1. I've been a big Genesis fan ever since the release of their 1980 album, Duke

  2. I saw some people saying it made Toni Storm look like a chump that she was letting Saraya talk for her like that but I didn’t really get that at all- she’s a face you guys. That means she doesn’t cut in when another face is already on the mic

  3. They’ve lost me with this segment is this setting Saraya up as like an on screen authority for the women’s division?

  4. I interrupt this live thread for AEW Dynamite to unfortunately share that Coolio died :(

  5. It would’ve been funnier if the gunns messed his catchphrase up twice- “MJF 3:16 SAYS” “No bro that’s not it bro. It’s CAN YOU SMELL WHAT MJF” “No no that’s not it either it’s…”

  6. Then I must be imagining all the people online drooling over Dahmer as depicted in this show. The scenes where he starts lifting weights and getting buff are so over glamorized it's not even funny

  7. …you must be, or you must be actively seeking that out, because I haven’t seen any of that once in my experience.

  8. Meant to just say first but I guess it is both her first and a new one

  9. I’d really written off buddy as a lost cause when I first heard that story some months back I thought that was such a boneheaded thing to do, but to know now that it wasn’t true? Wow it just goes to show you can’t trust the dirtsheets farther than you can throw em

  10. I wonder if we'll see apologies from people in this sub calling Malakai and Buddy traitors believing every random and non reputable journalist they come across.

  11. Ive never called either one a traitor, it’s not that serious, but I have been guilty of writing off buddy as a dumbass for taking unapproved dates so I do feel bad about that then.

  12. Why is that though? Even before that, it had really high quality TV shows.

  13. You don’t understand, HBOMax bad now because the Reddit hive mind has decreed it

  14. Maybe I’m just the old man yelling at kids on my lawn, but why with the title defenses against Juice and Bandido?

  15. This week in particular I think it gets a pass because of the weather down in Florida- a lot of the talent lives there, after all, so a lot of them aren’t making the show tomorrow. Add in certain people then also missing to make the new Japan show in England, and that you also need enough bodies for rampage and the result is something of an “off week”.

  16. Yknow I was seeing people elsewhere complain that the ever-elusive “casual” fan wouldn’t know who bandido or juice Robinson is, and while that may be true I really don’t see how that’s an issue? It’s not like the main event is juice Robinson versus bandido. No, you’ve got one against moxley, and one against Chris Jericho, two guys that the “casuals” should know exactly who they are and that’s all they need to be sold on it- here’s a guy you know and a guy you don’t, let’s see what happens

  17. Is Stephen Norrington available? I’m sure Guillermo del toro is still pissed about Disney dropping their shitty pinnochio remake right when he’s about to release his own pinnochio project so that’s a no go, but yeah I think bringing back a director from one of the originals would be a good way to solve this while also getting some cheap points with the fans

  18. Didn’t the hell of making League of Extraordinary Men cause him to quit directing?

  19. Shida had the unenviable task of holding down a division throughout the pandemic that was incredibly small and incredibly green, so almost by default I have to pick her. Some people aren’t happy with how she’s been handled since, but imo I think she’s just doing what she would have been doing if there hadn’t been a pandemic- she gets the freedom to do her makai shows and Japanese dates whenever she wants, but as a result her booking suffers because she’s often absent from tv.


  21. Ok what does 40701 mean that’s an area code in kentucky but obv not relevant I don’t think

  22. Just curious because I’m not well informed in Swedish politics- how are both those things true, that SD is deeply unpopular with the Swedish people but it also became the second largest party in the most recent election?

  23. Not surprised; he’d been a free agent for quite some time before he finally got brought in because Malakai wanted him and if it weren’t for that he’d probably not have been signed at all. Just hope this doesn’t screw things up for Julia, Brody should be fine since he’s good friends with Darby Allen and they can do stuff together but Julia is on shakier foundations.

  24. The New Orleans one is probably not going to ever be found unfortunately- if it was truly in Lafayette Square, the whole area was extensively renovated following hurricane katrina

  25. Ripping a light out the tunnel is some video game shit I better be able to do that in the video game

  26. LMAO I love when they just slip an absolute banger of a matchup into the announcements like that like it’s no big deal

  27. Tangentially related but I just realized that Trina gets name dropped in the song Gold Digger from 2005 so uh yeah she’s a little past her prime relevancy wise

  28. So it’s a very good thing tonight’s clue got leaked early because that QR code was at a slant and for the life of me I can’t get it to scan 💀💀💀

  29. Damn the OG link was but they killed the link after it was leaked I’m not sure what they changed it to. It went to a maze mini game and when you solved it you got coordinates for the arena raw is in on Monday and the word Patricide

  30. I was like seven when makes me wonder came out and from the music video I genuinely thought maroon 5 was the coolest band in the world 😭😭😭😭 this obv was never the case

  31. Brie Larson already ate her up with the Black Sheep cover

  32. Fr that cover finally coming to streaming with that Scott pilgrim anniversary rerelease gave me life

  33. Other than Mario, everyone else works for me. Charlie Day Luigi sounds amazing

  34. Only if it's somebody reddit likes. Say this about Chris Brown or R Kelly and see how it's received

  35. Apparently Reddit isn’t all that big of a fan of john Lennon either is the problem with that 💀

  36. In other news, United Artists of New Jersey name Bruce Springsteen singer songwriter of the century

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