1. I think assigning mental illness to characters were we don't really know anything about her past and the author hasnt explicitly stated it is fucked up. You are stigmatizing BPD more. I hate when people see others have certain traits and automatically label then with a serious mental illness. Maybe they are just a shitty person who doesn't like things not going their way. Why do you think it's okay to armchair about such a serious mental illness that already gets the people who have it torn to shreds. No one ever says oh that person is so nice they must have BPD. It's always shitting on people's bad behavior and then assigning a serious mental disorder whether they have it or not. I understand it's your headcannon but it's not cool imo. I'd be better to keep thoughts like that to yourself instead of further stigmatizing BPD on a public forum.

  2. Yep and persephone looked weird this fast pass too

  3. Something is probably going on in the discord. They usually abandon reddit and snark in the discord when it's something that could cause trouble on reddit. Or Smeli& cohn haven't done anything interesting lately 🤷‍♀️

  4. Same haha I wanted to know how the masses and not just fast passers felt. I know a lot of fast passers were so disappointed

  5. wait wait wait its okay to use fragrance free feminine wash on the inner thighs & top part & outer lips right? Just not the inside or inner parts right ? Asking bc i keep seeing ppl say that AREA so it got me overthinking lol. Area meaning the whole downstairs bc if so then fuck ive been doing this wrong & was taught the wrong thing !

  6. Gynos usually suggest dove sensitive skin bar on the outside only. Water for the inside labia and such.

  7. McDonald's here is offering $12 an hour so not sure what Chick Fil A is offering. I know Chick Fil A delivery drivers get $10 an hour plus tips in my location.

  8. They offer $13-35 hrs depending on position near me

  9. Idk how people have the balls to photoshop their face/body when everyone knows they don't look like that. Like I'd get it if you were trying to cover acne but this is too much. Also her boobs look painful.

  10. Lmao this is hilarious. I won't tell anyone to do this but I will laugh at Amber

  11. Just put yourself out there and talk to people you need practice and courage not drugs homie. If talking to more people scares you talk to a counselor honestly

  12. Also I really can't respect someone who voted for someone who said there were fine Nazis in the Charlottesville rally. So yeah...

  13. Way to misquote what he said. Not only nazis were in Charlottesville that day. You're spreading misinformation. He said there were good people on both sides. That implies there were also bad people on both sides as well. Aka the disgusting nazi scum and the ones who came just to fuck shit up.

  14. She has no idea how the world works if she thinks this is believable.

  15. This is actually following pretty normal Greek life at the time. You could be with someone of the same sex and still considered a virgin. Many women at temples would be together but still considered clean and untouched.

  16. While that might be true it goes against their reasons for choosing to be virgins and the lore around them.

  17. I agree to some degree but they are also gods so their morals aren't equal with ours even though the lines are often blurred by Rachel.

  18. choke, spit and pull her hair 😂 bros evil with it

  19. To have DBT work you actually have to want to learn, implement, and practice the skills. Obviously since you went through DBT you know the huge amount of work involved and the amount of uncomfortable feelings and control you have to go through to get good at the skills. It would help Amber theoretically but she definitely would never actually do it. DBT is great for people who grew up with absent parents that didn't really teach them how to properly control/process their feelings though.

  20. I'm sorry what?! She said all this. Yeah the cancer story is definitely fake then. I know people who work in medical IT and there is no fucking way this happened.

  21. His hair looks so bad. I'm starting to think Christine does hate him lol. You gotta upgrade your man that's what wives do. Don't let him walk around looking like trash.

  22. Her moods change likes the wind. Aka she ain't stable

  23. I cant stand him because of his gf Stephanie and her intuitive eating BS

  24. Omg that medicine has those kind of side effects. Damn idk how anyone uses it. She definitely won't be able to do it.

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