1. I only managed to get the +3 ED and not the +1 budget. The only differences I made from your guide was that I built H3 highway, didn’t privatised health, traded with wehlen and kept SSC minority state owned. Could one of these be the reason I didn’t get the +1 budget?

  2. One of those might be responsible. Did you raise taxes on major corporations?

  3. Then yes, I can only suppose one of the things you did differently changed the outcome. The L1, health privatization, and full privatization is better for major corporations, so perhaps they had more taxable income in my run.

  4. Nia will be like ‘YoU AbUsEd YoUr PoWeR’ then proceeds to beg you to use your expanded powers to enact progressive reforms. For someone who is supposed to be a ‘left populist’ type they aren’t very populist or even that left. She’s basically a libertarian lmao

  5. Nia actually doesn't ask you to use expanded decree powers to push through progressive reforms. It's Ciara that asks for that.

  6. Also, Assembly + Court may impeach makes it harder for a president to be impeached. It's not a "either/or" situation, it's a "both/and": a majority in the Assembly and the Supreme Court is necessary for a president to be removed from office.

  7. If i modernized instead and removed conscription am I going to get killed by rumburg

  8. Only if you end up in a war. If you have no allies, Iosef's strategies won't work. That's why for this guide I followed Valken's advice, even though it's not as good as Iosef's and I, the player, knew what Rayne the character didn't, that we would avoid a war with Rumburg.

  9. Is it necessary to pick l1 than h3 for constitutional reform? (i fully nationalize bergia)

  10. I don't believe so. Neither project will be completed before the vote on reforms unless you spend an additional 1 budget, so it shouldn't have much of an impact. But L1 is better for the national economy as a whole.

  11. i mean you gotta take in the whistle blower and expose them at the AN (It was called AN I think )

  12. Even if you take in the whistleblower and reveal Rumburg's nukes to the AN, invading Rumburg while allied to a superpower ends in nuclear war.

  13. Does that give you modern equipment? Since you’re allied to a super power

  14. Joining ATO gets you the green Modernized Air Force, and joining the CSP gets you the green Modernized Navy.

  15. Unfortunately, you have to pick one or the other. If you want Kesaro Kibener arrested, you need to investigate the opposition with the ACP, which means you can't have it investigate the Old Guard and thus arrest Lileas.

  16. I'm sorry to hear you're having issues getting the constiution reformed.

  17. Did you get Rumburg kicked out of OMEC? If you nail the Tuomas Sacker interview, Rumburg will be ejected from OMEC. If you also reveal Rumburg's nukes and win over the AN, it sanctions Rumburg. If you manage to accomplish both things (one or the other is not enough), Rumburg will be too economically weak to risk war.

  18. Even if I don't cheat,I still get this bug

  19. Thanks for the tip! I know I've selected that choice before and didn't get OMEC kicked out, but I think I chose differently for the other responses so that might have affected it.

  20. Absolutely, completely followed the guide you made, except for the alliance with NFP

  21. Cool. I'll edit the guide some time later and credit you for the discovery!

  22. Anyone else find it weird that the President and VP get to vote as if they are part of the assembly?

  23. It's because Sordland is this weird mix of presidential and parliamentary republic. Sordland's president is also the de facto prime minister in addition to being the head of the executive, and thus a member of the Assembly.

  24. Yes, nationalizing costs money. Fully nationalizing a company is -1 Government Budget, doing both will cost you -2.

  25. Just tell him that you're nationalizing. Marcell will ask that you spare HOS as his favor. Agree to that.

  26. Iosef always coups you if you defund the military and give up the Gendarmerie. Good to know, and fuck Iosef.

  27. I can understand why you might be upset with Iosef (and Lucian), but in future runs keep in mind that when it comes to their spheres of responsibility/knowledge (defense and approval respectively), they know what they're talking about. You don't always have to do what they say, but you should take what they say seriously. Iosef's couping you wasn't justifiable, but he has legitimate grievances because you've essentially gutted Sordland's ability to defend itself. Even if you join ATO, it isn't advisable to completely get rid of your defensive capabilities. Defunding the military and transferring the Gendarmerie does exactly that.

  28. If we’re in the ATO, and have ATO investment and military modernisation, what do we need a strong military for? Those resources are best put elsewhere. Honestly, I thought it was unreasonably good that the ATO let us in despite having a weak military.

  29. ATO modernization can only go so far. If you defund the military and transfer the Gendarmerie, you've basically turned Sordland into one of the weakest countries in the region, with a very hostile, very powerful power on your doorstep. It'd be like Poland cutting its defense spending to the bone because it's part of NATO.

  30. Because Sordland's biggest threat is Rumburg, and a conflict with it will predominantly be a land war.

  31. Why promise to preserve national values? If you are reforming education for women and doing new condition then you pick the wrong one as that goes more for emergency decree runs.

  32. Well, I'm certainly not going to enact democracy, which is the other option!

  33. As long as you didn't gave land to Rumburg, give away gendarmerie, and didn't cause unrests, you are pretty much safe.

  34. I suspect a lot of players think a coup is easily triggered because it's often the first failure state they experience when playing the game but, being new to the game, they miss the forest for the trees, the forest being unrest. Unrest is easy to trigger until you start to get a handle on, well, statecraft.

  35. The game does not count it as corruption, though obviously there's a lot of debate about ethics IRS.

  36. So no +1 on the personal budget of either with them. By the way it will still guarantee tusk (assembly and 1 justice) if I split the share on both of them

  37. I've heard that you can give Tusk all the shares if you make Koronti waste his favor and he'll grumble but still support you (getting you +1 Personal Wealth), but I'm not certain of that.

  38. Welp I done Korenti too which lead to historic vote on the assembly as for Garaci I "promise" him with CJ position which lead to reshuffle the court

  39. Be popular, basically. Improving welfare (i.e., funding education and health), stimulus checks, democratic reforms, and a recovering economy (especially the economy) will keep your popularity high enough to escape late-game protests.

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