1. Yes lmao I’m sure you can find it easily on this that’s how I first came across him

  2. For me, the issue is the sim isn’t even that fat lol. The fact that that’s the biggest it could go is shocking to me

  3. I believe that before you finish that challenge you’ll get another one to go back in the gloaming and it’ll be there. Go to the coven at night and see if they give you any tasks

  4. All of there listener tales are just mega fans trying to make them laugh and be quirky

  5. Everything goes into the podcast??? Bullshit hahaha I mean come on Alaina just bought a house. No way a podcast costs $55k a month. They already have a microphone set up and Wondery is paying them I’m sure🥱

  6. Okay. Weird. There are 3 levels like this then?

  7. Not really I think 15 is the hardest for some reason. Go in there with a bunch of fish sticks to up your energy. Also the time freeze incantation so you have all day!! And literally get every single one. That’s how it worked for me!! Good luck

  8. Also be sure you’ve completed all the previous levels completely. I found that I couldn’t move forward until I found everything in the previous mine

  9. Can someone please explain to me why they’re taking him to jury on the murder of his wife and son?! I didn’t realize he was likely guilty of this… I thought it was an angry community member who was wronged by Alex or another member of the family. I’m shocked?!

  10. It was definitely alex. His family became too much of a liability in his eyes. It’s a terrible situation

  11. Maybe I’m insensitive or just a dark person but come on. They have a TRUE CRIME podcast! I hate when they are like “this has been so much” or whatever. Like yes I get it is a lot but maybe you need a different job lmao

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