1. Ppl actually are trying to do the same to EVR and the other alleged victims of MM already. As far as Kate Moss is concerned- Her testimony was weird. It was very robotic and she seemed incredibly guarded and anxious. I thought she was acting like there was a gun being pointed at her as she spoke. That’s the vibe I got.

  2. Weirdly, I had the opposite feeling. To me she seemed eager to be there.. But I have no idea why. I think she was seen celebrating with Depp in London very shortly after the trial ended and people at the time speculated they were getting closer again

  3. Because everyone including the jury collectively turned their brains off during Depp’s cross-examinations

  4. I think that dreaming about fame, success, amazing love and staring at yourself in the mirror for hours are just superficial behaviors that by themselves don’t really help recognize who is a narcissist. In fact, I bet a lot of narcissists have a love/hate relationship with looking at themselves in the mirror, especially covert ones, but I digress!

  5. This is the therapist who (I think) told Amber she should not call the police on Johnny according to the live deposition. 🤡

  6. That deposition was a mess. Amber and Johnny also saw Dr. Amy Banks together, but she had a different assessment and that’s probably why Depp preferred the “mutual abuse” therapist instead.

  7. This literally makes me so sad. I LOVE Britney. I have actually been worried this whole JD v AH thing would inspire her dad to try to sue her for defamation too. Britney has been a victim of so much horror in her life, I hope this is just a momentary lapse in judgement and she takes it down.

  8. I think he’s trying to? Or wants to. I read something a couple weeks ago

  9. Meh I might be too soft-hearted but honestly? I’ll take it. I hope they’re doing so because they realized they were wrong in their assessment of the situation and not because they’re predicting a PR shitstorm soon and they want none of it

  10. No I will too because it is part of the tide turning. I also do think, as shitty as liking the post is, there’s still a difference between liking a post on Instagram and vocally supporting Depp/mocking Amber. They both suck but one is much worse.

  11. Oh I definitely agree on the mocking

  12. She's also the one who claimed that JD's violent jealousy is Amber's fault and he would never have felt jealous if he was dating her. Just an absolute evil clown.

  13. Lmao that last sentence, she’s going to such lengths to tear Amber down because she’s self-inserting herself in an imaginary romantic relationship with him 🤢

  14. That is very true! It is not the same as our society and I did address that, they are definitely born more dangerous then a human however they also clearly are not the monsters some people want.

  15. But if you think about it you’re projecting your own human morality about incest on them. It’s totally valid to feel how you feel, however it doesn’t automatically translate to them feeling or thinking the same as we do, we don’t know if it’s something unique to them, or if it’s something their society accepts, there could be many explanations and it’s indeed up to interpretation in my opinion. The explanation you gave can be valid too!

  16. You have a very good point!!! I think what I’ve learned is the world building is shit and we just need to make our own interpretations

  17. Yeah I agree with you, I think that the idea of having two very different cultures mesh is very interesting and has a lot of potential, however the writing itself is not up to standard: we don’t get enough “culture shock” so to speak, they don’t allow us to be classically human in our reactions when faced with things that are abnormal for us but normal for them, and the fact that they are supposedly different from us (and different in what way?) is not explored or highlighted enough

  18. yeah that partner of mine also considered himself “conflict avoidant” but really it just meant that he loved to dish it out but couldn’t take it for a lack of a better term/phrase. extremely high levels of passive aggressive behavior as well

  19. Yup, I had a conflict-avoidant ex who stonewalled his way out of every attempt at communication I tried, and the reason I wanted to have those conversations was because of his behaviors of intense mood swings and paranoid jealousy, I just wanted to talk about our relationship. He could go off on me in his emotional highs but couldn’t listen to a civil conversation about how it severely affected my feelings

  20. Yep!! All his issues would be raised but the second you return “fire” so to speak, he’d run right?

  21. Yes exactly as you said. Even when approached in the most sensible way possible it wouldn’t work

  22. Damn if a dude who looks like that is paying for sex what kind of personality must he have IRL? Like isn't his whole thing that he's hot? He should be able to get laid for free without a lot of effort.

