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Representative Mike Johnson asking the important abortion questions.

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  1. I used to ride down to 55f, but since I retired and don't commute by bike, now my limit is 65f. And I don't have an upper limit, as long as I have water and don't sunburn I'd ride at 120f.

  2. I was just watching the Netflix series today, and I absolutely love John Cho as Spike, but the writing and directing is absolutely the worst. I like to hope there was a lot of competence left on the table from the anime.

  3. I honestly was only curious because the Marvel Netflix shows we're pretty good... Well a couple of them.

  4. Wish it would be fair to say it wasn't necessary, but some people may only know about this from here.

  5. Under my helmet I wear a Halo band to keep sweat out of the eyes.

  6. If we paid teachers a valid paycheck this wouldn't happen... But here we are and this is capitalism at work.

  7. Still never had it, and 100% expect to be able to avoid it permanently. Yes masking up is annoying, but with my luck I'd be permanently disabled from it.

  8. Yeah you could really see his actor brain starting up the studying mechanic. Bet he goes home to practice trying that.

  9. I came from auto racing before getting back into cycling, so while I have a good understanding of the lines to hold in the curves, I also don't ride in the rain. Knowing how much edge you can hold is crazy variable in wet conditions, and caution is the better part of valor.

  10. Is your keypad an extended distance away from the base station? I would expect the keypad to have to make the radio work harder if the radio signal can't reach.

  11. If you're worried about anyone seeing what you access, there are 2 minimum things to do: 1.A VPN subscription will protect your network traffic from being viewed between your computer and the remote VPN server you connect to. 2. Use private browsing to keep any browser history from being saved for later visibility, this can also keep you from being tracked by advertisers.

  12. Honestly I will use Schmekspedia, but usually that's because I'm only at the property for like 9 hours max, and don't particularly need any perks, changes, specific floors or rooms, etc. Nor do I tend to need to bother the front desk more than to get a key or give it back. Thanks for tolerating me.

  13. The correct answer to Mike Johnson's question is: "Respectfully sir, what the fuck is wrong with you?"

  14. It’s videos like these I think are so insane. This guy didn’t know ten seconds ago he was about to kill himself. He didn’t know the severe consequences of his own actions. His life is possible over so insanely fast. A complete 180° from a mere minute ago. One decision made in a fraction of a second probably changed his entire life. It’s insane to ponder

  15. It took me longer reading this thread and deciding that I should go out and try and save his life as a nobody with no skill, than it would for him to die.

  16. 200 feet? I have one inside my mailbox, and when the mailbox opens it gets a connection and reports my mail has arrived. Then the adhesive melted.

  17. Oh nice I was looking for a Kiernan abs shot for my wallpaper collection. Thanks!

  18. Today's GOP is holding CPAC in Budapest and their key note speaker is far right authoritarian, Orban. I can't even think of what an appropriate analogy would be for Democrats.

  19. Why isn't this all over the news! There needs to be some massive outrage here!

  20. Hopefully there's a process for ejecting a member state from NATO, because Turkey has to go.

  21. Turkey doing this is bad for Europe and NATO, kicking Turkey out would be even worse.

  22. After reading more of the comments here, I've learned that there's no way to remove NATO members. I propose that"the great replacement theory" be defined as replacing NATO with a new alliance that excludes authoritarians. And includes a requirement of not just defense spending, but also a minimum requirement for education spending to defend democracy against its own population's stupidity.

  23. Don’t do shit you aren’t supposed to on the work computer and you will be fine

  24. Don't do anything on the company network either.

  25. YSK that your company email is not yours at any level. I complained to one partner about another, and the bad guy deleted the email before it got read... Then threw it in my face. I walked away from what I considered a no longer valid 6 month commitment when I got to tell my story to the intended recipient later that day. "Sorry sir, that commitment is no longer valid in the face of harassment."

  26. Well people didn't really care about EVs until Elon made them sexy. Maybe this can use that same technique towards a better solution like ebikes.

  27. This is not entirely accurate... Anyone who's driven an EV before Tesla existed cared a lot about them because in general they are awesome. Elon didn't really do anything amazing, he just took Apple's method of using billions to buy available hardware and assemble it in an effective way. No one before Elon was willing to try assembling commercially available 18650 cells into a battery pack of sufficient size, but there wasn't anything amazing about the idea.

  28. Lol the fact that he actually made it a viable commercial option is something to be impressed about. I fucking hate Elon btw, but I'm not going to say he didn't start a EV revolution years before it was popular. He's not a genius, the same that Steve jobs wasn't a genius. But he saw a market where there really wasn't one, and he willed it into existence. Do you not remember when Tesla was starting that the automobile industry did everything they could to lobby and have Tesla not be able to sell their own cars? Tesla went through hell to bring EVs to the Market and now look how well people are loving EVs. Before Tesla EV was grouped with the Toyota Prius and if you are not lying to yourself, people really loved to make fun of the Prius.

  29. People still make fun of the Prius. EV drivers think they are garbage, ICE drivers think they are garbage, cyclists think they're drivers are garbage, pedestrians hate getting creeped on by them. Hybrid vehicles are the worst of gas engines and electric combined. They are heavier than gas only cars, and less efficient than electric only cars.

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