1. Maybe. I never learned that we had a civil war until I went to a living history weekend where I watched the reenactors fire real muskets at each other. Who knows how much longer I would have lived in ignorance if not for these people who were preserving history? I certainly wasn't being taught about the confederacy in school. I do absolutely condemn the assholes who fly the confederate flag out side of a historical context.

  2. There are a lot of confederates in these things that are the deniers though. It being a red flag is still accurate. Denier in this case doesn't mean denying the civil war happened. Running around and seeing people shoot at each other alone doesn't teach anything more than that. Denier means denying why the confederates did what they did and pretending it wasn't about slavery.

  3. Man I agree with you that it absolutely could be a front for racists to hide behind. I'm just saying that the reenactors I've personally met were socially conscious dudes who did not like getting their name pulled out of the hat to play the confederates that day. And yes, obviously I know now that the war was over slave ownership.

  4. I'm pretty sure OP wasn't talking about them though. There's a difference between consciously choosing every time to be a confederate out of your own free will and doing it cause you have to while not enjoying it. It's the first that'd be the red flag not the second.

  5. Well originally it was meant to ensure women are free and aren't sexually exploited. As a result, they decided to sexually exploit themselves, and we all decided that's healthy in the name of alleged freedom. Now men suicide rates are at an all time high, and women are growing up alone once the party is over.

  6. I'm in a party doing a quest right now. The little bar at the bottom can come up multiple times a day after I click dailies or positive habits. The number of damage I take doesn't match up with damage from quests. And even if I've already taken damage from a party member this will still happen.

  7. I would guess its because it's person of the year, and not people of the year

  8. The Silence Breakers won person of the year. Those were the women who spoke out during Me Too.

  9. The Silence Breakers won person of the year. Those were the women who spoke out during Me Too.

  10. Socialized medicine will never work in the US because leftists are obese losers and net tax burdens. Dumping more money into a system that already coddles them won't make it better if on a second by second basis they self sabotage.

  11. The obesity rates are higher in Republican counties, but sure buddy.

  12. Based on surveys by leftoid news outlets. A reliable source of information.

  13. Lmao, conservatives and denying facts. Name a more iconic duo. This is a

  14. I don't think that's typical outside of the US (where the supreme court ruled the police are not required to respond to crime or help people in any way)

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  16. I have searched for GeForce Now and GeForce Experience. I can't find anything on either or those having faster download speeds

  17. The Mage and Warrior skills are the only way you'll do real damage in like the hundreds, I honky have a couple dailies and habits but will barely break 20 damage without using Brutal Smash, then my damage is routinely 500+

  18. But the person I'm comparing it to is also a rogue. They're doing 30 - 40 damage per day. I added a bunch more dailies and habits and still cap out at 14.

  19. People film their food coming all the time for social media and stuff. Especially at restaurants like this.

  20. It's an inside "joke" with one of my friends about the one time he may or may not of killed two people in a 7/11 parking lot in Santuck almost 5 years ago.

  21. Kratos is white 'cause he's literally covered in the ashes of his dead wife and daughter, you couldn't make him black even if a black actor played him, lol

  22. His actual skin colour is brown though. He's not black but certainly not white in colour either. In the original games it was very clear he was painted white (as in the colour).

  23. Yeah yeah, obviously. All I'm saying is this guy's having a fit over nothing. Even if the actor is southern european (as he should), he'll be painted white, so...

  24. Yes. Look at a map of the Middle East. Afghanistan is included.

  25. Because gay men often have strict views on how a body should look like (the "swimmer body" archetype), and for the most of XXth century if you saw a person looking like that, he most likely was homosexual

  26. Mod's comment isn't even accurate though. On the website they've got cars that looks like my moms. Idk how much it was. I think 20 - 25k used from the dealership. She spent 4 years to pay it off and couldn't quit her second job because of her car payments. She's a single mom. Definitely middle class.

  27. Okay this guy has to be trolling. First the Hooters thing. Now this? Did his leftist kid steal his account or something?

  28. Yeah what does WOTC know? They definitely only learned about that game recently.

  29. I don’t know shit about fuck when it comes to these Chinese protests. Can someone inform me?

  30. Unless they're talking about something else, this is most likely about the Foxconn workers protest which is being falsely attributed to covid lockdowns. Lots of people moved out of the area where Foxconn's factories were located because of Covid. Foxconn then advertised higher pay to attract other workers to move and work there but when they got there they weren't paid the higher wages that were promised. So now they're protesting and striking.

  31. They're protesting the Foxconn's deception. Lots of people moved out of the area where Foxconn's factories were located because of Covid. Foxconn then advertised higher pay to attract other workers to move and work there but when they got there they weren't paid the higher wages that were promised.

  32. First they came for the entire population of China, but I did not listen because I was not Chinese

  33. how is this racist? its actually really good design, there doesnt seem to be anything caricature-like about the black doll? she has curly hair and shes smiling, nothing that insinuates that shes any lesser than the white doll, this was probably made by a progressive mum who wanted her daughter to understand that racism bad and honestly fuck you, this is a rare case of 1940s non-racism and you just go WELL ITS FROM THE 40S SO IT HAS TO BE RACIST

  34. bro are you fucking dumb, look through the comments, why is the post marked as nsfw?

  35. I looked through every top level comment. None said it was racist. If they did it's been deleted and I don't see them. There are multiple comments saying it's cool or progressive for the time though.

  36. It is if it's a foot fetish which "those stinky piggies" might imply.

  37. It’s hilarious that you’re telling a dog trainer they don’t know how to train dogs

  38. That's not what I'm saying. I'm saying the explanation was not good enough for non-dog trainers. I've put treats above my dogs nose before and they didn't sit. It's not a 100% thing.

  39. Oh, I guess I didn't have the right definition of queerbaiting. Or maybe my friend didn't. It's definitely confirmed in the movie, though.

  40. If your friend hasn't seen the movie or learned anything about the relationship in the movie they got the definition wrong. I called it queer baiting too before it came out cause it was like the 15th first gay character in a Disney movie. Then when I started hearing about how it was being buried by Disney I thought maybe it was actually decent representation and this thread confirmed it. Def not queerbaiting.

  41. I enjoyed it. I didn't think Disney was going to have any visible LGBT representation anytime soon, especially for a main character. All their previous "representations" were only ever forced throwaway lines by background characters that can be easily removed for translations or vague tension that can be passed off or ignored, but this movie has actual visual affection between two gay characters, which made me really happy. My friend, who hates Disney, said I'm being queerbaited, but I don't think it's bad at all to have that representation.

  42. Queerbaiting isn't when you have actual gay characters in shows with proper story lines. It's when I queer character or relationship is advertised just for it to not show up at all or be a tiny blink and you kiss it moment with no real representation.

  43. Answer: This is a year late and I don't have a full answer, but I saw this comment from a mod of

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