  23. I think some men specifically like to pay for sex because it gives them feelings of power over the woman. When two people have sex simple because they’re attracted to each other it’s like they’re on equal terms. But if you “buy” services from someone, you can convince yourself you have power over them. It’s kinda how like some people think less of staff workers like waiters etc. they are paying therefore they have the power. Fucked up

  24. Re: the glass shards. It’s because over the course of those 3 days many bottles were thrown or smashed by Johnny while Amber smashed one on the ground at some point. She said she remembers looking at her nightgown being on the floor, soaked in alcohol and glass shards and alcohol were everywhere. Doesn’t mean a broken bottle was used on her, as you said she said “god I hope it’s not the broken one”, they just lack reading/listening comprehension. Ironically they are always the one parroting “have you even watched the trial?” I’m like … yes, I have. have you???

  25. I think your responses sound fine on paper, however there could be more at play.

  26. Right, that's why I'm confused why people are acting like he slipped it in her drink. The truth is already bad enough, we don't need to reach. It just ruins our credibility.

  27. Oh I see what you mean. I don’t know the exact social context of offering one at the time but if I have to guess it’s kinda sus like offering drugs now or encouraging a girl to drink and then casually asking for sex. It’s not like slipping them in a drink, but it’s sus and slimy behavior. To be honest Depp is so involved in drug culture and he romanticizes it so much that what was actually socially appropriate and what he believed to be socially appropriate probably were completely different. He lives in his own fucked planet.

  28. Yeah, I definitely understand why it's sus if that's not something she already likes to do. Like, why do you need a girl to be sedated to have sex with you.

  29. I looked some more and apparently men at the time admit to openly suggest it in order to lower a woman’s inhibition by trying to push the idea that they’d enjoy “freer sex”, and it had a reputation of being aphrodisiac, but it doesn’t seem to be supported by evidence of women actually enjoying sex more after taking it, as a couple of articles mentioned that women who took it actually felt disinterested in sex or wanted to sleep more than have sex.

  30. How the hell did Vanessa Paradis get away from him? He seems obsessed with Amber.

  31. He is. I think he met her at a point in his life where he was particularly inclined to strongly idealize her. Or he felt something unique when he met her and he (again) strongly idealized her.

  32. Thing is, if it was what they term as "Mutual abuse" then the op-ed was not defamatory. So how can they justify the verdict, the damages and the abuse? "Mutual abuse" should not be an end thought, it should be the beginning of questioning everything about the trial and the verdict. I don't know what it will take to make them bridge that gap, i suspect many don't want to. I think they just don't want to get called out now their Saint has been shown for the garbage dump of a human he is.

  33. They also want to punish her because she dared describe herself as a victim, because in her mind a victim is a victim only when perfect. So a victim of “mutual abuse” is not a real victim to them. So she had to be put back into her place and it’s fair she gets punished for it even if the op-ed wasn’t literally defamatory

  34. She was fearing for her life in Australia, but he didn’t accept it and asked for sympathy for his own painful experience. He cut off his finger and went into crazy mode, bleeding all over the place and ended up in the hospital. And everyone around him took care of him and felt worried about him. He went through a traumatic experience and feels like the victim. In his world it’s all about Johnny. No one ever send Amber to a hospital to get a check or some emotional help, they just gave her strong meds to calm her down and send her back to LA. No one ever wondered how Amber was coping with this situation; she was the wife who just had to deal with the chaos and destruction. The most important goal for the doctors was for her to not add more stress to Johnny’s situation. They didn’t help or protect her, they were hired to make Johnny happy.

