1. I mean, of all the anachronisms in this show, that is the least of them

  2. If you'd like more queer romance, may I recommend some other shows that did it well (most of these are wlw)

  3. A fun take but I think it makes sense he would still see Shakespeare as horror. I'd say less because Shakespeare was known for it (I don't know how big horror even was as a concept in this time period) and more that Stede was a fan of Shakespeare and so wanted to use that as his basis. After all he basically set everyone up to share stories just to say "these are terrible we're doing my thing."

  4. It also drives me nuts watching OFMD and just hearing "Want me to twist off a chestie for ya? Here you go, there's a good one." or else "Coran Coran the Handsome Man!"

  5. Haha what's wild is the same day I learned about this I just...went to Target after work and found one. Just like that. I didn't even know it was hard to find. I told a friend who freaked out because she'd tried to get it for me, failed, but got me a different orange cup for my bday XD

  6. Sure they can make a whole damn animated Christmas movie for Beebo but not finish up the Legends...

  7. Very interesting analysis. I definitely can't wait to see if we get more of this coding, especially since potentially seeing Stede again will inevitably trigger more drastic mood swings.

  8. Seems like it. He has a chicken named Laura Dern.

  9. Honestly...this moment is why X3 is, I think, the weakest in the whole franchise (admittedly didn't see the Phoenix film so I may be wrong.) It was approaching a very nuanced issue with such a heavy-handed gesture. Even if you take into account the many metaphors mutants could stand for, it still fails.

  10. Lol that would be hilarious. But it's all but established Jake was the alter with the Brooklyn accent. Plus Oscar Isaac was pretty clear that he was wearing a skirt, not a kilt, since he's not Scottish.

  11. Honestly, I can't imagine anyone disagreeing with you. He's so talented and he's nailing this role.

  12. they’re not ignoring anubis, the scales literally have anubis on them, more likely he is in stone and she is subbing (which is really significant because Anubis, not Taweret, not Ammit, handles the scales)

  13. Exactly! And it seems like such an intentional thing to have her instead of him. I really want to find out why he was imprisoned.

  14. Same as my work. Not in my job description and still have to do that shit.

  15. Haha! Imagine when she first found out she had to run the scales. "Here's some cards with tips for how to do this. Here's the scales. We've had to let Anubis go so you'll be taking on his responsibilities kthnxbye"

  16. Omg yes. Hawke has been bringing it this whole time. It just feels like kismet for him to be in this role.

  17. I'd love for that to be the reason rather than 'oh evil alter' that people seem to think is going to happen, which I doubt since the show did their research so know evil murderous alter is the worst trope/stereotype

  18. I don't think they'll be going in that direction, especially if the one we saw in that scene in 5 really was Jake. He was trying to stop Harrow to protect people, which aligns perfectly with Jake being the shield alter.

  19. The reason why i think is because jake is no "evil", more like the one that will try to protect marc/steve at all cost even crossing some lines, steve wants someone to love and marc to protect layla "okay then i will get him some new girl", steve lost is goldfish "that will put another beacuse that will make him doubt and put himself in danger otherwise", we are in risk of death but neither are trying to kill them "i guess i will have to do the ugly job so neither of them truly cross the line"

  20. I think this is spot on. I'd bet that Jake is the protector/shield alter

  21. I generally call it something useless until someone tells me it's useless and tells me a better one

  22. Lol, well I'm biased so I'll say "Ironspark" since that's mine

  23. I think you're thinking of Seth. I did a quick search and it looks like Sobek is Seth's son but not necessarily a mischief maker

  24. There can not be an egyptian god just named Seth....right?

  25. Omg. Dude google it. You are in for a wild ride, the lines of which I wish I could again experience for the first time. There's a reason everyone in this chat keeps saying "semen guy"

  26. I loved that too. The progression of their relationship is a nice metaphor for growing to love and accept all sides of yourself, don’t you think?

  27. I think so. Which is why I also think Jake is taking a whole. In such a rushed show, let's give the Marc/Steven dynamic time to grow. Like the jealousy over Layla... Which layer turned into the fact that Steven made a healthy relationship choice Marc basically admitted he wouldn't have been able to do.

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