1. Don't sweat it use it as always. After a week or so it'll settle to how you use it. Rn mine averages 9hr screen on time and around 11 hours off screen, and ends up with around 25~30%

  2. I read alot more than streaming videos and use earphones when watching stuff on the phone so yeah.

  3. Cool so no more complaints/comments about "women getting paid less" right? Don't worry menopause gonna be a surefire way to increase in pay 😂

  4. Classic Middle Eastern labor laws at its finest.

  5. They do it also if you're white, trust me.

  6. Maybe low for your standards, But I'd bet everyone else is paid lower.

  7. Okay thanks. One last thing, in your first comment you said to get the Kato if the Timeless is out of my budget. But given I could afford the Timeless too, would you say the Timeless is better, especially in the bass region (for hiphop tracks)?

  8. Can't really say anything about the timeless but people do compare the b2d which is basically a better kato to the timeless. So from what I've seen kato if no budget for timeless, timeless if no budget for b2d. Lol

  9. The problem for me getting the B2D is not the budget, but rather my ears :D I have not tried them and maybe I should, but only looking at them (and all those other IEMs with that case shape) makes my ears hurt. Have you tried the Blessing2 or any other "big" IEMs?

  10. Nah where I currently live for work doesn't have any places where I can try any iems basically a crapshoot and I just order online hoping it fits me and doesn't give out after a week or so. I've been asking around about the B2D but haven't pulled the trigger yet due tot he same reason the fit it's the same as looking at the timeless which is why I ended up getting the Kato. I am planning on something safe shapewise for my next purchase like the fiio fd7 or fd5 basically something fun and bassy with a bit more soundstage.

  11. They forgot to put in "Built by expatriates"

  12. I do hope we achieve it soon! The world is overpopulated as it is, we're slowly reaching to a breaking point where the earth itself won't recover due to extended pollution and excessive use of resources.

  13. The excessive pollution and consumption is due to excessive pollution and consumption, not over-population. We could easily have half the population yet still pollute and consume twice as much. Conversely we could have twice the population and leave a smaller footprint. It's about education and technology.

  14. I might've worded that wrong but I meant those reasons separately not as a single problem.

  15. Dark Brotherhood/thieves guild equivalent.. Hopefully there is one

  16. I remember turning off my moral compass everytime I enter Chapter 2.

  17. One of the reasons why alot of gamers love Bethesda games. Skyrim survived since 2011 and got rereleased and remastered due to the Modding community it's just the accessibility of the game that made it last so long! Let's say compared to GTA IV and GTA V it just sucks to use mods on them they make it so difficult to access.

  18. Sean Bean he just did an accent for this one.

  19. Can't refuse if you "run him over accidentally twice" with a horse at full speed.

  20. The main reason why I think its scripted is because there has never been gun executions like this. Like they would have to implement a system like in red dead one where if you get close you do an execution instead of shooting

  21. Wouldent be hard to implement. Just a kill within a certain radius against a melee opponent triggers a certain animation, like it has since Skyrim

  22. Yup can't wait to put on "-killmove 100"

  23. Give me an Alternate Start mod, a space More Travelers mod and a planetary version of Open Cities and I'll be happy.

  24. I hope theres manual ship flying within planets and being able to land them manually if flying within the planet.

  25. Cool. I hope the non important npcs respawn.

  26. Here I am hoping for Snake Jazz. Or just some Spacey Lowfi radio station. Hell do a intergalactic radio news station so we can hear of our exploits.

  27. Why would a Rancher allow his animals to ride eachother?

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