1. I got the blackvue dual channel one, not the cheapest but certainly quality.

  2. Top 5k consistently, top 1k from time to time. I don't put all that much effort into Arena since the tokens aren't all that important any more.

  3. I do the exact same. Do a few runs without auto to get a good placement, rest with auto to get the full reward ladder. It’s all about consistency, not top placement anymore.

  4. Keep em coming I'll take any buff. Even a buff where she gets double the mints when you collect em

  5. That is a 💯% increase, because, very surprisingly you would get two mints instead of Juan ☝️(one). This is too high of a buff, it should be have a 10% chance of getting double mints.

  6. I really hope I'm not to late to comment on this but, this game really made me think about some life concepts.

  7. This can't be real... Someone have bleach for my eyes??

  8. Make sure to blow air over the engine as you are driving, it’s off by 2 degrees

  9. This made me spit out my coffee laughing, thanks 🙏

  10. The stats are too optimistic! Dori is not a good placeholder, Dori hits too hard in comparison to Dehya 🤣

  11. I keep getting mixed answers lol, some people say it really shouldn’t be that bad, other say any Audi is going to be hella expensive to maintain/repair. I had a PPI done everything came back good, it only has 37000 miles and the owner has taken it to Audi for all scheduled maintenance.

  12. BMW and Mercedes are hella lot more expensive to maintain because of limited parts. Audi has VW Group and parts are more in abundance. Get a good garage not a dealer because they will up the price in labor because they will think people with Audi's have money.

  13. If they don't fix her kit for her launch I'm sure they will release an artifact specifically for her for people to grind that makes her either OP or good enough.

  14. Well Xiao was in the same boat but then got an artifact set that specifically, only improved him like 2% overall lmao… it doesn’t look too good for Dehya

  15. Is there a way to see that it's a 45 and not a 40?

  16. Yeahh… it’s America 🇺🇸😅 they don’t settle for less

  17. In Belgium it's mostly 30TDI and 35TFSI.

  18. I agree! Best combination of power and medium fuel consumption.

  19. Fire needs three things to burn on its own: fuel, heat and oxygen. Grass doesn't need to be very hot to catch fire (it has a low "flash point") but also doesn't get very hot when burning. One could think that blowing on it adds oxygen (which it does) but it also cools it down (like a fan cools skin in summer). Because it cools the grass below the flash point it can't entertain the fire.

  20. It’s not blowing out candels on a cake. It doesn’t add oxygen, it’s a CO2 blower, it deprives the fire of oxygen so it goes out.

  21. Airbags deployed… totalled… damn

  22. So the leak drought hit us again and this time we are getting a trip to the past type of leaks? understandable.

  23. Understandable, have a nice day!

  24. 112days ago my comment, and now you finally have a chance at her again. Have fun mate! Coincidentally yesterday I got a hydro goblet with 42 CV and 12% energy recharge. Pretty hyped up, except due to testing I find HP% rolls to do more damage than crit.

  25. If you’re doing an U turn make sure it’s safe to do so. This one albeit illegal, it was safe to do so. So idk 🤷‍♂️ looks fine to me. We are only human, not machines.

  26. smh I bet you use your turn signals too. Guess you didn't get the memo.

  27. Everybody knows BMW’s doesn’t come with turn signals. Poor drivers…

  28. My hands are sweating... I can't believe some people do this for a living...

  29. This roundabout sucks, you must really know the acceleration of the car and if you are driving a manual be really precise what you do with the clutch. She did nothing wrong and waited for a good moment to clear with her own pace. Guy behind can even see the L sign on the roof of the car and should have waited patiently.

  30. The majority of the people dragging OP in this post are gigantic hypocrites. Do you all really never go 5 over the speed limit? I straight up don't believe that.

  31. I go 5 over the limit outside the city on the highway lol. Not inside a neighborhood with snow on asfalt conditions when the speed limit is already so tight. Percentage wise that's a bit increase over the max limit.

  32. There's snow on the ground but not on the road. Also, five mph over is five mph over, regardless of the actual limit. The ticket for 5 over in a 10 mph zone doesn't cost twice as much as a ticket for 5 over in a 20 mph zone.

  33. Hmm, 1) you assume road conditions are great everywhere? Came pretty close to some snow/ ice boarders. 2) going 5 over in a neighbourhood is completely different than going 5 over on the highway. I don’t need to explain this, it’s risk and speed.

  34. I don't understand what's going on & I'm too scared to ask

  35. I used to hate this and find it cringe. But this is really impressive, it takes many rehearsals, in this case so she doesn’t hurt her ears or gets flown off the neck. Really fun to watch if you just take it in casually and don’t bet like real money on a fictional competition.

  36. 5 year old account, first post. Hmm 🤔

  37. “It’s not much but it’s mine” kinda vibe ngl

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