WSB: How the mighty have fallen

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  1. I would much prefer if he was cognitive at least the United States as a whole would look much better

  2. Honestly it's probably for the best, imagine New York but everywhere

  3. Yeah it was great but now they are banning juul and lowering nicotine in cigs? Good luck I don't think they will free up ever

  4. Hey guys - i love to bash a cex as much as anyone. However, I think this might be related to the new EU KYC (know-your-customer) and AML (anti money laundering) policies.

  5. I know the owner of the phone’s name due to checking the emergency health info. If you can DM me that or call the phone we can get you your phone back!

  6. Not much help but this looks like my old phone more than a galaxy, my guess is OnePlus 6T actually not that it helps find them

  7. Right! Every crisis makes the previous before it look like nothing -- this cannot go on forever!

  8. I'd prefer to see someone short the market and clean up while everyone is shting their pants.

  9. Get that dude who was going to crash the economy from his phone on TSLA

  10. Juice community: We only like Fine China on WOD

  11. A kidney will suffice for a lump sum, but if you really want to ensure consistent DCA, you're gonna need to use your mouth weekly.

  12. So those unpleasant trips still haunt you years later? Is it just when you think about them or did they leave some lingering effects?

  13. Not OP but I never understood the bad trip thing for years. Then I tried smoking at the peak LMFAO, I understand how people say it sticks with you. I became convinced there was a blade inside my skull any I couldn't move or it would kill me and I could see it and shit. Deathly afraid of knives to this day

  14. Only a loss if you sell. Bitcoin will absolutely be back and reach another ATH. This is par for the course. Don’t fret. And don’t sell for a loss. It WILL be back.

  15. Bitcoin will be back, the USD however that one has me shitting bricks

  16. I suspect you missed the bottom, at least until the fed scares more weak hand away

  17. Idk I don't think anyone else will be scared off if inflation comes out over 9 or 10 ""

  18. I think you are wrong sir. Inflation comes in at 9% and we will have the fed raising rate by 1% next hike…. It certainly feels like we are about to have 9% inflation for June. Prices are insane for all goods.

  19. Oh I'm not denying inflation is bad, it's honestly gotta be close to 25 for most of us day to day. The US cannot escape this debt, we raise rates we end up adding a small country in yearly interest and the cycle continues. Please let me be wrong please but I wouldn't be surprised seeing quadrillions for our debt within years. The USD is in for a monstrous awakening, 20% of all money just printed in what a year? We are following a scary path here, Germany went down this after WW1, eventually ending up with currency worth like 1/300000 or something stupid. Crypto is absolutely volatile, but I'll be the first to say I trust BTC/ETH more than the USD as far as investing

  20. Curious to see what people say about it. You would have to be Satoshi himself to not trust a lawyer to get it passed to who it's meant for.

  21. Gold at the bottom of the ocean can be recovered, and new gold is found and mined constantly. New bills can be issued. Once a BTC wallet is lost, the coins are lost forever and no more can be created, right?

  22. The cool part about Bitcoin is it could work even with only 1 of the 21 milion left

  23. The fomo is hitting oh my! Had a black 11 hatch as my first car. Miss the hell out of that thing

  24. That's just California laws. They basically require a warning if carcinogens are in anything, which seems good, but it doesn't matter that quantity... so even if it'd a completely safe amount of it (like it is 99% of the time you see a warning like this) they have to out that warning. Go to basically any restaurant in CA and you'll find a warning like this.

  25. If you live in US you'd be hard pressed to find a single product that doesn't have these. Maybe food but I've seen it on water bottles even

  26. This isn’t something specific to crypto. It’s not an indication of the weakness of the crypto industry. The whole economy is suffering. Crypto is part of the economy.

  27. Now we don't have much shilling we can get back to the core. The USD as we know it will fail. Likely sooner than we thought

  28. ban_171ctgspttfnhnqwh3odnjx93isuquyjxremr86tq916unwyr87yf6fazoke

  29. I know everyone thinks were going to zero based on the vibe out here, but I'm hoping to collect enough ETH in this crash to pay off my house if there is ever another bullrun. I'm gonna use the money that I used to spend on alcohol towards ETH instead, so if it does go to zero, either way it was already lost money but I'll be sober.

  30. Most of those people are only eating a slice of that shit cake. It's scary as hell to admit it, but the dollar is going to fail, that's the rest of the cake.

  31. Yoooo can we all just go in and buy an entire country for apes? Y'all thought Switzerland looked rich just you wait ;)

  32. well I can't power it off tho. I can't do anything but I'll give it a try

  33. Hold vol down + power for 10 seconds (I think may be longer) basically hold until it boots up. I may be confusing phones it may just be power button

  34. I decided not to go. The more I learned the more it felt like a trap. I suffer from severe anxiety and depression and it seems to have hit really bad now. Thinking on it we’ve been closed up for two years with Covid, now there’s the war in Ukraine and uncertainty in America again. And that just adds more weight. I do not Any addiction problems but I do have chronic pain because I have fibromyalgia. It read like and especially after I started getting contradictory information from staff that I would be sending myself to do so to speak when I’ve done nothing wrong I just need help. So I live in San Antonio, broke down all the parts I think I need and just found a group of doctors to address the various areas and they are working together I’ve saved a ton of money. I think I’ve saved a ton of mental anguish and I also have decided while a little unorthodox I have tried Nuro brain feedback. I can’t give you any actual feedback on that because I’ve only had four sessions and I can’t tell anything yet.

  35. Hope you're doing well, I'll have to check out nuro myself somehow I've never heard about it! You absolutely made the right choice to skip out on going in. I figured as a last ditch effort it would be ok. Even if you aren't suicidal years at a time it was amazing to me how isolating it was, no joke my cat gives me better support. Hopefully stuff starts working for us both, crazy world I'm actually up in Austin haha

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