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  1. I won't stop seeing my friends and my partner doesn't always have to come with me when I see my friends. That's goes both ways. In fact I'm more than happy for my partner to go see their friends so I can have some time in on my own.

  2. I don’t think it’s appropriate to always bring your partner when hanging out with a friend. I had a friend who got into a relationship and after that I never saw hi without his girlfriend, ever. I was friends with him, not with her. I didn’t really like her that much and eventually I just stopped hanging out with him as well. I tried addressing it politely, but it didn’t really come across.

  3. Preferably salted popcorn with the mixed m&m bag (regular, crispy and peanut).

  4. Because I am tired and the water is nice and warm. Plus it’s the only place I can think without getting distracted

  5. I think it’s important to talk to her about it, at least. She apparantly needs treatment she is not getting now. If she doesn’t know I understand that is difficult for you. And if she does maybe even more so. Can you try contacting her doctor? Maybe asking them about it, why she got this, if she knows? Maybe her GP should know and tell her

  6. My mom didn’t have chemo, but she became VERY fussy about eating. Everything was too salty, too hard or too dry.

  7. It’s truly a marvel. I was blown away by how massive the church is and simply how beautifully everything is crafted

  8. You can set up a listening post for wireless phones, you just need to be able to read and decrypt the signal. Wired phones need to be physically tapped to listen to and also can be encrypted. That being said a landline has 2 layers of security and is easier to guard. Same thing for the fax machine.

  9. I am a legal aid and we’ve only recently stopped using fax machines to communicate with the courthouse. It felt archaïc, but it was simply safe.

  10. I had one of these when I was a kid! It’s eyes opened when you picked up the receiver. Omg I totally forgot about it until now. I didn’t chuck it in the ocean though, I swear!

  11. As a woman who recently lost her mom to cancer, all of you are making me cry. But they’re good tears, so thanks for that

  12. I understand that but what about utilities, mortgage or rent, etc. Surely someone wanted their money and would be checking on that before it had been four years. I work in emergency services and seen unattended deaths that haven't been discovered in weeks, even a couple of months, but 4 years is crazy long.

  13. I live in The Netherlands, and a couple of years ago there was a guy that had been dead in his apartment for two years. He didn’t live way off in the woods or in a third world country. His social security check was more than his utilities and rent, so there was no need for anyone to come calling. Apparantly he had no social life. It’s rare but it happens

  14. Having my family have to do that is the last thing I’d ever want

  15. I know. I think that’s a very common thought for anyone who falls ill. For my mom I think that’s why she agreed to go to the home. She would sometimes hide things from me because she didn’t want me to worry or have to take care of it.

  16. Thank you very much for your response, I have terminal cancer and just trying to decide what to do, I just want my family to go through as least trauma as humanly possible

  17. The “outside” song is by Band of Horses. I believe it’s “I go to the barn”.

  18. Outside By your doorstep In a worn-out Suit and tie I'll wait For you to come down Where you'll find me Where we'll shine

  19. The fact that the ministry even got an alert of an underage wizard doing magic should've made them do a thorough analysis.

  20. Voldemort didn’t just do magic there, he also killed his dad and grandparents in their home, where no wizards were supposed to be.

  21. I'm pretty sure Fred and George were indeed doing magic at the burrow

  22. Exactly. They wouldn’t easily be stopped. And to be fair, if you were a wizard and you had eight kids running around in various ages, I can imagine you’d go easy on the rules. It can even be an advantage if they’d use magic, could be a huge help around the house

  23. Or toilet selfies in general. I don't understand the appeal. Why would you want to take a photo in a place where you take a dump? 🤔Mmm sexy. /s

  24. I mentioned this to my boyfriend once, how all guys seem to take pics in either cars, elevators or bathrooms. He replied those are usually the only places a guy has access to a mirror, and it kinda made sense

  25. For me it’s the other way around, I hate Helena Bonham Carter in every part she plays because of how evil Bellatrix was and I always see Bellatrix in her

  26. Not British, don’t know him other that seeing him on tv maybe a few times. I loved those episodes and the Doctor’s interaction with him. But to be fair, the first episode with them together is one of my favorites because of the role the Doctor got to play

  27. I'm mostly a builder, and while it's not always an indicator of how long someone has played, you can usually tell how long they've been building; like the others it's mostly little things. How you fit roofs together. How much empty unnecessary space is inside. The little details on the exterior like corner columns or dirt shadows.

  28. Same for me. I’ve been playing this game since Sims 1, and I read alot of comments about gameplay just now that don’t mean a thing to me, but I know everything there is to know about roofs

  29. I’ve always thought this was very interesting. Because initially it was intended to be Sirius who did this and he was such a ruthless and incredibly powerful wizard killing all these muggles with one spell. And then it transpired it was Pettigrew, who was supposed to be weak and a bad wizard who hid behind greater wizards(needing Sirius and James to help becoming an animagus, scoring badly in tests). But then he still did this powerful spell. It just always felt like a sort of plothole, or at least poorly explained. Maybe Pettigrew deserved a bit more credit?

  30. I mean you don't need to be powerful or smart to cast a powerful spell. You could Most likely teach a young kid the avada kedavra spell and tell him to point the wand at a person. The kid isn't smart but knows how to kill a person instantaneously. I know this is a bit over the top but I hope you understand what I mean

  31. I understand what you mean. And you’re not wronf I suppose, but when the spell was supposed to have come from Sirius everyone went out of their way to emphasize what a terrible and powerful wizard he was. Not at all the type of spell you’d expect from this wimpy wizard who was always characterized as weak.

  32. Our local graveyard had recently reported alot of thefts from gravesites. Apparantly a thief has been going around stealing copper and valuables from the graves and selling it. They caught him, thankfully, but the damage he did can’t be undone.

  33. My boyfriend is a casual player. Not as invested as I am, gets bored easily. He doesn’t build much, just likes to play a character and he insists on not using cheats (which includes money cheats so he’s usually in an rv-type home with only the basics). He is more of a The Witcher, Red Dead Redemption, Half-Life player, but every now and again he’ll ask if he can play Sims on my laptop

  34. I read somewhere that your brain doesn’t finish developing until 27. So by that logic he’s letting go of them a little early. Then again, better safe than sorry

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