This is one of the worst days in the history of our country.

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  1. He tore us a new one in the second half of the last game.

  2. Vrabel was winless against rookie QBs not named Trevor Lawrence going into that game. Still a stat that scares me, but the good news is with this shitty QB draft class, we shouldn't face any rookies in 2022 unless the Commanders move on to Sam Howell by week 5.

  3. I'm 32 years old and the only time in my life that a republican has earned more votes than a democrat in a presidential race was W's reelection in '04. And yet there's been a republican in office for 43% of my life.

  4. THATS what "Titans" means!!! Short for TITANic

  5. Well, Titanic is an adjective that describes something as immense as a Titan, the progenitors of the Greek gods.

  6. My therapist doesn't let me talk about Titans football from 2010 to 2017 because "it's too much of a bummer, I have to talk to real people after you and I can't go into that all bummed out."

  7. Is there a site like that lists all of the videos for this? Or do we need to monitor all of the different youtube channels?

  8. Historically this sub will have a pinned post each week with links to everyone's uploads. Since this kind of came in hot and blindsided folks in the past hour, I imagine the Mods are/will be working on something similar soon

  9. Shai'Hulud! Bless the maker and his water snow

  10. Lol, how many of our former players are they getting in Atlanta?

  11. I honestly think it's like 6 at this point. Mariota, Evans, Firkser, I think that's where Beau Brinkley ended up, Cam Batson, McNichols. Plus they signed Vrable's son, plus Arthur Smith and Dean Pees.

  12. I too have beaten everyone (per me)

  13. I have beaten myself (per everyone who walked in on me)

  14. I miss steve mcnair. Always liked that guy, I could see him on pregame shows today.

  15. I could see it but honestly from interviews I've watched, he'd be 100% more comfortable owning a farm back in Mt. Olive, MS and coaching high school ball. He was a country boy through and through, and the thought of living in a big city to do media during the season probably wouldn't have appealed to him much.

  16. That was also the closest the Titans have come to winning it all. The shit with Vince Young and Jeff Fisher, or the Whiz being our coach and almost killing Mariota is up there. Also each of Jake Locker’s injuries sucked.

  17. Yeah, folks forget we won 3 games total across the 2015 and 2016 seasons... Pretty low point and I'm always shocked people don't talk about us like the pre-Fisher Rams or the 1-31 Browns.

  18. Vick went to jail, Vick said sorry, Vick 100% payed his dues…

  19. Also, it's been almost 15 years, all of the dogs involved are likely dead now and no longer suffering. The women Watson assaulted will carry what he did to them with them for the next several decades.

  20. Didn't realize Winston and Cousins got to play the Jags and Texans twice. Ryan and Tannehill will have better records than any of the others.

  21. You know what it is, bitch -BANG! Bang bang bang!-

  22. *gets paid off handsomely by a Panthers covert agent

  23. Hell yeah, baby, they may have been 30 years before I was born and for a city I now despise, but they count!

  24. My wife wants our daughter to marry him from his Oregon days. She turned 14 last week

  25. My sister and Mariota are just about the same age, and I always hoped they'd somehow end up together. Marcus Mariota married Kiyomi Cook on July 1, 2021, and my sister married her husband the very next day. Proud that she held out until the last possible second.

  26. Lol are you Hawaiian? My friend is Hawaiian and her grandmother has pictures of Mariota in frames around the house. They aren’t family or anything, he’s just from the area and she’s super proud of it. It’s hilarious and endearing.

  27. No, but I think your friend's grandmother and I would get along.

  28. Jay is the rough-around-the-edges, seen-it-all vet who bends the rules and Baker is the young, by-the-book fresh detective.

  29. Jay [having narrowly escaped a shootout]: I swear to christ, Mayfield, we're not going back in there. My knee's shredded and your shoulder's shot. We're stayin' out here and we're waitin' for backup! [long drag on cigarette]

  30. Little known fact, Randy Moss and Adrian Peterson both briefly played in Minnesota before becoming Titans Legends.

  31. Just Morbullshit from them cops......

  32. I love looking back at concept drawings from a long time ago. Their imaginations were bonkers

  33. You ever read about Atlantropa? It was a German engineer's design to free up arable land by drastically lowering the sea level of the Mediterranean via a series of damns. Would have made cities like Venice landlocked and brought Africa and Europe physically closer to one another. Of course, the Nazi's coopted the idea in the 40s and wanted to use the land for undesirables once they realized it wouldn't be good for crops as the OG engineer had throught.

  34. When I want to get my self pumped for some bag work I too turn on a little Yellowcard, Ocean Ave.

  35. I've made similar posts in previous season reveal threads, but here is a breakdown of lifetime D20 appearances by player/GM! Coffin Run will the Dropout's 14th season.

  36. He is causing actual pain though. Pain is just the brain telling you you're in pain.

  37. Right? Like "I won't cause structural damage to your hand" is different from "you won't experience any pain" but he's conflating the two like the mental pain isn't real.

  38. LOL. Maybe so, but Luck was out of fucks.

  39. Seriously. And it's such a great use of the card, if MiL ever brings it up she can say "yeah, I donated it to a guy so he could get a swastika tattoo removed" and if she gets any grief she can just be like "What, you'd rather more people in the world have swastika tattoos?"

  40. Frankly I blame midgard for all of my troubles.

  41. Spoken like someone who hasn't been victimized personally by a solar flair or asteroid strike.

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