1. I think you need to gird your loins if you have a fear of choking and want to do BLW. Your baby will gag — a lot — and it can often look and sound like choking. Just be prepared.

  2. BLW was not for us. we did purées/oats/etc until 11mos and then started small pieces of food

  3. BLW!!! My guy was on purées from 4-9 months and life was a (relatively) tidy breeze - why y’all signing yourself up early to make and clean up multiple little meals every day is beyond me.

  4. I'm an accounting recruiter. DM me if you would like to learn more about a midsize firm that pays well! Based in ATL but can do remote.

  5. I feel this 100%. My kids have been in daycare for 2 weeks. My husband and I both had to take one day off this week to stay home with the sick toddler and now we’re both sicker than shit this weekend 🙃

  6. my 11 month old started january 30th and my husband and I have been fighting a virus since feb 12th. my LO had the same virus, got over it, got it again, got over it, got pink eye in both eyes, an ear infection, a sinus infection, and is now getting over hand foot and mouth. 2 months in.

  7. it could be the bottles you're using. we had this issue at 3mos switched bottles and haven't had it since. now 11 mos

  8. keep an eye out for blisters. we just got over hand foot and mouth and the first sign was a fever with no other symptoms. when the fever broke, the blisters started to form

  9. also try things like cream of rice, mashed banana, applesauce with no sugar added, etc. these can all help. my 11 month old just had horrible diarrhea from antibiotics

  10. Usually I’d agree but I did notice in the pic where they were side by side, Dani is a lot taller and seems a bit broader than DAD. I think sometimes short people wear a smaller size than tall people even if they don’t look thinner than the tall person. More like frame size.

  11. i'm the same height or shorter than dad and skinnier and i don't wear a 2 in a dress. there's no way her hips are fitting in a 2. maybe a 4. prob a 6

  12. I got massages every week during pregnancy. they have you lay facing upwards on your back or on your side inside of on your belly. it's perfectly safe

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