1. If so then I may very well be one of the hottest people alive.

  2. You wish you had been able to go to CBGB while it was still around.

  3. You look like you should be singing in a swanky French nightclub in the 1930's. Very ingenue type look.

  4. Second pic looks like a blend of Kurt Cobain and Iggy Pop.

  5. First Dead album I ever got was Aoxomoxoa so that's still my sentimental favorite.

  6. One of the Few. Short but one of the most haunting melodies Roger ever wrote IMO.

  7. The ghost of Colonel Sanders putting in his 2 cents?

  8. I would just like to say that men as a group did NOT give this assignment to Kyle. We held no discussions whatsoever. He is a loose cannon and in no way speaks for all of us.

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