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  1. Assistant to the assistant to the regional manager, which just so happens to be the regional manager.

  2. It’s tape, I think Michael Jackson was the one who started this trend. I like to see tyler keeping up with the times, wonder if the tape was his idea or someone in costume / wardrobe

  3. I’ll admit I’ve been using this same trend when I play shows, BUT it’s for a legit reason. I have this issue with slamming my middle finger into my guitar strings when I get really into playing a song, and last time it happened at a show I started bleeding everywhere and dropped my pick cause my fingers were slippery from blood… lol so now I tape that finger so when I do inevitably hit my finger it doesn’t cut me and start to bleed!

  4. Yeah wtf they made Izzy look 20 years old Lmfao

  5. This feels like it should be a scene from Atlanta.

  6. Fuck, you just reminded me the new season is out! Thanks! Lol gotta get on that

  7. I just spent the past week blowing through season 3 and the new episodes of 4. If Twin Peaks is considered a mind fuck, Atlanta gave my mind a deep dicking.

  8. Ooooo you’re getting me excited now. It blew my mind when I found out Donald Glover was the one that played the super creepy old white dude in the wheelchair in season 3, and that season left on such a cliffhanger I’m excited to start the new season and see what fuckery is afoot.

  9. I cant describe what exactly, but something about his face you can tell how much it all means to him.

  10. His eyes seem to be like further back in his head than usual, like his eye sockets are deeper? Makes him appear a whole lot more evil when he gets that serious face on, I’d be pissing my pants if I had to face off with him and stare him in the eyes lol

  11. I just love it because of the way they use the instruments and the meaningful lyrics such as "please don't be afraid of what you soul is really thinking" and "Your soul knows good and evil, your soul knows both sides And it's time you pick your battle, and I promise you this is mine"

  12. Funny little thing about this song, for years I misunderstood the line “it’s time you pick your battle and I promise you this is mine” as “it’s time you pick your battle and confront a distant mind” which also works really well with the song. Sometimes I’ll still sing those lyrics depending on the mood I’m in lol. One of my fav songs by them for sure, I love in instrumental of it.

  13. VS MMA Donald Glover lol

  14. If he has earned some good money an has other career opportunities, quitting now is a smart move. At some point your body just does not regenerate like it used to. The meta is also extremely grappling favouring right now.

  15. Yeah I don’t blame him if he does, I’ll miss him that’s for sure but with guys like Burns, Colby, & Usman in the division it’s going to be hard for him to get a hold of that belt.

  16. I had a dream like trip where I was a spider inside a Powerade bottle and I was trying to climb to the top but shredded lettuce kept falling into the bottle and pushing me back down. Wild stuff indeed.

  17. Yeah Aljo looked fucking jacked before his previous bout with Yan. Would be interesting to see him move up to 145 like he mentioned to give Merab a shot at the belt.

  18. What do you do for work and are you hiring?

  19. Not OP but your comment made me reminisce, I worked at Greenblatts deli & wine in Los Angeles for like 6 months as a wine clerk, knew absolutely nothing about wine and several times a week had to pretend like I understood what the salespeople were telling me about the wine while getting tipsy on it, and I’m not a big drinker so it only took me half a glass to be severely tipsy lol. Let me tell you tho, I discovered a love for wine! That job was really fun, on off days I would deliver wine and liquor all over Hollywood. Delivered to some famous people every now and then but I really just enjoyed driving through the holloywood hills and marveling at all the crazy houses and views, especially cause it was a company vehicle! Unfortunately the pandemic closed them down, but the owner drove a Porsche 911 and was rich as fuck and old so I think he just got sick of running the place and sold it off.

  20. Are you serious you don't like Romero vs Costa? Fuck man everyone's got their tastes so alright but you're tripping with that take.

  21. Yeah kinda wild to me you can like ufc and not like that fight lol but to each their own I guess

  22. I know it’s only cause Tony lost, but seeing Conor move up a space in the rankings is so silly lmfao

  23. You’re literally living my dream right now! Nothing quite like coming home to your own home and kitty! Congrats

  24. Watching the card tonight with the boys, I already know the results but I don’t care, still excited to watch cause I fucking love this sport. I caught the prelims on Saturday tho and I’m making them watch the Barnett fight cause wow what a crazyyyyyy fight

  25. Since 2019! Not very long, maybe that’s why I’m so obsessed with it cause it’s still fresh to me in a sense but I haven’t missed a fight since. It’s funny, I was best friends with someone in 8th grade who’s dream was the be an mma fighter and for some reason it never clicked for me back then, maybe I would have persued it if it had, but now it’s one of my favorite things in the world lol. It finally got my ass active and wanting to get in better shape too. Several times over the last couple years I’ve looked up jobs in the ufc industry just so I can work around it haha

  26. imo if you can hard stuff that initial takedown attempt by khamzat he wont really shoot again, but he is fully committed to that initial wrestling exchange, if u make it out of that i feel like he wont zap his energy by trying again

  27. Khamzat stopped wrestling burns because he said burns tried to set up an armbar and he didn’t like it. You can see it happen shortly after khamzat drops burns with the jab, hits him with an elbow and right after the elbow hits burns you see him throw his legs over for an armbar and khamzat immediately backs off. No real submission threat from izzy so would be interesting, although I feel izzy still wins that one.

  28. I wanted to see more about the other children from the Hawkins lab. The episode in season 2 with Eight was if I remember correctly one of the lowest rated, so I might be alone in this.

  29. I thought it was odd how they didn’t even show Eight during the “memory” scenes in season 4, like obviously she was there right? Why not mention it. Also I get they probably thought of this too late, but man if they would have introduced human version of vecna in earlier seasons the reveal would be soooo much better. My coworker watched it before me so when I got to the episode where it shows One/human vecna for the first time, I said to my buddy “that guy is papas son isn’t it?” Like I knew right away.

  30. Yeah she had 40k in season 4 because she had recently landed that sales job, something she didn’t have in previous seasons.

  31. Bruce is like fine wine, just gets better and better as he ages

  32. Herzog my dog my favorite ref his lateral movement is top tier

  33. Stupid shitty shoes. Hope Nate wins and shits all over the UFC on the way out.

  34. Dana is probably so nervous about what Nate is gunna say after that fight lmfao I can’t wait

  35. Rewatching the khamzat/burns fight gives me more hope that Holland can outstrike Khamzat, let’s gooooo big mouth

  36. My hope stems from khamzats ego being too big and him wanting to slug it out 🤞

  37. I'll take Tony. Your flair: I sandblasted hookers with Khabib

  38. I got Nate, yours will be “Stockton slapped into retirement”

  39. I had never even thought about the tablecloth/eye contact connection. That honestly makes great sense to me, well done dude.

  40. Besides the table cloth, remember Gordy gives Jupe a fist bump during that scene, another reason Jupe feels “special” and like he can tame wild creatures.

  41. Rogan vs Zuckerberg book it dana

  42. I’m pretty excited for that card despite all the hate it’s getting around here.

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