1. Who even agrees these bushit posts. I mean seriously i suffered all these things what he just posted. I got soo much depression. Felt shit and now with no fap. I am so much happier and confident. Alot stronger in gym too. So…

  2. This is coming from your dumbass 🤣 looking at your post history you're obviously not that intelligent

  3. People too blinded by cloud and buying despite knowing its overvalued. Ko and pepsi are certainly good companies from the "past", but that's no longer the case today as most of the potential gains have already been priced in. A company can be a good company, but it doesn't mean it's good on the stock market if everyone and their moms know that it's a good company.

  4. Bro!!!! You do know they just Aquire anyone tries to compete with them. Its a monopoly

  5. You just explained why it's a bad investment yourself. Because it's a monopoly, everyone and their mom knows that this is a good company to invest in thus making it super overvalued. Everyone knows that owning a house is good but are everyone willing to buy them at 1million because the housing prices have been propped up ? It's the same thing. Good companies doesn't mean good investments. Everything is relative to how much you pay.

  6. Don’t forget all the interest rate increases as well

  7. Relax and stop staring at the red every day. Go back to sleep 😴 for now

  8. Unless you bought random crap with money you couldnt afford to lose, yes, it's pretty easy.

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