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  1. I thought it the responsible thing to do since the bear strips down to his knickers.

  2. The letter is almost certainly a warning from your ISP. Nothing to really be alarmed about at this point. It is an absolute must to use a good VPN when downloading torrents, preferably one with a kill switch that will automatically disable your internet if the connection to the VPN fails for some reason. That way if you start a download and the connection to your VPN drops for whatever reason the VPN will automatically kill all internet access.

  3. I was wondering if anyone used them for baking bacon and how well they would perform. Thanks.

  4. I became inappropriately aroused by this post. Very clever!!

  5. I’m excited for sure, wondering if I should build a larger ported box for 1 x instead of cramming 2 in a smaller port. I feel like if I tune 1 x to smash the lows it would be way better sql and less loud spl

  6. Typically you only gain a couple decibels by adding a second sub. As I said before I do a 147 dB in the kick panel area from a single X12 with both back windows down and the driver’s side window 1/3 way down on a 34 Hz burb. Music is usually 144ish except for Bass Ballin’ which I can do a 147 with. You might be happy with one.

  7. Best answer so far thank you! The added 2-3 decibels is not worth the space the 2 subs will have to take up. A single x I’m sure is well enough to fill what I want, plus I’ll get to tune my box lower and get more port area 🙏🏻

  8. The original headliner should go back in so long as it wasn’t damaged during removal. I’ve never seen anyone try to adhere headliner to deadener and not sure it would work well at all since the deadening material has a metallic backing that would be tough to glue to.

  9. Yes, that requires a decent amount of input to get to. Would I be able to add a knob on the “rear” speakers and manually/easily control it that way?

  10. I don’t think you need to buy anything. It sounds like your amplifier gain settings aren’t adjusted properly or your head unit’s fade setting. Maybe both are incorrect.

  11. You could do with a some cable management. On the amp and as others have noted, you need to tighten the screws on the sun mounting brackets.

  12. As someone in the business, I can confirm that Skar has poor quality control and customer service. Even though you’ll likely not hear much of a difference between the two since they will be reproducing sub-bass frequencies. I would buy the Rockford Fosgate due to better build quality and customer service should you need it. All this being said, it is usually Skar’s amps that fail, not their subs providing they weren’t abused by over-powering or clipping.

  13. I am making a custom steel box/mount for it, and need all the space i can get, to make it as small as possible. Getting rid of the side tabs would let me make the box smaller, and it would be safer because it would eliminate the possibility of the positive side terminal shorting onto the side of the box, or anything else.

  14. Incorporate the side terminals into the design of the enclosure you’re fabricating. I would also get some side post covers like knutbag suggested.

  15. I dont have the clearance to do all that. I should probably just get a 34 battery, and not 34/78, unless somebody knows how to pop the cover off and remove them.

  16. Knowing a little about how batteries are manufactured, I don’t think there is any safe way to do what you’re wanting to do. Best to get the proper product for the application and save yourself some headache and potentially a call to your insurance company.

  17. It is probably an inexpensive repair. I will get it fixed and use it in the future. It's something wrong with the fosgate amp. I went on marketplace and found another one cheap to confirm it was the fosgate amp. Unfortunately I dont know of any shops in the area to send it for repair.

  18. You’re probably not going to find a shop that specifically specializes in automotive amplifier repair, but assuming that it is just a blown internal fuse, faulty capacitor(s), or something of the sort a quality electronics repair shop can either help you or possibly point you in the right direction. The Amp Lab has a pretty good reputation if you’re willing to ship it off.

  19. I appreciate that. Thank you. Ultimately the fosgate amp is what my system is setup for so I will at some point get it fixed and use that instead. It's got better adjustability and will power my door speakers better than this other cheap one I've got. I've never amped door speakers before and this Dual is already a vast improvement.

  20. Yep! After it's scrub down and pat it dry with a cloth I set it on the stove to finish drying and then spray some oil in it. Every time.

  21. Is it possible to see a picture of the offensive skillet?

  22. When I get back home I will definitely post a few more pictures.

  23. Outstanding! Getting a look at the condition of the scandalous skillet may offer clues.

  24. I’ve got a 2016 Honda HRV with a Kenwood headunit. Currently rocking an 8 inch Home theater sub + inverter, hoping to have something integrated (so I don’t need to remove when I go on road trips).

  25. Yes you can port fiberglass enclosures. Give the DC Audio m3 8” a look.

  26. A DC Audio M3 8” requires 0.4 sealed and 0.75 ported enclosure.

  27. I bet your pan is sweating oil and your cook top is not as level as you think. As you hear the pan a small amount of oil must be lubricating the contact surface. This would explain why it is worse after you season.

  28. Your theory makes the most sense even though there isn’t any oil visible on the bottom. I can’t touch it while hot, but checking it after it has cooled I can’t feel any moisture. I just checked my cooktop with a level and it is ever so slightly out of level. Not enough for the bubble to be outside the lines, but not exactly centered either.

  29. That was my first thought. Crummy Casper didn’t want me to have a grilled cheese sandwich. Little creep.

  30. using a hot pan right away pretty much always results in your bacon folding in on itself. Cold pan is much better for homecooking.

  31. The Donkey Dong is correct. Start with a cold pan unless you have a weight to apply to the bacon to prevent curling.

  32. Above, someone said putting water in the pan keeps it from wrinkling.

  33. I’ve not tried that, but I’ve read others say it diminishes the flavor of the bacon depending on how much water is used. Following the instructions on the package for baking for larger amounts or starting with a room temperature pan for smaller amounts has yielded the best results for me.

  34. Am I the only one who originally read your response as wanting Big Bird (from Sesame Street) as a boss fight.

  35. All five of the top 5 things on my list are that is comes to PC quickly.

  36. Check with Crutchfield. They offer the proper dash kit for your vehicle as well as vehicle specific, detailed, and easy to read instructions on the removal of the old head unit and installation of the new one.

  37. Everyone who has suggested Crutchfield is spot on. They are the absolute best source for head unit replacements, especially for newbies. They include step-by-step instructions on how to remove and install the new head unit for your particular vehicle and their customer service is top notch should you need it.

  38. Hey uh you didn't happen to run yourself a foul of a scruffy fella about yay high, doesn't feel pain, sounds drunk but probably just slow?

  39. That’s the most unique T-line enclosure I’ve ever seen.

  40. What you’re hearing is the microphone clipping, not his system.

  41. I’m happy with my Sundown x12 for now, but have my eye on 4 DC Audio level 5 15”s.

  42. Just curious how one sub could manage to take all that power.

  43. Fuses are safer and more reliable but not as convenient as breakers.

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