AITA for evicting my sister and her daughters after the hid my wife's wig and embarrassed her?

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  1. Different hair cut - the current shape detracts from your facial features. Would grow it out some.

  2. I work on N Bellefield and went down to check out the scene at 7:30a and I'm still so confused!

  3. They had to cut the damaged pole into pieces to get it off it’s footing and yeah the electric company and gas company are here.

  4. I hope you’re wearing a mask and/or have determined whether this is lead paint. You did a great job with paint removal. Looking forward to future updates.

  5. After researching it further I’m concerned it would, especially given the age (140 year old wood), fragility, and intricacy of the carvings. Plus, there is no one in my area offering dry ice or soda blasting for residential projects.

  6. Dental picks, Dremel tool, multiple grades of sandpaper, flamethrower for when the tedium and waste of essential life force bear down and crush your soul.

  7. My ex mil had a staircase like this. Only the room had wall panels with beadboard thrown in the mix.

  8. Similarly I have bargained my way into having 3 friends help me out with this process. I’ll owe them for quite a while. 😂😂

  9. I’m not a fan of the shape of those lenses for Wubby so that could also be throwing me off the thin metal.

  10. If you can't get a replacement from the manufacturer, you could probably get a wing nut with the same thread from a hardware store.

  11. I do not know the manufacturer - these are bolts I found myself, not ones that came from the harness manufacturer. The harness came with wing nuts which I cannot easily use, so I found these at a random store 8 years ago, but have not found anything similar since.

  12. This is a little extra but in the case that you can’t find another knob, my crafty brain is thinking a wing nut with some sort of putty or even a rubber band wrapped around once it’s on may assist in the grip of it if that is what the problem is. I know that’s a stretch but I figured I would throw it out there if it came down to a last resort.

  13. The putty idea is really interesting…. I hadn’t thought of that. I wonder if sugru would work? Thank you for the idea. It’s not as ideal since I can’t make it myself but it’s definitely a possibility in some way.

  14. Tell all 3 of them the only way you’ll consider letting them stay is if they all shave their own heads.

  15. There’s also the very real possibility that he could be killed by a responding police officer to an incident. There was a study released that found 50% of the people killed by American police officers had a disability of some kind.

  16. Hey could you link me this study or point me in its direction? That sort of analysis is exactly what I’ve been trying to find

  17. As someone that identifies on the ace (asexual) spectrum I can honestly say that enjoyment and your wife’s views are not necessarily mutually exclusive. I too hold the same opinion - I can be fine never having sex again in my life. However, it doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it when I do with my SO. It feels good and is enjoyable and is an act of bonding and love, and it is very important for his love language which means all so much more to me.

  18. 19 has always been my lucky number so fingers crossed that trend continues!

  19. You're Dog is super cute. Did you still need a toy for her?

  20. Aww thanks, she knows it too! I sent my info to julie60172 in case he/she has not gone shopping yet today (I was unable to respond yesterday), so I'm not sure.

  21. Stopping at Target tommorow for a few things, i would love to pick out a dog toy for your dog! Please pm me your info..and your dogs name😊

  22. Thank you! I've PM'd you - I understand if you've already went today, it's the thought that I appreciate greatly. :)

  23. I am 23 and my biggest problem is that I have still not figured out how to come to terms with, or even be peaceful with, the concept that I have a progressive and terminal illness.

  24. That's great, but how does a trained dog know it can pee in that one particular room without being yelled at?

  25. That's the problem, for my dog at least. I have a mobility service dog and often the airport "dog bathrooms" are still tiled similarly to a normal bathroom and she absolutely refuses to use it. Same with my previous service dogs before her, they wouldn't use it. A pet dog may perhaps get influenced by the smell of other dog urine but from my experience a trained service animal doesn't want to take the chance.

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