1. Raccoon Hill. They’re website states : Open Year Round - If you’re crazy enough to play, we’ll be here!

  2. I got absolutely clapped by a guy with an aim-bot. He finished the game with 17 kills and had 8 spectators. Sniping and PPSH with all headshots. His teammates only had 1 and 0 kill.

  3. Magnetic bullets and wall hacks in my last game. Username was making fun of ricochet. He was boosting his teammate by pointing out enemies.

  4. Def gotta nerf the Bren. I wish the amax could have a ttk more in line with the cw ak47, and the krig/automaton with buffed recoil patterns could be similar with the grau/m13 as far as ttk. Maybe even buff the kilo’s ttk to a couple less bullets but that’s just being greedy lol.

  5. Yeah bren needs nerfed asap. Hopefully that's what near future means.

  6. Same. I have season tickets so really hard to convince myself to go next week.

  7. you’ve already had your heart broken, it can’t get much worse, go and be with us fans. misery and company yadda yadda

  8. There's a golden horn ipa stand near my seats. I'll be drinking those this coming Sunday to ease the pain.

  9. When was the last time we recovered an onside kick? I can't even remember

  10. The Browns have nobody to blame but themselves. Baker should have been shut down a couple of weeks to heal.

  11. It really depends on what your budget is. Some places in mayfield rent out for several thousand a month and some are just a few hundred dollars. I dont have any suggestions off hand where to go but I would NOT go to The Drake in mayfield hts. (Unless you want bedbugs)

  12. A couple of Browns legends right there. (also why does it feel like half this sub doesn't know who these two are?)

  13. No doubt. I’m not so much upset about krampus. I’m worried about what that means for future ideas. And the idea just doesn’t work in a BR. 3 ammo clips each / 4 squad mates later and krampus is dead but you just got third partied. I can only hope they never add something like this again.

  14. I'm upset at how long it has been in the game. It's felt like an eternity and the novelty has worn off.

  15. Interesting. I didn't know they nerfed it. What kind of guns are the meta in the mixed mode?

  16. Bren, revolver shotgun thing, double barrel akimbo. Even in mixed mode these are broken. All 3 are vanguard weapons. The Swiss and kar98(mw) still see heavy use.

  17. It's quite different. You have to buy a uav. You don't have to buy a heartbeat sensors. You can camp in a room and wait for me to run into your building. And fry me. Idk man I'm just having fun. That's all that matters.

  18. You can literally put up advanced uavs all the time in vanguard Royale. Especially because the buy stations are bugged and the price of uavs is low for a long time after the discount event every 2nd circle.

  19. Man I want some of those WRs...

  20. And yet, Harbaugh will make them successful.

  21. The players and team personnel are likable. But God dammit do I hate their Organization lol

  22. I don't understand how many times I have seen people talk about Baker next year. We literally picked up his 5th year option. Obviously he will be here next year unless we get a major acquisition.

  23. And it obviously is. All these problems with mechanics suddenly appeared after he got hurt.

  24. I hope so because last night was the first time I turned on Baker completely. He has to be better next year.

  25. Unless something happens (a miracle) there is no better option than Baker playing for us on his 5th year option. He needs to show he can win us games next year in the merit of his arm and decision making.

  26. I don’t see how you can be in favor of paying Baker a huge contract at this point.

  27. This is an annoying take. Baker has another year. Unless we get Rodgers or (God forbid) Watson, he's the guy next year.

  28. And he’ll be at his absolute best above average next year and he’ll grade out in the bottom half of the league under pressure. He’s just not great. I’ll root for him if he’s the QB but he’s just not good enough.

  29. Above average this year gets us in the playoffs. I just can't stand the missed windows. He is supposed to be accurate. At the very least that's the best thing he does. My only hope is that all the accuracy problems came after his shoulder injury. So once that's fixed he can be back to the right trajectory.

  30. Did Jarvis run the wrong route? Maybe baker expected him to cut back sooner, but he kept running for some reason, and then slipped.

  31. No clue. But the last WR to make that mistake should be Jarvis. So most likely Baker threw too short.

  32. Fair. We will never know because neither are known for putting the other under the bus. And Stefanksi won't say anything

  33. There is no such thing as Spring. In Cleveland there is this extended season called Sprinter. Also, anytime you are traveling out of town you are obligated to wear Cleveland sports teams clothing.

  34. Lol at the sports clothing. Feels like cleveland represents harder than any other city.

  35. We always knew we had to win our games to get in. Amazing how the "top" teams in the AFC looked this week. Pretty crap

  36. I don't golf much but are many courses still asking you to I leave the pin in?

  37. Not any of the ones near me anymore. I'm in Ohio. During the height of the first wave though for sure.

  38. I'm mad ground loot is so bad and only 2 guns are worth a damn at range. Super boring meta

  39. Yo is this 512? We're you near the guy who got his teeth knocked out?

  40. Happened one section over from me. I did not catch it happening live though, only saw the video.

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