1. Booo. I haven’t skipped one yet, but I kinda want to skip this one. I have never been a fan of ABH, felt too over hyped [just my honest opinion]. Might wait to see the spoilers to see what might be in it before deciding my verdict.

  2. The brow gel was clumpy, and the setting powder drew all moisture from my face (I'm not particularly dry).

  3. I’ve used the clear brow gel and was not too impressed. And I have received the translucent setting powder, but I haven’t used it because I have others that I know I like. Both I received in GBP.

  4. Meh. Only kinda like the supergoop, but I use the Fenty moisturiser/SPF rn and probably don’t need another? And I want to try the Fenty heat, but I doubt I will be offered it. And is that PML lipstick in the reg GP? I would want that. But otherwise uninspiring for me.

  5. Adding for clarification: The add-ones are on the right side of each picture.

  6. Yes, so that’s what I’m happy about, haha. At least they were right! 😂😅

  7. No one seems to happy about the shampoo and conditioner 😂 I wouldn't either for the price

  8. Well I found out after choosing it [and the mask as a choice] that they have lavender. And I’m allergic. Sooooo… 😭😅

  9. What would be the point of lavender in shampoo 😂😂 but then again I've seen green apple shampoo

  10. Maybe for scent? 😂 Idk. I’d prefer green apple, tbh. But yeahhhh, I think I’ll see if my mom or sil want the shampoo, conditioner and mask. 😅

  11. I never ordered from Groupon, but after reading that, I won’t.

  12. I love her too hehe! She’s so adorable and seems very honest and down to earth :D I just wish she would show Pinky more often!

  13. I love watching Soph’s reviews. Because you’re right, she will tell you if she thinks a product is shit. She can love a brand or brand owner; but if she doesn’t like the product she won’t lie and say she does.

  14. If I ever found out my mom felt this way about my genetic disorder, I would be so hurt and pissed. KJ is putting all the horrible shit she did onto her child, and that’s SO MUCH weight to put on a kid who has no control how they were formed.

  15. That’s also why you’re seeing so much Item Beauty, Skincare by Hyram, and Tarte Sea products. Those all are phasing out of Sephora and are now being sold extremely cheap and IPSY has them

  16. I think Ipsy helped create Item Beauty, so that would be why we see so much Item.

  17. I hope you get fast reply. I only just got access to my Choice (for my main GBP account—-i had access yesterday to regular GP under different email) and it was a bummer what was left (literally every choice was almost all lippies, I actually choose a hair scrunchie set for one choice just to have something to pull my hair back when I wash my face but it was real bummer overall) but the only beauty boost they showed as actually still available was the Tarte eyeshadow pallette they advertised as the default boost. Though that Ofra pallette is still available in add-ons.

  18. I actually just got a reply! They apologised but said that once my choices were made they cannot change anything, but they are sorry that it happened. They gave me 1200 points for my troubles and said to leave a comment in the reviews so that the team can know about the allergies for future products:

  19. At least you got some points! Was a little inappropriate I think for the guy to acknowledge your allergy and then recommend you try to use the product anyway lol but I’m sure it was just an oversight. I forget when Mother’s Day is but might make a nice gift paired with a nice candle or bath bombs or something. I don’t know if you have a Whole Foods near you, but mine carries these boutique bath bombs made with essential oils…in a big open bin by the personal care products (if you can even stand to handle them to purchase)…as a gift they would go well with the clean concept of the shampoo—they are huge and pretty, marbled color usually like $6.99 each…just some thoughts.

  20. Haha, I do agree is was probably just an oopsie in the message, I wasn’t offended by it. 😂 I don’t think I have a whole foods near me [I’m sure there IS one but idk where]. There is a Sprouts though, so I may check them out. I think Mother’s Day is in May?

  21. How do you change your beauty boost? My choices are always grayed out and Idk where to click to pick a different one. 😭

  22. I had to click on the too faced pallet to “unselect” it and then I was able to switch! ☺️

  23. I allllllmost picked the Ofra but switched to the shampoo/conditioner combo. I wish I would’ve gone with my gut. 😩

  24. Oh man I really like your replacement box though. It is frustrating to be sold the premise of you get to pick things and are expecting certain things and it just doesn’t happen. It’s silly they couldn’t even send you the bag.

  25. Right? Like, come onnnn. And I haven’t gotten the ‘replacement’ yet. We will see how THAT goes.

  26. It's sad that you didn't get your original box but your replacement box is actually pretty nice! Most replacement orders are so far off from the original box values. Although you're probably right that you ended up with someone else's box.

  27. I haven’t gotten it yet. This was supposed to be my original box. I’ve found a home for the too dark foundation, so I know what I received won’t go to waste.

  28. Here’s a thread from a little bit earlier today. All GBP products for March.

  29. I want that ciate black glitter gloss SO BAD. I got a way different shade a few years ago… I also chose two of the KVD concealers, since I’m not sure which one would be best. One was choice and one was an add-on. I have three of the good apple balms, and the shades vary wildly. One that is supposed to be a lighter shade looks darker than other. 😅🤷🏻‍♀️

  30. Wait, you had kvd Concealer multiple times in choice?! I didn't get any 😭

  31. No, sorry if that was confusing. I had one shade as a choice and I picked a second one as an add-on. 😅 Were you given the choice for one ad an add-on?

  32. Did anyone get to choose anything for March?

  33. It depends on what bag you get. If it’s GBP, then not yet. We will tomorrow 3/2. If you have the base it was 2/21-23, I believe, so it is no longer open.

  34. It depends on if you get base or GBP. If you get GBP it’s 50/50, if it’s just the base then no. I’ve been able to if I resub the day before for GBP. But I’ve seen others say they weren’t. The base bag chose on 2/21-23, I think, so if that’s the one you went with then you won’t be able to.

  35. I got this email, too. Like, thaaaaaks. Guess I’ll just have to guess on how I would rate them…

  36. Oh WOW. As soon as they responded to my ticket, tracking was updated LOL! March 3rd is estimated delivery. Whole entire month to get the package so I guess we shall see if I get it then

  37. I just emailed them. Did yours show any tracking before today, or just that the label was created?

  38. It only showed label created on 2/4 with no updates from then and until just now

  39. Hmmm, well here hoping I get the same thing! 🤞🏻🤞🏻

  40. I signed up one week ago. Typically, when do they start shipping your subscription? I signed up for the glam bag plus. No updates since subscribing and first payment.

  41. Since it was just a week ago, you’ll probably get the March bag which won’t ship until the second week of March. Hope that helped! 😀

  42. That is suspicious of someone losing your package. And of course for them to resend your package means all the good items you were the most excited about getting are now out of stock and they substitute with something nowhere in the same league or totally different type of item. Of coarse the add-ons are out of stock now as well, at least for those they will refund instead of trying to substitute with some cheap crap.

  43. Right?!? I was so surprised to see that a label had been made that early, but since there had been no movement it’s HIGHLY sus.

  44. Contact again..Why on Monday, because they don't want to be bothered on weekend, do your job right the first damn time..Sorry, I'm just tired of Ipsy/Boxy.. I'm not dropping my subs though..I'm going to bug them until I get what I paid for.

  45. I agree. I’m going to do it today. And I will fight for what I picked. Like, I’m so frustrated about it. My X’s ALWAYS get messed up. I don’t blame you for not wanting to drop. I’m thinking about it, but only because I have WAY too much and I really need to go through it. [but then I get anxious about stopping. Sooooo…😅]

  46. Uhmm. Have you redeemed any items besides the mystery one?

  47. Yep. One last month and three this one [including the mystery].

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