1. I’ve had lots of surveys this month. One box for an Oribe Hair Serum. I would love to have multiple boxes at a time, but this one is really nice.

  2. I'm in the protein bar one, fulfil or something lol, phlur perfume, the creme toner, doctor teas scrub, Charlotte tilbury and Dior! What are you in???

  3. I was the same way but if I am more interactive with the app and others I notice more surveys! Not sure if it’s true or not

  4. Every day I log in, there’s a new vox box on my feed!! I think the dry spell is over!

  5. Yes, I’ve gotten about 3 surveys in the last week. I think these items were from surveys a month or two ago

  6. I’m level 9 and have 822 reviews. I’ve been using Influenster for probably 4 years!

  7. I got dr Barbara sturm face cream, hyaluronic serum and glow drops

  8. My sister gave us this for Christmas gifts , she wonks in Manhattan and we always get "beauty stockings" from her. Perhaps we it was just released, but we received it along with the wizard of oz collection by Kylie, and a few other items each. Thanks for the inquiry. Much appreciated.

  9. They have another product that looks like this but isn’t a blush— maybe it was that?

  10. Ugh that’s been happening to me too. I have one more review for a campaign but it’s not uploading. Going to message the help desk

  11. Try filling a small bowl with a cup of vinegar, place it face up in the dishwasher, and run a normal cycle. Should make your glass clear

  12. I am so blinded by Tommy because he is so hot 😂 He obviously does terrible things and he definitely is an anti-hero. And he’s so hot.

  13. I just hit tier 9 a few minutes ago after I finished my first Vox Box. Am I the only one who’s gotten any surveys lately? I’ve done four or five within the last week or two

  14. 9. No surveys in a few weeks and my most recent box was for tampons 🫤

  15. I got one! I took the survey awhile ago….I remember the facial razor part!

  16. Literally I had months with nothing and randomly 3 voxbox campaigns pop up!! I wonder if you do the cashback campaigns they “reward you” with voxboxes sometimes?? I feel like I get more boxes after I do a cashback

  17. If your ring is so chunky it takes up half your hand, it’s not cute 😂

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