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  1. The most diabolically wretched abomination to ever embrace the imagination of humans, a foul creation of pure evil that should never have been brought into fruition. The idea should be burned, cast into oblivion, left as a reminder of humanity’s failures. Future generations should be brutally educated on the horrific tragedy of the form of cuisine that was ever this one blood stained piece of history. Never should anybody be subjected to the villainous torture of consuming such revoltingly soiled foods.

  2. Give them 35 hour maximum work weeks and make them feel patriotic for being lazy.

  3. Riding your bike in a hotspot town for people moving in from California, you’re close to death everyday.

  4. It's more like Polk to Lincoln. Also basically every president between Lincoln and Roosevelt.

  5. Dafuq? That was the golden age of the Republican Party, when they were progressive and fought for the rights and opportunities of all Americans. They weren’t perfect, but they were a million times better than the retards in the GOP today.

  6. new players complaining about balance but never having played the original coxwell or escape from falmire

  7. I know it sucked in so many ways, but god I’ll miss the mass carnage you could find in Coxwell.

  8. “Remember, you may look mighty with your flowing fair hair and battle scars, but the sight of your enemy carrying your head by its gelled up locks will appear mightier.”

  9. When your presidency was so stained that your successor of the slave owning party that betrayed the union became a progressive liberal icon and caused your own party to get taken over by corrupt old racist rich men.

  10. Brother it’s all Americans, they think we are subhuman camel riding savages, they have nothing but hate in their hearts for non whites

  11. One of my brother’s best friends who he had as a roommate met and got with a Vietnamese girl, he ended up moving out which left my brother and his other roommate with more rent to pay and he stole the Wi-Fi router and propane tank on her request. Lmao

  12. How is it worse? The only way I see it as worse, is if its because you think its somewhat ok to destroy something that is LGBTQ, or that some how something without a message has more right to exist? I think you need to examine your prejudices.

  13. It’s not ok to burn pride art, it’s prejudice and hatred. I am not saying it’s ok, anyone could have recognized that; you are just reading it that way because you want to argue. I am just saying that if children in school were just painting a rainbow on a bench with absolutely no idea what is happening in the world and somebody burned it. Yes, they were making a message for the LGBT, but if they weren’t and weren’t doing harm to anyone and got their art destroyed, that’s worse.

  14. I'm sorry but you're the one saying its worse, with no reason.

  15. Yup, you clearly just want to argue because you are taking everything I’ve said and are twisting it in the opposite direction. You’re either a troll or just a fucking idiot, I don’t know if the former is true but the latter certainly is. I’ve got better things to do than argue with a brick wall. Shalom

  16. Say you’ve never experienced a moment of American life without saying you’ve never experienced a moment of American life.

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