1. First one is the yin type in dress not accommodating curve. The pulling is clear give away. Second is gamine of course, adult dress are just to big for them. Third and fourth are dressing perfectly not only in Kibbe terms, but also regarding their colouring, Kitchener's esence, Rita's quadrants. Their personalities just shine through!

  2. Haha, I’ve been cast as “competent without risk of overpowering anyone” all my life :D Everyone easily sees me as a great student and a great employee. It’s easy for me to project sort of “calm force”, “I’m reliable, knowledgeable, and will get any job done, yet I will not threaten anyone with any ambition. I’ll have my say, but won’t push any drastic change unless others are on board.”

  3. huh that's very interesting!!! 'competent without being a threat' sounds like a very useful quality to project.

  4. Lol, especially if I’m asked to creative :D “This data pipeline is not working as expected, we need to be creative and come up with a new approach, how to deliver data to the repository as required…” - “Could we utilise postal pigeons…?” is the thing you don’t say to not break a role.

  5. Thanks for sharing! I like your attitude and agree about everything you’ve said about DCs. That bit of width made me place myself into N family first, but the outfits didn’t work. You’ve described “symmetry” really well, I might borrow the spice metaphor sometimes :D Also the ability to borrow lines from other IDs - many things work good enough for Cs so it might be hard to identify things that make us shine.

  6. Vertical is not necessarily an elongation. It's rather straightness in a silhouette as an opposite to the roundness of a curve. But keep in mind, no one's body is literally straight as bodies are organic and every woman has a baseline of curve.

  7. Did any of you have conflicting outcomes using various "tools"? E.g. regarding keywords you gravitate to a certain quadrant, but using dressing logistics you'd fall under another? Not my case, just curious.

  8. For the past half of a year, nearly not at all. I don't see any possibility of me fitting into another ID (besides a huge figure of DK materializing in the sky, pointing at me and saying in a godlike voice: "You're not a DC!")

  9. Thanks for putting this together! Not a FN, great inspiration regardless. When I see people complaining, there are only three types available for tall people, I try to argue, that with bolder frame bolder dressing is available, because the wearer is not easily overwhelmed by clothes. So there is a lot of freedom and a lot of space for self expression there. Even without cropped cuts and cutesy ruffles.

  10. I don't think the people making those associations are saying "only X quadrant can wear Y aesthetic" at all. I think they are just looking at how the feeling of the aesthetic in general relates to the feelings of the different quadrants.

  11. Absolutely! By no means I wanted to attribute ill intend to the activities of others. I think we are here to discuss Rita's system, various ways to approach it and help each other to understand it and apply it. You can see in my other comments, I'm rather the confused one.

  12. Yes, I think you only should look effortless. I heard in a video that you maybe put in a lot of effort as a down dresser, but it’s nothing that is very visible. Like effortless chic.

  13. Personally I like the blue skirt and the green dress, but those might be safer choices. Not sure about the rest, I would need to see those on my body, as the way they are cut, might mess with visual proportions. Not necessarily in a bad way, just hard to tell.

  14. Just curious, how did you come to decide on DC vs SC? I could've written your post. I feel the need for more yang than SC, but N/SN doesn't work because I need narrower silhouettes, not width. DC has been suggested to me before but I doubted it because I do have soft flesh and so the stiff, extremely tailored fabrics (nevermind the kinds of clothes shown in the original book!) would feel stiff and heavy on the softer flesh. Still, compared to those with real Kibbe curve, I am pretty straight. Well, straight and soft, lol. But my curve is either "slight" (as in SC), or it's just baseline. I think that answer would settle my dilemma.

  15. I have a strong preference for yang IDs and sleek but edgy style, so naturally I gravitate more towards DC. On a type me post, some people commented SC, which caused doubts, together with common meaning of “soft” and “fleshy”.

  16. Comfort is super important to me as well (LD in Rita’s), I‘ve spent spring in “tailored” jogger pants (narrow fit with some decorative vertical seams) :D

  17. I second what others said about Rita's essence system. It's less prescriptive but rather it guides you to think about your relationship with clothing and your approach to dressing up. It is really a breath of fresh air among styling systems and the only system which made me truly excited about clothes again.

  18. I had a similar experience. My score was CN+E (nearly exactly the same score for C and N with a bit of E). But I didn't find neither CNE or CN board the best for me. I don't recall it exactly, but many CN+something else boards, or CE+something felt better.

  19. This is an interesting idea! I would probably try such a service out of curiosity, but probably wouldn't buy things. Having a reasonable fee for a recommended HTT makes sense, as even if I won't buy the items, people behind the service will get fair rewards.

  20. Hi, yes I’ve been typed. The outcome depends on a package you choose. I did in recently, after being into various styling system for years. But I’m a person who tends to second guess stuff all the time, so I’ve ordered the package including Kibbe to get some kind of confirmation. And in that way it worked well.

  21. Tried the test and got cool casual. I wouldn’t call my face childlike, but according to this system it might be :D (rather fleshy, flat and small features)

  22. I love these side by sides! I know Kibbe doesn’t consider the face anymore, but I think they’re all D without having pure D faces. I think Claire Danes has a face that’s quite N, Kristin Wii’s has some G in her face and Michelle’s face is quite C. I think this is particularly clear in the magazine shots of them, and how stylists portray them. I think they all look good in similar lines, but the different impressions in similar clothes come from very different faces that are the cherry on top in the yin yang balance in my opinion.

  23. Nice observation! Not sure about Kristen, but totally agree with Claire having a relaxed vibe and Michelle having a refined vibe. Kristen is “the D-est” of them for me.

  24. Thanks! You’re probably right, I think Kristen does have a pretty D face, I see a little bit of G in her face but maybe she just likes G styling :)

  25. I don't think she shines in minimalist styling. Sometimes they push her more in a diva direction (big and flowy/rounded), but that doesn't suit her either. For me she needs a bit of "dry oomph", something extra, but still yang. And that might be close to the FG vibe, so in that way she can handle gamine styling.

  26. Nobody can figure this out for you, but maybe if you try to answer these it will help you. The more elaborate the better:

  27. I try to find some relation between tops and bottoms. It should look like it came from single collection. Using blue jeans as example, you can do relation with any of following:

  28. i really love Coco Chanel's original vision, but I haven't ever connected much with modern Chanel. I thought the mix of KStew and Chanel was really weird and on the nose, a sort of clunky, deliberate attempt to sell Chanel to a younger generation. In a specific symbolic sense I see a bit of overlap, in that Coco Chanel herself was the 'cool girl' of her generation, a rebel with attitude, but over time her style has become extremely classic, more associated with political power than rebellion, and 'rebel style' is something completely different today, and something that Chanel herself would have hated - she hated jeans & sloppy causual wear with a passion. Therefore Chanel felt at odds with everything about Kristen, her physicality, attitude, style preferences. I personally feel Chanel would do better to either stick with a more mature focus, or actually change their vision to adapt to a new generation...

  29. Me neither and I'll keep an eye on Spencer, I'm intrigued to see her styled that way and in movement.

  30. Did a type me post here two and half years ago. Pretty sure I'm DC for about a year, but still figuring out what it means for dressing. Parallel to my Kibbe journey I'm also dealing with medical issues affecting my weight. I'm slowly creating a style vision for myself, after my body stabilizes. Up to then I'm maintaining just a basic wardrobe, but I see progress there. After years of shopping troubles I was able to purchase summer basics within an afternoon. And I'm getting a better understanding of how various cuts and fabric interact with my body, so I'm not disappointed or confused when trying things on.

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