Pizza Hut delivery driver got $20 tip on a $938 order.

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Supreme Court rules for coach in public school prayer case

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I created a football/soccer jersey for every team currently in F1. I tried to base the designs off of the 2022 livery and sponsors, and I think if F1 did something like this, with drivers and numbers on the back, it would definitely be a hit. (But also stupidly expensive)

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  1. Um, no. It’s all the same. They just want u to give them a tuggy before they “accept” you

  2. Yeah almost every company just wants you to say something that shows you put a single bit of effort in "choosing" them.

  3. Mazda 3 in Soul Crystal Red and Alfa Romeo Giulia in Blu Misano for me

  4. I have an Alfa in that color and it brings me joy to see it everyday. Gonna miss it when my lease is up. She's a beauty

  5. Baker done so dirty. I’m not saying he’s elite, but he was clearly playing through injuries last season that hindered his play. Dude spearheads a legitimate turnaround and they drop him so hard.

  6. As someone who went to every home game and watched every second of away games for the browns, Baker was worse than "not elite". He was in the running for worst qb I'm the league.

  7. I always thought Rahm’s compact swing looked so weird, until I tried it due to a left lat injury that inhibits my ability to fully rotate my upper body. Shot my second best round ever yesterday after swinging that way for 2 weeks.

  8. In case you didn't know, one of his legs is shorter than the other. One of the reasons for his short swing

  9. Try Rainbow Six Siege lmfao - FAR FAR more toxic than CSGO.

  10. God I just got back into rainbow a month ago and I forgot just how bad the community is. Thank God I don't solo queue

  11. u got a spank bank of those? where can I find more

  12. Hes local to cleveland and our morning sports tried to get him on after his first win. the hosts said in a vague way that he basically told them to fuck off

  13. His old caddy works at a private course up here. He talked about working with him in a good light but damn he seems like an ass who gives nothing back to the area.

  14. Threatened to sue, lol. So American.

  15. Cracks me up how chicken all of you are of HR.

  16. Sorry how is using the most conservative language equivalent to "telling off"?

  17. Absolutely, the best material from all team's merch I own (RB stuff, Merc stuff and now Alfa). The irony in all that, I really hate RB stuff material, especially poliester t-shirts and polos. Those are living hell in the summer. Why can't it just be cotton...

  18. Nice. And sizing? For reference I'm a large in most American shirts. The Red bull shirt I have is a Large and fits well (the t shirt you're talking about)

  19. I have all of merch mentioned in Medium and everything fits well, I’d recommend going Large as well.

  20. Cleveland isn't as bad as the Great Plains (where I once lived). I met people who were 21 and 22 and already divorced. As I said, I see plenty of single people around my age but most are with children.

  21. A lot of people in Cleveland are from Cleveland. Lots of marrying your college/high school sweethearts or friends. Those friend groups stick together as well so it's hard to "break" into those groups. All depends on your confidence

  22. Are those screens not screen sharing capable? I only saw Hdmi. Dang now I can't get one.

  23. CLE fan boy so imma assume you're in Cleveland? What golf courses you enjoy the most? I'm on the east side so I've played most of those.

  24. Take a drive down to the Quarry in Canton. It's like a roller coaster with the elevation changes. You don't play golf there you have a golf experience.

  25. Sweet sounds like a good time lol. I'll tell my buddies we need to head there

  26. Thank you. I did not understand the reference. Just seemed like random grandstanding.

  27. Honestly, OH’s statehouse is so gerrymandered, there’s literally no hope

  28. I had a serious conversation with my fiancée last week that it's about time we leave the state. Unless the people of Ohio do something this November, we will be leaving within a couple years.

  29. This makes a lot of sense to me too. Unfortunately, I think I’m in too dug in with the extended family and friends to be able to commit to the move

  30. I hear you. It'll take time for us to accept we have to leave them but at this point my motivation is my future children

  31. I'm asking how you advocate for people to stay and fight when they can't access basic health care. I'm saying losing access to reproductive care is similar to losing access to dental care.

  32. Not OP but I understand the parallel you're making. I'm going to marry my fiancée next year and we want children. Why should I stay here and not have access to care she needs if something happens? This state is pushing us away and other young skilled workers are going to leave as well.

  33. I’ve never heard of tipping delivery 20%. Most people do 5-10 on regular orders, regardless of price.

  34. I get you have the money but I don't really think more than 50 each is necessary. Obviously tip however you want.

  35. you don’t speak for them lil bro

  36. Pretty much should just be glad atleast some of it goes to charity, so take the good with the bad.

  37. Grown men and women aren't comfortable enough with their sexuality that they feel threatened by a rainbow.

  38. Yeah because the game is old and people move on. I don't think players are being driven away because they can't handle a rainbow. And if people like that are leaving good. Let the rest enjoy the game until something else good comes out.

  39. That guy is an idiot. Literally made an entire subreddit dedicated to Cleveland Sports hated by reddit at large. He's a POS and represents the worst people in this city

  40. Oh, what did you do with your time on reddit? Have you ever met me? I made Drafts for the draft and we swapped beers. Internationally even. HUndreds of guy swapped beer on

  41. DJ just went 5-0 at the Ryder Cup. He was the best player in the event. Of course he will be missed.

  42. So many comments on this subreddit suggesting golf is "young man's game". The "old" guys still win and dominate regularly lol.

  43. Strategy, setup, and driver skill. Those tend to differentiate drivers the most on raw pace.

  44. I was hoping to ignore Watson so I could continue being Browns fan, but everywhere I look there's a new disgusting detail. I'm not even excited about the season anymore. I'm so done.

  45. I bought season tickets last year with all the hype. Loved the browns since I was a kid. I have season tickets again. I want to root for the other players but it's hard with this guy on the team.

  46. Florida man lives 1500 miles away and I've never seen a gator outside of the Zoo. Why do people in other countries think he's my neighbor!

  47. The secret is that Florida man is pretty much the same as Nevada man, Texas man, Ohio man, etc. We all trash everywhere.

  48. You'd hate my local course. As soon as you park they drive the cart to your car and load the clubs from your trunk. If I have cash I tip, if not then I don't. I don't think it's worth stressing so much over.

  49. How much do you tip the bag boys? They work at my club but I never use them since I tend to keep my clubs at home and walk.

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