  35. Worse, they were the worst kind of enablers because they too blamed Amber for his behavior and outbursts. I have dealt with this type of enabler, it’s absolutely maddening. It’s like they accept that this man is like this, so everyone has to revolve around him to avoid setting him off. They’re so far removed from reality it’s infuriating. Nobody told this man “get your fucking shit together”, and people who tried faced his wrath and vengefulness

  36. Depp Team presented a document to Amber’s Lawyers that was dated February 2021 called Plaintiff's Designation of Expert Witnesses 2/16/21 which listed an opinion attributed to Dr. Curry that “Amber Heard exhibits patterns of behavior that are consistent with co-occurring Cluster B personality disorder traits, especially Borderline Personality Disorder”. The same document contained the sentence “Dr. Curry will testify”.

  37. Mildly related but while the trial was ongoing Jennifer Howell posted a picture of her front door supposedly having been broken into ("A few Sundays ago"), days before she was rumored to testify in the case, suggesting "people" (read Amber) were trying to intimidate her into silence, she gathered a lot of support from Depp fans when this happened and a lot of people bought into her narrative and her leaked (Waldman) fake deposition started to circulate around Twitter and fans were hyping it up saying she would completely destroy Amber's case and that everyone had to protect her, that they hoped the court granted her security.

  38. Everybody on his team disgusts me. I usually never ever say this about people, but I truly hope everyone on his team who knowingly helped him further abuse his victim in front of the entire world rot in the hottest part of hell there is.

  39. Oh, the successful smear campaign and curated narrative has absolutely been put together by his team of 15+? lawyers. No way he’s able to do that by himself. The more I realize this the more I despise them

  40. I think a lot of people go through that to make sense of contrasting information. It can be a positive sign that someone is at least open to new information that doesn’t confirm their beliefs! I’ve also seen people grow out of it with time and more information

  41. I always suspected that the reason she says “I did this…?” In Australia was because in their dynamic she feels responsible for his outbursts and behavior. And obviously now it’s confirmed he outright blames her because he cannot take responsibility. She must have been hearing him blame her from the start of their problems. Truly you cannot get more classic abusive pattern than this, she is a battered woman and they really have the stereotypical alcoholic/codependent dynamic going on, she wanted to believe with all her heart in the existence of 2 different Johnnys and kept staying because she truly believed it was the alcohol’s fault. I shouldn’t, but I feel somewhat personally vindicated for having thought/said this since the trial was ongoing

  42. You do know that statement originated from Heard? There is a picture where she holds a sign saying that.

  43. Lmao why would he use a quote by Heard in a text on February 2017 months after they divorced, while talking about another woman? Has it ever occurred to you that maybe in that “sign” she might have been flirting with him using his own mannerisms of speech he probably used while flirting with her as well?

  44. His NFT art has the same words repeated over multiple different portraits of different people, of which some are celebrities unrelated to him, including “Silence, exile, cunning” here. So I wouldn’t look much into it except it must be his way of expressing his general angry feelings through his art

  45. Surely he would have had to approve it to be put out into the world? Or maybe he was too late to that meeting

  46. Well I would honestly hope he did, but I think he didn’t intend for it to show malice. I forgot which other celebrities were portrayed (other than Liz Taylor? I think?) but I don’t think he had beef with them. In his head he’s probably paying homage to them or something

  47. I saw a claim that Whitney said Amber cut Depp’s finger off, on that sub that has become its own circle of hell. Do we know if there’s any merit to those claims?

  48. That was in Jennifer Howell’s deposition which was practically written with Alan Waldman “help” and it is all extremely bizarre, they’re even trying to plant the idea Amber’s baby was an embryo that she shared with Elon Musk, and of course her source is “trust me bro, oh and the person who told me that is now dead (Amber’s mom).” It was all full of “Whitney told me that Amber told her” and Whitney denies all of it

  49. Where are y'all finding these transcripts from? Why were they allowed as exhibits when these transcripts show they have so much edited out? If they have the unedited versions and can transcribe them, why weren't those put in as exhibits instead?

  50. A Depp fan uploaded them after they crowdfunded 3000 dollars to buy them from the court after they’ve been unsealed.

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