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  1. I work at a nonprofit that works mostly with young people and their families. We've had parents calling for the past few days crying and really unsure about what to do, Adderall is the only thing that works for their kids and keeps them out of trouble at school. For kids with high risk behaviors, this really isn't a negotiable and right now pharmacies are out of Adderall at every dosage and just being told to try a different drug because they don't know when it will be back in stock. That doesn't work for kids, especially kids who are sensitive and on multiple medications for health issues.

  2. They also feel like victims of society as it is today. You’ll see lots of incells claiming it used to be “better” when society had stricter social norms which disempowered women because to them, if they had lived “back in the day” they wouldn’t have as hard of a hard time finding a woman who would take interest in them. They’re probably right too because woman had far less power in society and in their own lives in general so if their father was pushing them toward a marriage to a guy they (the father) liked it would probably have a higher chance of success than in todays world.

  3. A friend of mine got mostly ghosted by a dude after like 7 months together. She asked me what she should do to get him back and when I told her nothing, she should let him go, she really struggled because women are hearing that winning/keeping a man is the responsibility of the woman. No. If he's not interested, you shouldn't be. If he steps out, he's trash.

  4. We're working our way to having asylums again

  5. I see where you're going with this but the truth is that we already have a solution to not having asylums. We were supposed to build community care. And we just didn't. And now it's probably too expensive to get started in any sort of sensible way. It became about saving money instead of providing care to people so we took away institutions but didn't replace them with anything. Now the effects of that are becoming persistent.

  6. I think as long as we're in a purely capitalist system that is incentivized by profit we're just going to either repeat the mistakes of the past or continue shirking responsibility of our seriously mentally ill countrymen.

  7. I couldn't agree more. It's also why disability payments in the US are so low that they force people into homelessness or into inhumane living situations. I think unfortunately that things will keep getting worse long before they get better.

  8. Are they bundled? Cause that’s great if they are. I have the swabs and I use them all the time. And that pallet looks beautiful

  9. I use it for eye makeup up but mainly for mario badescu drying lotion. For the MB drying lotion you need to dip a swab into the pink stuff at the bottom of the bottle. And it’s literally perfect for that. Lol.

  10. I'm glad you found a great use for it! I know a lot of people have struggled because the texture seems wrong for a lot but applications for stuff like that is perfect.

  11. Do you honestly believe that’s the only example of the police and DA doing nothing? That’s just the most egregious example that made the news.

  12. You said earlier that if someone shoplifts, they should go to jail. Even their first time. Have you changed your mind on that? You are the one that said that, even without context. But now you're saying that someone who steals the candy bar shouldn't go to jail. Which is it? Only serious crimes or only if the context matters?

  13. Yeah the weekend seems reasonable. Consequences do exist.

  14. It's clear to me that you don't understand mental illness and you don't care that you actually want to make our city far more dangerous and go broke essentially immediately because there's no way we could afford to put everyone who commits small crimes like shoplifting in jail. Just the hearings alone are something that we can't afford, much less the actual time incarcerated. You're absolutely clueless about what actually helps reduce crime as well as what it costs. We come back around to the fact that you don't want to make the city safer, you just want to hurt people. That's embarrassing for you.

  15. I'm in a situation where I have a serious disability and so many doctors have recommended I start the application process, but the truth is I suppose that will work until I die because if I have to go on disability, I'll be homeless.

  16. Plenty of comments mentioning Sabaton but not a single one with the link.

  17. There still isn't really anybody explaining the basic facts for those who aren't in the know:

  18. Absolutely not anywhere close to what most scrappers are paying. Apparently they have taken as low as $20 to 40 bucks in Denver, but at most like $100 to $200.

  19. Apparently it's much closer to $20 to $40 in Denver because there's so much theft the market is a bit competitive now.

  20. They should do a fundraiser or something. Like a car wash.

  21. This should have to do fundraisers online like teachers do to get stuff for their classrooms. Every time the cops want a new tank or some more tactical gear, they have to put up a GoFundMe.

  22. Comprehending is the word you’re looking for. You tell me you don’t want to be a cop because of corruption after I just told you the exact same thing. Did you really think I meant “mean?” Don’t be dense. Work to fix the problem rather than ignore it and watch it continue to spiral out of control.

  23. I think the problem is not on my end. I use the word mean because you said disparage. So I will be very literal here: People are disparaging / "being mean" to the cops because the cops are extremely bad at their jobs and keep murdering and hurting people. We don't need to give them more money. We need to invest in prevention and support.

  24. As someone who has lived in Denver for a long time now, I've seen them in King Soopers as well as Safeway. It doesn't matter if you try to say it's not true, that doesn't stop it from being true.

  25. Overdramatic much? Dogs aren't everywhere in Denver. I've very very very rarely seen people flaunting the rules in a restaurants or even most indoor bars or stores.

