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Residential evil

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  1. What the hell does Mongolia have to do with this

  2. My girlfriend, she goes to a different school so y’all don’t know her

  3. Oh yea sorry I burped and threw it off course that’s a my bad moment

  4. Yea I get no women so I don’t gotta worry about that

  5. How did you make animation on roblox studio, I’m kind of a noob at the whole thing so any insight would be wonderful if you have a YouTube series or you could explain how it works that would be great!

  6. that's not an animation but what he did was unanchor the noob and turned off collision on that block then just made his recording black and positioned his view to the noob that he pre-made I could be wrong though

  7. Rainbow six siege, the game is riddled with cheaters but I can’t stop playing. It’s an unhealthy relationship and the game beats me senseless.

  8. If you noclip into the ground you may find yourself in the what people call “lobby level”. There are multiple rooms for you to go in on this level but you may never find an exit.

  9. It’s possible, try to look through and see if it is that or if it’s just glitching, if it is my advice is to copy and paste into a text to yourself or someone, and try a repost on a new story board

  10. They have grinder pumps in them. Source: I work on them. Your dick will not survive the shit blender.

  11. When I found a new guy to play with, he had an already built group of friends but still treated me like he’d known me for as long as his other friends

  12. My general rule is men ask and pay for the first three dates. After that the women should reciprocate

  13. that's honestly a great thing to live by, so you can tell if you both can depend on each other or not. I like it!

  14. Depends on the date and how it goes. I never set up a first date somewhere I wouldn't be comfortable paying for both of us. I found most of the time women would offer to split it.


  16. Well for ability checks and saving throws, the dm can often chose what skill they have to use like if someone had to try and dodge an explosion, they would roll a d20 (the dice you use for ability checks and saving throws and to h it creatures) and add their dexterity modifier instead of their strength, it makes more sense that being fast would help to dodge an explosion more then having muscles. The other dice is used for damage or rolling for random encounters or anything else other than what I said the d20 was. (Each dice is said like “d, how ever many sides it has,” do a dice with 8 sides would be a d8.

  17. Ok, so if you were to climb a mountain to save yourself you would roll a d20 and add the strength modifier on your character card?

  18. Hear me out, I’ll give you my pocket lint and a dime I found in my cabinet drawer, I have barely any caps, XD

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