1. Yes, thank you...i am planning to get a doctor's note but it will cost me money just to take break from neck has been killing me so much i get dizzy to keep it upright while sitting....I've been sitting an average of 12 hours a day on my desk...

  2. You may not need time off, they may be able to make accommodations for you and have you work.

  3. Do you ever have bad anxiety? Racing thoughts? Irritability? Trouble focusing? Have days where everyone and everything is agitating?

  4. We don't have the disposable income for drugs right now. I can check his car, but I don't believe he is. He has a few drinks after working sometimes, I don't believe he is drinking and driving. When he does drink though, even a couple beers, his drunkenness seems to last for a really long time.

  5. Info- Who is forcing you to come in on your day off? Do you have to answer the phone when they call you in?

  6. At first I did it as a courtesy? Now it’s just ridiculous because my boss chimes in on the matter today and I wanted to see what Reddit thought or if I was just crazy.

  7. I think if you agree to come in then it's not other people's fault. No matter what a person calls out for, you don't have to cover them unless it's in your contract.

  8. Oh yeah. They banned me a long time ago for the same reasons (taking part in this sub)

  9. Weird. I've never visited the sub or viewed their posts. What's the point of banning me? Also, how is that legit. Seems like a ban should be for doing something wrong. Lol

  10. What accommodations is your child receiving as of now? What is their disability? How long have they been diagnosed?

  11. I have been around plenty of tweakers that have been up a cpl days and they looked NOTHING like that. I have been around ppl on flakka too... That's definitely flakka

  12. I'd guess the tweakers you know don't get the good shit then. Agreed, flakka looks like this, but so does a good long tweak.

  13. I can't say or I'll get banned again. Apparently my answer to this question "incites violence".

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