1. My heart goes out to everyone thinking this is going to be Apple's version of the Quest/Index and immediately getting buyer's remorse once they find out the killer app is just more unnecessary shit shoehorned into iMessage and/or something that requires you to own everything else in the Apple ecosystem

  2. The amount of long-term psychological damage Tik Tok (and short-form video in general) is doing to an entire generation is incomprehensible. I feel the focus should be on that rather than "China's stealing our info!".

  3. He's proclaiming "justice" even though everybody and their mother has seen all the screenshots of DMs he sent. It's not like any previous companies he worked with will want anything to do with him.

  4. Everything about this game looks devoid of any charm or soul whatsoever. It doesn't even look good on a technical level. PlayStation Home launched in 2008 and looks identical to this.

  5. Can't wait to spend upwards of $2,000 so I can wear an HMD attached to a weight belt and make Memojis float in the air while watching select episodes of Ted Lasso with Spatial Audio Pro Max Turbo

  6. Nothing would have really changed and it'd ultimately be identical to an AH scenario where his television production career never took off.

  7. Everything about this article comes off as if the writer has no clue what they're talking about. They're writing about Hotline Miami a decade after it (and its sequel) came and went and they're calling electronic music "techno", which is a term I haven't heard since the mid 2000s.

  8. I follow him on YouTube and he's been saying the Source 2 update will be "any day now" for the past 3-5 years.

  9. It's insane how we went from macOS being OP running on crappy, overpriced hardware from macOS being crappy and unoptimized while running on comically OP hardware

  10. Newer versions have been getting progressively worse while not really adding anything interesting unless you're 100% in the Apple ecosystem.

  11. This dude died and was immediately treated to a Rihanna concert with nonstop pyro and flames and has the nerve to say he went to hell. Sheesh

  12. Get involved in a series of comedic shenanigans while we hate each other at first, but then grow to like one another and team up to defeat a crotchety old security guard who hates fun.

  13. I've been out of the loop - why does Madonna now look like she was bitten by a radioactive Pabllo Vittar?

  14. Posing with a wine glass with a really awkward "smile" that's just them baring their teeth, making sure to hold the glass in such a way that it shows off their cheap gel manicure

  15. Apple's ironically turning into its shitty 90s incarnation before Steve Jobs returned. So many mistakes repeated. Not much innovation, confusing non-streamlined product lines, out-of-touch pricing, forgettable marketing, the list goes on.

  16. Not that it's to their fault, but it shows. Marvel movies look like really long video game cutscenes with CGI and green screen scenes looking progressively worse.

  17. Thanks for the giant red circle, I had no idea what you were trying to point out.

  18. Racism in the show is supposed to be depicted in its most authentic, realistic manner - full of hypocrisy and inconsistency.

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