1. I kind of took it as she literally wasn't a person. The djinn brought her back, so she's, in essence, just a memory.

  2. That's an interesting take. I always saw it as her literal soul. I suppose I'd be more comfortable if they made room for your theory's exposition

  3. She seemed so unmoved by his vampirism, the time lapse, any physical changes they put her through, so it just felt logical that she wasn't an actual person but a projection from the djinn.

  4. If you're asking how to avoid offending them, you really shouldn't stress out about it.

  5. Lol, thanks. It's more about wanting to be respectful and honor them in the context of the cultures they come from rather than strictly coming from a Christian perspective.

  6. That's a huge topic. I don't suppose you're interested in any particular rituals or deities? Only that would narrow it down a bit.

  7. Persephone and Aphrodite. I myself am a Christian Witch who sort of subscribes to the shattered mirror theory, so I sort of vaguely pray in a Christian fashion to anything that feels right, but more particular attention to them since they seem to represent big and important things for me.

  8. XD the second they started fighting I knew exactly how that would end. Nandor is a fragile baby

  9. Definitely add on a few more episodes so the show would have a little more space to breathe. It was great but it was so breakneck at times.

  10. I mean, of all the anachronisms in this show, that is the least of them

  11. If you'd like more queer romance, may I recommend some other shows that did it well (most of these are wlw)

  12. A fun take but I think it makes sense he would still see Shakespeare as horror. I'd say less because Shakespeare was known for it (I don't know how big horror even was as a concept in this time period) and more that Stede was a fan of Shakespeare and so wanted to use that as his basis. After all he basically set everyone up to share stories just to say "these are terrible we're doing my thing."

  13. It also drives me nuts watching OFMD and just hearing "Want me to twist off a chestie for ya? Here you go, there's a good one." or else "Coran Coran the Handsome Man!"

  14. Haha what's wild is the same day I learned about this I just...went to Target after work and found one. Just like that. I didn't even know it was hard to find. I told a friend who freaked out because she'd tried to get it for me, failed, but got me a different orange cup for my bday XD

  15. Sure they can make a whole damn animated Christmas movie for Beebo but not finish up the Legends...

  16. Ok but he named the other one after James Nesbitt.

  17. Seems like it. He has a chicken named Laura Dern.

  18. Honestly...this moment is why X3 is, I think, the weakest in the whole franchise (admittedly didn't see the Phoenix film so I may be wrong.) It was approaching a very nuanced issue with such a heavy-handed gesture. Even if you take into account the many metaphors mutants could stand for, it still fails.

  19. Lol that would be hilarious. But it's all but established Jake was the alter with the Brooklyn accent. Plus Oscar Isaac was pretty clear that he was wearing a skirt, not a kilt, since he's not Scottish.

  20. Honestly, I can't imagine anyone disagreeing with you. He's so talented and he's nailing this role.

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