Everyone knows Joe Biden and Harris was Carried and Propped up through a Stolen Presidential Election. You know it. They know it. We all know it.

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  1. Should look into the math about the circumference of the moon distance and what not how it relates to the pyramids.. Good shit.

  2. Stay away from bogus shit. Shit company, that deserves no one’s $$$

  3. Yea I watch the whole DNC primary. No one in their right mind could think Biden beat Bernie.

  4. They stole it from him with HRC as well let’s not forget that sham at the end.

  5. Think of chips as the new petro-dollar, and it will all come together quite nicely.

  6. Grandma dies of an unknown upper respiratory illness when in decent health prior. Can’t get any of the records for the tests they ran during that week stretch either.

  7. Look at this throw… Not the ongoing accusations, sounds about right

  8. 200 mill at the least that’s what they say guaranteed.

  9. The earth isnt hollow. Theres a huge ball of molten, rotating iron in the middle that gives us our magnetic field. If the earth were hollow we wouldn't have the magnetic field and life would be blasted away by cosmic radiation.

  10. If magnetism is the crux of the argument, one could just simply argue a species could be maintaining, providing this inside a hollow earth. Since the fields are shifting around and all.

  11. O I remember when Mitchell was the new face of the league and Murray and trae and Ayton.

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