interested in figuring out the sub species. I appreciate you answering!

  3. looking at getting the Peach & Lily mist after seeing some stuff about it on yt, has anyone tried it?

  4. I got the mist in a new beauty VIP box and it smells mildewy but who knows if it’s peach and lily or if it’s new beauty flipping “off”/non standard product.

  5. I live in Austin and my entire diagnosis and all followups are completed via telehealth. Do you have US insurance now or are you still using AUS insurance/healthcare?

  6. Hey asparagus_pee_stinks, would you be open to sending me who you were referred to? happy to send a pm :) I am an Austinite seeking help for ADHD and am hitting a million dead ends - mostly appointments that are 8/10 weeks out!

  7. Leopard print. I don't even know why but my brain sunrise associates it with "trashy".

  8. Argh! Leopard is my favorite color! I just love big cats and I try to wear it tastefully like D&G, I’m particular about my print. However, I know it’s not everyone’s favorite. I so do appreciate the perspective ❤️🐈

  9. We lovingly call Janesville "Janestucky," for...... reasons.

  10. I lived in Thessaloniki in the early 2000s! I really really did not enjoy it at all. People still don’t understand why and this photo helps explain.

  11. The matches are really affordable and they always have fun music or entertainment around the stadium. The team is so much better than last year, I hope more come out to enjoy the sport!

  12. It deeply pains me every time i see someone cover up nice original wood with paint like that. Fantastic price you got it for though. Love thrift stores.

  13. People are dog piling on you but I appreciate your honesty. Indeed this is a frugal buy and a fair flip that (later in the comments apparently) got sold for a little profit. That said, if someone took the time to remove the old stain, sand, stain, and add new hardware INSTEAD of a paint job? Probably sell for three digits instead of two. The evidence for test Ian and update is in the barrage of comments chiding OP for the paint job. Life, time, and tools can constrain even the best of intentions so for a short lil flip well done OP.

  14. When will you add the Rae Dunn themed coffee bar?

  15. I’m not saying she’s going to suddenly find some morals but that scene confused her and I’m hoping she works through it on Ash & Fez’ side plzzzzz 🙏🙏🙏

  16. Faye had better be cool because she scraped by thanks to Ash and Fez, not her skeezball BF

  17. I had butterflies for reals. I love how they’re both so guarded and also naïve towards love bc fez has been too busy being a grown up he didn’t have space for love and Lex is some kind of houseplant no one sees the beauty, creativity, and loyalty of!

  18. I lost my voice yelling at the TV. My heart is exploding for these two! Age is just a number, the total means experience! Heck yeah yous guys!

  19. Especially because all of the things in the last paragraph are ridiculously unaffordable in many places. A frames go for near a mil and tiny houses are what regular houses used to cost.

  20. What a distinguished gentleman

  21. Ahhh great picture! 🐴 Did one of them eventually yell at the other 😂

  22. My first thought too… and who pinned their ears first and who screamed 😂

  23. Can you elaborate a little more on what you think about the rose scene and what it means for Cassie’s character? I’m still trying to figure it out.

  24. In my interpretation it’s a complicated mix of innocence, youth, beauty, and martyrdom. In my opinion, Cassie does not yet realize the power of her own mind, beauty, heart, and soul. Her pain cuts very deeply. The rose is a very hard flower to grow and it requires lots of attention and care, it doesn’t thrive if it doesn’t have the right conditions. The rose is soft and delicate but can make you bleed from its thorns.

  25. A miracle involving roses occurred to Saint Rita of Cascia. The winter before the end of her life, a cousin visited her and asked her if she desired anything from her old home at Roccaporena. Saint Rita responded by asking for a rose and a fig from the garden. It was January and her cousin did not expect to find anything due to the snowy weather. However, when her relative went to the house, a single blooming rose was found in the garden, as well as a fully ripened and edible fig. Her cousin brought the rose and fig back to Saint Rita at the convent, who thanked her and gave the rose to her sisters.

  26. 1 reason I keep my shirt and socks on. I’m friggin freezing. OP needs to keep the house warm.

  27. Allllll I gotta say is, people need to start throwing the same shade at Jules for messing around with Elliot. It’s all “omg Cassie is horrible for doing this” until Jules cheats on Rue.

  28. It’s much easier for people to write off drug abuse and the complications of the very real pathology of addiction. It’s more challenging to understand than the very real pathology of being groomed by your mother (and your best friend and other friends) that you should see yourself as a pretty accessory.

  29. I’m super shocked that there wasn’t some horrible murder suicide. Instead he just wagged his dick around and projected his disgust for himself on his whole family. I legit thought he was going to take himself out in a fit of rage, then we’d see a softer and more human side of Nate post Cal’s death.

  30. You are tough as hell girl! Could you imagine a guy with the same injury? He’d call an ambulance immediately! /s (don’t come for me it’s a joke yall)

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