1. Blame the producers for shit scheduling. Every episode would look as good as episode 1 if they didn't overwork their animators especially with a small team. It's sad cause the studio is capable of producing great animation but the people in charge don't understand that quality will always prevail over rushed releases.

  2. What do you mean by scheduling? Are you referring to them not having a split cour?

  3. It looks to me that this person works for and is promoting the game.

  4. Yeah that's what I thought as well. Seems like an astroturf/controlled leak. The way he answers questions seems very PRy. Not to mention he has almost no other posts on his account not related to the game.

  5. I’m just seeing that now! I just watched it for the first time and only have it above 2 or 3 other seasons at this point.

  6. From what I’ve seen I think it’s: 7, 10, 12, 23, 20, 3, 2, 6, 24, 4, 5, then 15. I was watching them in a random order until I settled on starting at 2. I’m a game play fan, so most of those top seasons are up there due to high levels of gameplay from many members of individual members in particular.

  7. Pretty solid list. Interesting you have 15 dead last, if you're gameplay fan. Though I'm assuming it's due to all the controversy? I actually think it's a good season gameplay wise. 3 will forever be the most overrated season for me

  8. its dropping today! hoping to find some place i can watch it

  9. It's dropping today?? Why didn't you say that instead of this month in the thread title lol.

  10. Congrats OP, it was just announced that it's coming to peacock.

  11. Definitely one of my fav players. Very funny, and has great game sense.

  12. Eh, he was dumb but definitely isn't the dumbest even if we're looking at just the traitors.

  13. Nah. This dude never had an inkling on his own about any of the traitors. He was wrong 100% of the time. He couldn’t see past the people in his mind who he thought were “obvious” traitors, like Kate, Rachel etc. you would think after being wrong so many times that he would change his strategy up

  14. Watch the other versions, he's far from being the only person this happened to.

  15. The UK is the best version by far. The AU and USA version had "better" strategy but the game is so unbalanced that it doesn't really matter much/isn't that entertaining.

  16. Hopefully good side quests that are just as fun as the main campaign

  17. "manipulate the main campaign" - (x) doubt

  18. I imagine it's going to be something along the lines of, if you do a certain sidequest, it'll be referenced in the main campaign/dialogue will be altered to account for it.

  19. Paramount is probably kicking themselves that they gave the streaming rights to Peacock. So it makes sense that they'd kill the main show in order to support the spinoffs they actually have control over.

  20. It's not like they had their own service when the show premiered. This happened to FX with shows like "The Americans", which is now on Hulu after it had been locked up by, I think it was Amazon Prime.

  21. CBS all access (paramount+ before it had been renamed) has been around since 2014.

  22. Frontiers was pretty smooth for me, just a lot of pop-in. A ton of fun, though.

  23. Same at least on PS5, the only performances issues I ran into are 1080p (ugh) and pop in. Outside of that, I didn't run into a single glitch, which is insane for a 3d sonic game.

  24. Blizzard never asked for more money, they wanted to prolongate the contract with NetEase by 6 month so Blizzard could have the time to find a better publisher

  25. So is there a chance it could come back when/if Blizzard finds a new partner? Or are they just not going to bother?

  26. Hard to answer the Kenny wes popularity question. Particularly if you don't want spoilers for furure seasons. I'll say I'm team Wes. From the start and especially in hindsight. I can understand why Wes isn't your cup of tea at the moment. He was definitely loved or hated at this time period. No in between with Wes.

  27. Yeah the hybrid format was such a terrible decision that everyone saw coming except for the producers. And it's not just a UK thing, i'm american and felt the same way.

  28. Ohhh you’re gonna have a blast with Rivals. It’s (imo) better than FM 2 and Cutthroat.

  29. So from my searches a lot of people said FM2 was a good starting point. So I started with that and have just been going in chronological order FM2 (19), Cutthroat (20), and Rivals (21), since apparently FM2 starts a super great stretch of seasons. Not sure when this stretch ends tho.