  26. I don't think it's being overly dramatic. I work with a kid who has a severe dog allergy and has the same issue. Denver is extremely permissive in allowing dogs where they technically aren't allowed or definitely shouldn't be. There are a lot of great things about Denver and about Colorado generally, but the dogs everywhere thing is definitely an issue. And I say that as someone who loves dogs but doesn't like poorly behaved dogs and I don't think they belong everywhere.

  27. Boooooo rats are awesome, they’re one of the few creatures that feel empathy. They’re one of my favorite animals and you are very much misinformed :(

  28. It doesn't have anything to do with the truth, it has to do with people's pre-existing notions about rats.

  29. Can someone please explain to me why people are responding so negative to this? Like actively pissed off, aside from it just having a long description

  30. Unfortunately I've heard this twice in the last couple of weeks as families are gearing up for the holidays, I've heard several moms complain about vacationing with dad who tried to make the family vacation his vacation from the family. He wanted to lie back in the lap of luxury and be taken care his wife and kids, or to totally ignore them.

  31. I think it's not fair for one parent to abdicate from parenting responsibilities on a family holiday (like dad's often do, and like OP is trying to do). But it feels as though some of the YTA comments here are extremely vitriolic in a way that they wouldnt be towards a guy in the same scenario (not saying he would not get YTA votes just that the comments would be toned down)

  32. I completely agree. There's a lot more venom towards women making parenting mistakes and a lot more empathy for men.

  33. Like many cities, Denver has a very visible population of folks dealing with serious and persistent mental illness. Like many cities, our largest mental health facility is our jail. However, there is a huge amount of resistance from the community towards providing these folks with any sort of meaningful long-term treatment, much less the larger investment required for any sort of functional community health system.

  34. It's really all based on the whole Seven Mountains theological approach (and desired outcome for the 'end times') of which The Federalist Society, NRA, Family Research Council and Council For National Policy are built on. An extremist branch of Christianity which claims that they should have dominion over media, courts, voting, etc. The Thomas' are into it deep and with over 400 well-monied proponents, they are HUGE threat to our democracy.

  35. Now you're really getting into the issue with Christian nationalism. Do you follow Bethel in California? They're one of the most concerning christofascist churches, with a "school of supernatural ministry," and that birthed the failed politician and Proud Boys buddy Sean Feucht.

  36. They make our lives miserable and hope we kill ourselves. Without taking any billionaires with us...

  37. They actually don't want us to kill ourselves. They want us to continue to labor for lower and lower wages. They want us to take up fewer and fewer resources, they want us with five roommates in a one bedroom, or better yet in barracks that we pay for. They want us in debt peonage. And then when they can't exploit our labor, then they want us to die.

  38. Nope. She would wear the same outfits at home alone, they're comfortable and we don't wear clothing just that covers our body, we also like the way it makes us look.

  39. As a field geologist who trains new hires: IF YOU AREN'T COMFORTABLE SHITTING IN THE WOODS, YOU'RE NOT A GEOLOGIST.

  40. That poo looks like rocks is much easier to fuck

  41. Even if it is, it's deeply hateful. The kind of humor that teachers and others need to put a stop to when it pops up. But considering the fact that I sincerely doubt this is a 12-year-old, it also reflects immaturity as well as casual misogyny.

  42. that case I find that guy's original comment to be a pretty lame take, misogynistic even

  43. Yep. A woman tries to do something meaningful and important for herself, her family, and her planet and the first thing is dipshits think of is porn.

  44. Honestly, men and the fashion industry are constantly introducing new ridiculous parts of the body to make women feel bad. First it was love handles, then cankles, then it was fupa, what's next... Chneck (for chubby neck) toweirdos (weird toes)?

  45. And even when they put sleeves on, why do they make the arms SO SMALL. I swear they put default size 10 arm holes onto everything. Im a size 20 and they other day I was looking for dress un kmart, I had to go up to a size 26 before the arms stopped cutting off the circulation to my upper arm, while the rest of the dress was swimming on me

  46. This has been an issue literally since I can remember. Dating back to you before I was a child. Even my mom had this issue. Plus size clothing fits perfectly everywhere except the arms. I think it has to do with the fact that dressmakers somewhere along the line just decided that arms were that size and will never change, or it's based on the fact that a lot of fit models have very particular shapes - and for plus size fit models it looks like they have larger hips, else, and boobs, but slim arms and calves.

  47. The absolute bullshit aside - is there a reason for the stupid filter he uses?

  48. I mostly agree, we have clients who have been run through the wringer with different physicians trying them on what feels like a dizzying array of medications, especially with treatment resistant anxiety before resorting to benzodiazepines. I know there's no easy answer here, and I realized I was off on a bit of a rant about the inaccessibility of therapy.

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