Hitler gets shafted

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  1. Although you lose weapons, you can always start with tactical and lethal equipament.

  2. Smoke nades and throwing knifes are Great in that regard

  3. The FAMAS. Even with a gas block that doesn't exist, had a hell of a time with.

  4. Dude, Gammas, Gohan beast, New years step up, Lr GF, Lr FSGG, Lr Zamasu.

  5. How bout I just ignore your sensible advice and summon until I’m broke then bitch about it later

  6. The dark days of Dokkan where you super attacked twice a week

  7. Thank God you guys recorded it. Would never believe it otherwise

  8. "I learn a lot from my mistakes. For this reason, I make a lot of them so I can learn more" is 100% the motto of this kid

  9. puta que pariu, certified "Aqui é o Brasil, porra" moment gone wrong

  10. Lol this Goku is an absolute beast in red zone if you get him out. Casual 10 mill attack stats with insanely high defense and 30% damage reduction.

  11. Yes, he's crazy. Too bad the Powerful Comeback gets cucked hard because you can only get 1 revive with a raditzlion units that also have it

  12. Back in 2020 with 2 friends, I used to run my FAMAS with the M203 with smoke grenades so I could pop them to cover us while taking shots in open fields, make up distractions and hide us while we shot enemies using our thermals at the other side of the smoke

  13. Can you still use famas with smoke?

  14. Yes, but also with other MW19 rifles If you have the smokescreen underbarrel unlocked

  15. Hitler movie meme, and a good one, flair checks out and a killing text over his german shiberish? Amazing vid

  16. I would upvote twice if I could for using the FAMAS in it

  17. Teq Gohan, MUI and 3rd Anni Gogeta together under a new 200% "aren't that good of a team"?

  18. Not gonna lie, those messages might as well could be showed under the ressurgence timer under the mini map

  19. Just asking, doesn't the INT SSJ2 Angel Goku can have his SA raised by buying the STR one from Baba shop using Virtual Clash currency, just like PHY Majin Vegeta?

  20. STR SV legit saved my Omega RZ fight with his scouter effect so I could manage my units to avoid enough damage until I could finish him off.

  21. You know omega always supers in the same spot right? No need for a scouter.

  22. after I cleared it for the 1st time, a internet friend of mine told me something in that regard, but after I've completed it

  23. with enough time and experience, no more fucks are needed to be given in the 1st place

  24. I saw this one in brazilian profiles on Twitter. The dumbass threw away the pin instead of the grenade

  25. Me giving AGL SSR Goku Black 2 copies as SA because I didn't fully understand how the HiPo and SA worked. Still have him at 69% to this day thanks to Worldwide tickets years after this

  26. After seeing this I wouldnt ever pay money for a Taurus.

  27. ever saw the ones with semi auto pistols from Taurus going full auto or burst mode?

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