whats a “fun fact” that isn’t fun at all?

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  1. It was a couple of years ago, but my offer for Edinburgh was ABB, when the course requirements were AAA, and my predictions were A*AAB

  2. Not bad advice thank you, its that or don't tell them. Hard to imagine your suggestion working on many landlords as they get so many enquiries they can just decide to pick a person who doesnt have a pet over us, but if it worked for you then there is hope!

  3. I'll be honest, we didn't tell them we had cats when we moved in, unloaded them on family for the first 6 month inspection and hid toys in cupboards, then told them that we had a family emergency and my mum was now in hospital and we were the only people that could care for her cats

  4. If I'm just working from home and not doing anything else, I'll shower every other day, in the evening, though I am mildly depressed at the moment

  5. Withdrawal is a bitch, I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.

  6. I had withdrawal when changing antidepressants quickly, and it was an absolutely awful 7 days

  7. I was naybe 12 or 13 one day during achool holidays or a weekend. I hadn't been given lunch as some punishment for something.

  8. The morse code for M is two dashes or two long beats, the morse code for I is two dots or two short beats. Now sing the theme for Mission Impossible...Duh duh da da duh duh da da

  9. Sorry, I'm just getting the crazy frog (or the theme from Beverly Hills cop)

  10. When I have blood in my urine it just means I'm not pregnant.

  11. I've seen this picture before, I'm pretty sure the person who lived there was in a wheelchair, and this positioning made it easier for them to use the sink and the kitchen

  12. Not just abuse, how easy it is to rewire the brain in general.

  13. Well, it was easy to rewire it while I was being abused as a child, but now trying to rewire it correctly to be a functional adult is going to take decades

  14. It could be adhd? I've been playing a game called - "is it adhd or is it trama" for the past several years. it's been uh fun...

  15. That's what I was thinking, I was already playing the game of CPTSD or autism

  16. Yeah, my dad once threw a plate of food at me because I didn't mix the buckwheat into his stuffed pepper, and served it on the side instead.

  17. Is that a gummi ring or is it actual stone/glass/etc?

  18. Love it! I also love your ring - did you get that for the occasion?

  19. He was a bit grumpy I asked him first, so he ran to the shop so he could get down on one knee to ask me

  20. I mean, I don't think any child should feel like that. I think that if a parent has done their job properly, instilling a suitable level of self confidence in their child that should never happen.

  21. Literally anything can be an endearment if you say it in the right way. I'd use random household objects, anything that catches your eye.

  22. Yeah, when my other half has been an idiot, he gets called a fucking teaspoon

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