1. Oh so you're not even using high quality UV filters, just the cheap ones the shop gives away for free? No wonder you're seeing issues.

  2. I’m using Nikon and Hoya UV filters. The price tags on the cases were $250-400. Why do you think filters are producing darkening above a subject at some time but not others?

  3. Because of the way filters reflect light back into the lens, you could have a blurry inverted image, so any large bright areas would be reflected back, but dark areas not. So you'd essentially be seeing a flipped image of the plane overlayed.

  4. I haven’t had a chance to take test shots yet. I also haven’t seen it predictably reproduced in images. However, one thing I did observe was the same effect with a Z6 and 70-200, meaning it’s not isolated to the 850 and 500 PF. The 70-200 also has a filter.

  5. Why? You’re preserving the paint under it.

  6. Nothing wrong with doing it, I’d rather just enjoy the beautiful paint. Nothing will last forever anyway.

  7. Why? Not agreeing or disagreeing, just wondering why you say so.

  8. There was a diplomatic solution at the beginning of this that could of been taken, instead of that he followed his pride and emotion and look how many are dead. When he could of probably just given back a region where the population if allowed would probably vote to be apart of Russia. USA is to blame as well and this is EXTREMlY simplified but just my quick thought.

  9. You mean you didn’t cry because the editing gave you an enormous headache and now you’re nauseous?

  10. I loved that kit, personally. I completed one a few years ago, replaced most of the stuff on it with aftermarket PE.

  11. This is the only correct answer. People who haven’t played Skyrim haven’t lived.

  12. Thank you so much for taking the time!! :)

  13. Sorry for the late response: no unfortunately I don't think I can.

  14. I purchased a fully loaded '19 RS5 off the dealership floor. My payments are 1.4k monthly.

  15. It's..a little blown out. Everything feels washed-out colour-wise and the highlights are bleached, but it's an interesting composition .

  16. Yea, the whites and highlights make it look like an iPhone photo with a filter.

  17. Vallejo hands down. They are easy to use and can thin with water. They have a bunch of colors and mix well together. I personally don't like their model color line. I think their game color is great for brush painting. Yes it's meant for d&d minis but it's still good stuff. Mecha color can be hit or miss when it comes to brush painting. For metallics I've really love their model air line. Those work great with a brush

  18. Hi! Was hoping someone might know the colour code for my wheels. Was washing it and found a lovely stone chip on one of the spokes. Thanks 🙏

  19. Nothing can be done about this at all, it’s time to replace the vehicle. If you leave it by the side of the road I’ll come pick it up for free.

  20. You’re not the only one. I also thought the tire was completely smooth.

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