1. It is factually a disability and like most disabilities, people who have it are impacted by it differently. I don’t require accommodations for my disabilities so I don’t really think of myself as disabled. However, if things were to change, I would use the resources available to me.

  2. I’ve had this happen and they will refund you. Select the ride, then select get help with trip, then fare review, then I had an issue with my pickup. There should be a box to check for I did not take this ride etc.

  3. I don’t understand the problem. My friends can always stay in my home. I trust them to be there when I’m not.

  4. Yes actually. She talked about her income back in the day. I believe she made over $100,000 but I can’t remember the exact amount.

  5. Where did I say it was? I said she made more than the average New Yorker.

  6. I genuinely thought this was about the virus that causes cervical cancer Lmaoo

  7. What does living a privileged life have to do with having mental health issues? Depression caused by a chemical imbalance does not care that you go on vacation.

  8. That’s not the point. Wealthy people can suffer from mental health problems– obviously. But when it becomes her entireeeeee brand it gets sooo annoying. Like insufferable. It’s no longer relatable and helpful to an audience.

  9. If that’s true, why does she still have such a large following?

  10. Look up the rates of STIs and specifically HIV in committed/married couples. Black women in particular need to be vigilant about our health because you don’t want to find out that you cannot have kids because your husband cheated or never tested and did not have symptoms so he assumed all was well. Getting tested once a year is not some huge inconvenience.

  11. Hardly. STDs don't just sneak up. Especially if you're not out there doing things you shouldn't be doing with people other than your spouse.

  12. Let’s hope that your spouse feels the same way forever.

  13. She definitely has said before that she wanted to marry a man who was at least financially stable - in Manhattan that means $$$$$$. If her ex husband did not have the money he did she would not have fallen in love with him

  14. Financially stable doesn’t mean rich in Manhattan either. And I don’t blame anyone who wants to be a housewife for pursuing someone who wants to be married to one and can afford a single income household.

  15. YTA - my spouse often travels with me on work trips and she knows that she’s on her own during the day and for a lot of dinners. If you’re tired, take a nap. You behaved really immaturely as if you thought this was some sort of vacation and everyone was meant to cater to you.

  16. Straight women also show affection in friendships so I’m not sure what they mean.

  17. I guess if you’re not white or cis and straight, you’re not “people.”

  18. Influencers who are wealthy shouldn’t need to pretend they don’t have wealth in order to appear relatable to people who have less. It’s insane to me that people who have amassed a large, monetized platform get criticized for buying new homes or spending their own money. Nobody is telling you what to buy when you get a raise at your job.

  19. Why are y’all referring to her as a SAHM when content creation is her job? She makes a lot of money off of brand deals and is an Amazon influencer which means most of the products shown in her home are because they are content. That makes her a working mother and her household is a two income household.

  20. I love midwestern mama! At least she tells ppl not to buy crap if they can’t afford it

  21. Why do people need to be told that lol. Both are Amazon influencers who make their money by showcasing products. I would hope that people would buy what they can afford.

  22. This shouldn’t be a 15 year old’s concern tbh. Her caregivers are responsible for her housing and food by law in most states. OP’s husband needs to step up and OP is a villain too by putting that burden on a 15 year old instead of her lazy husband.

  23. Listen, being a 15yo with depression and anxiety is really really hard, take it from me. But she also is at an age where she can understand that this is not financially sustainable. Her right to shower at all is not being taken away. When I was that age I racked up a $500 phone bill and guess what, I had to come up with the money to pay it. And I did, despite my own crippling depression and anxiety. Obviously the husband and bio mom are at fault here, but short of divorce what is a step parent with few legal rights supposed to do?

  24. Holding her husband accountable for not providing for his child is an option.

  25. Why are you still talking to him? He tricked you into sharing intimate photos of yourself and shared photos of another woman without her consent. I’m genuinely confused about this.

  26. I made a deep connection with this person, no he’s not who he said he is but my feelings don’t go away

  27. You don’t have a deep connection with him. He’s a stranger who has been lying to you.

  28. Is there a reason why you can’t simply ask your friends what they think of hanging with your bf directly? I get the impression that they don’t see themselves as friends with him and put up with it simply because of their friendship with you.

  29. Because it doesn’t have the same effects on other people.

  30. YTA. Is this for real? You tried to dress up your gf to fit your fantasy, she half-heartedly agrees, and you give her the things you like as a "gift" when she was barely lukewarm to the idea to begin with???

  31. I’m really struggling to believe this is real bc all this about balancing masc and femme and hot Tiktok lesbians is strange

  32. YTA - one femme to another, I’m not sure why you are asking us when she already told you how she felt directly. She doesn’t have to dress in masc styles bc you like them. The gift was in poor taste and did not consider her preferences at all. Tiktok is not real life and frankly, you’re too old to not know that.

  33. Birth moms are moms. Seems like they fit the description to me.

  34. Restaurants and kitchens all over the country manage food allergy restrictions literally every day. They do not fully reset all the surfaces and change clothes every time a customer walks in the door with an allergy. All the kitchens I worked in took great care in preparing dishes when an allergy was brought to our attention. A friend of mine has severe nut and avocado allergy. When we go out, she lets the server know and is not under any illusion that the entire kitchen is going to be completely reset because of her allergies, that's insane. She simply asks that those ingredients not touch her plate. Any chef or cook knows to wash their hands before starting to prepare these dishes and use clean pans, utensils, clean part of the grill if necessary etc, which shouldn't tack on costs and doesn't take that much time. Almost two decades of experience in this industry and it's never been an issue.

  35. There have been whole investigations into the poor handling of food allergies at restaurants because people assume that the allergy is mild or made up and a little cross contamination won’t kill someone. Most kitchens are guilt of it and should not be trusted to do a full allergy protocol.

  36. ESH. Except for Hiram. So he told a little white lie about a food he hates that would have brought harm to absolutely nobody. Big whoop. What's the worst that could've come from saying he was allergic to mushrooms? Because I can't think of anything at all.

  37. He was likely not the only vegetarian at the reception so they chose what would work for the majority. That actually makes the most sense for a catered meal.

  38. I hate men as a collective and there’s plenty of reason to back that up but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love my father or male friends, that’s silly. It seems that your biggest concern is that you’re not certain that she likes you specifically. That’s worth discussing with her.

  39. The “underweight SD” posts are really insane. Or better yet, the ones when they say they used to be skinny and post old pics because they are a size 6 now and the weight is hiding their frames Lmaoo

  40. I actually prefer queer as my label and lesbian as secondary but it doesn’t matter that much to me. I use them interchangeably for myself. I don’t have any negative associations with either label. I use whatever label I’m told when addressing others.

  41. Sees someone choking and proceeds to take a 2 minute walk to the front desk “Hey, someone’s choking over there? They might need some help.”

  42. Because doing nothing and then posting about it is the best option when someone is injured.

  43. I seriously doubt this tweet is in any way real, for the record. I just think it’s funny that people think a staff member could be anywhere quick enough to ameliorate the situation.

  44. IDK staff members and trainers at my gym are on the floor to assist people.

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