  30. Re- Sarah and Abram….wasnt it rumored that there was a weird situation with water contamination, which is why they both got so sick so suddenly? As a viewer it seemed really strange that they both went down the same way like one right after the other. Not saying their shit talking was justified just that if the water thing is true then their medical DQs weren’t really for lack of training or prep.

  31. Speaking of that scene, I actually think this was the first time I've ever scene uncensored, non simulated projectile vomiting on TV before. MTV is wild lol.

  32. Lol she guessed it in 20 seconds and then proceeded to do nothing about it and get every other person wrong.

  33. To be fair, that other person was mostly just Kate, who was acting sus regardless of her status as a faithful.

  34. I don't buy that at all. At Least for Stephenie. She said several times it couldn't Cirie which wouldn't make anysense if she actually thought it was her.

  35. Exactly. His post doesn't put her in a good light at all.

  36. It's very polarizing. I think it's a great season. It has some god awful episodes and some utterly amazing episodes, some really exciting storylines and some WTF narrative choices. It's a weird one.

  37. This thread is kind of blowing my mind lol. I've only heard bad to mediocre things about 41. Surprised so many people here are saying it's worth a watch. 42, is the only season in the 40s I've heard any good things about (Now that I think about it, I haven't heard anything at all about 40).

  38. I have bipolar, 3 months in the BBUS house seems more like a death sentence here since no medications are allowed and its 3 months cold turkey. I know my depression would more likely take over and Id have to bow out due a possible manic phase in the mix. BBCan has a shorter game with faster action and overall better characters. Id be fine with withdrawing with a faster game like that I suppose. If I was allowed medications that would be amazing.

  39. I'm pretty sure they do allow medication in the US house.

  40. Janelle, who comented on the paloma situation, made a tweet about her experience with medication on BBUS. She had explained that on BB22 they didn't allow her adhd medication because they explained in the contract it might give players an "advantage against other players". Janelle was on Adderall, and had snuck it through one of her small cases. Because apparently they can take it from someone when doing the bag search. She had explained if paloma was taking medication, they wouldnt have allowed it and possibly knowing that she might have left her meds at home, which is why even in dire circumstances (ie. Kyland who production allowed medication for like once) she couldnt have taken her medication. In my opinion they should allow medication regardless of "advantage". Which is ridiculous.

  41. Hmm is this a newer rule? I recall seeing threads about how houseguest were on medication in the past (including adderall) I.e.

  42. I am SO confused about what Big Brother is in the US. It definitely sounds nothing like the original Big Brother.

  43. Big brother US season 1, was pretty similar to the UK version, but it was very unpopular here. Starting with the second season, they retooled it to make it similar to survivor, with challenges/competitions and making it so only people inside of the house were able to vote to evict someone, instead of the viewers.

  44. You should check it out if you have the chance, especially if you like the traitors. It's pretty awesome.

  45. Glad you asked, kind of surprised no one else did though! I’m a huge fan the challenge on MTV, I see more and more on The Challenge shows, they’re bringing ppl from other reality shows and BB happens to be one. I started googling BB & easy reality shows to get on.. and kind of ran with BB, then joined the forum to get insight. So, here we are. Any suggestions?

  46. I just finished 17 actually! So 20 will be next!! Thx for the suggestion!!! Much appreciated!! Hopefully I get in!!!!

  47. Good luck! Out of curiosity, if you never saw the show, what compelled you to try out for it?

  48. I'm not a fan of what Arie did at all. This is a gameshow not a charity. Was annoyed that he didn't try to fight back. Casting was such a mess this season.

  49. I agree, but he would have been banished anyways. He was just trying to save face so it didn't look like he got played (which he absolutely did).

  50. Yeah this has been well none since the first season. The game is busted as hell, and has been carried (at least the UK version) almost entirely by the cast. Hopefully they make some significant improvements for the next seasons.

  51. She was definitely hamming it up. There wasn't a single damn tear in that girls eyes lol.

  52. Rachel really putting her BB campaigning skills to use 😂

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