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  1. Nah, he probably likes those watered down yellow crap that come in cans that some people call beer.

  2. How do any of these cowards show their faces at work each day, much less out in town?!

  3. The fact that telling the truth by presenting factual evidence is becoming a “risk” in this country says our next stop is Russia/China(/to-some-extent-India) and I would like to get out now.

  4. That’s our money! Plotkin bet their money and lost.

  5. Shouldn’t the apes get the credit for saving AMC instead of the CEO who got wealthier because of it?

  6. ”Good thing we don’t have roving bands of religious extremists interfering in our life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness here in the good ol’ US of A!”

  7. Hybridizing is a swings and roundabouts trend. Right now oil companies are raking it in. Eventually there will be this big push for hybridization and electrification. Then suddenly gas will go down. With gas prices so low, nobody is spending the hybrid premium and companies don't spend the effort on it.

  8. Terrible take. Assange’s journalism is the most consequential work to be done in that entire field. The sexual violence and personal ideology is completely unrelated to his prosecution, which is for publishing truthful information. It’s ultra-leftism to only support political prisoners who are being tortured if they fit your morality nicely.

  9. His “journalism” was fed to him. He’s is not the source…just the leaker. And, of course, there’s the whole sexual predator thing. I say extradite and interrogate. If he can provide anything decent as far as HUNINT goes, he can have a plea deal. Either way he has to answer for the sexual assault allegations separately.

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