Nagatoro Ch. 111

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  1. People like to complain about Trudeau but his response during the pandemic really helped a lot of people. I dont really have any major issues with him

  2. Stole my mom's car every day for last two years of hs. Thank you mom for walking to work.

  3. My store had every volume as soon as they came out. That they're wrapped in plastic is so funny to me but makes perfect sense

  4. Bookstores do it for any manga that is considered “explicit” basically it’s so kids don’t just open them up and read them in the store

  5. I know, it's still funny to me as I felt like a degen going up to the counter with 5 wrapped manga volumes

  6. Just rewatched this episode for the third time yesterday. One of my favorite fireworks scenes. Also makes me want a candy apple so badly

  7. This sub is declining so fast

  8. Both of them choosing to save the cat gives an interesting parallel. Obviously for Asa she regrets that decision but based Dennis does not care 😭😭😭

  9. Ive been following these threads for awhile and occasionally see Denji get referred to as Dennis. Is it an autocorrect thing, some lore I'm missing, or something else I'm out of the loop on

  10. I'm not sure. Proper punctuation in a casual online format always makes me think the person I'm talking to has a god complex

  11. The only manga where doing meth and cocaine is cool but cigarettes will get you a visit from DJ No Smoking Until 20…

  12. That was absolutely one of my favorite throwaway jokes in the manga. The ongoing joke of Rentarou being in the background of all of his girlfriend's outings silently supporting them is just hilarious to me

  13. Its nice how we have an arc where its Nagatoro's turn to give senpai encouragement in his passion. The phone call scene was really cute.

  14. The attention to detail Nanashi puts into Prez's leather outfit rivals One Punch Man's current artwork

  15. The attention to detail Nanashi puts in Prez's leather outfit is astounding

  16. As a moose person I am offended at being called a moose person

  17. Wyatt Russell was excellent in Overlord. Wish he would take on more action roles

  18. I didnt know anybody else had seen Overlord. Love that movie it was a total ride

  19. I mean, yeah it's a supernatural zombie war movie. If youre not into that then it probably isnt for you

  20. My keyboard doesn't have emoji and I'm not sure how to put them on lmao

  21. I went to China without knowing Chinese and everyone was super kind and either spoke enough English for us to communicate, or it was also very normalized to use Google translate to communicate if there was a language barrier.

  22. Most people in china know at least some english. Very few people in the US (relative to it's population) know some Chinese

  23. I read on a 6.1” screen. Could be better but I’m sure you’ll be fine.

  24. Same here. Have read almost all my manga on a 6.1 samsung s20 fe

  25. You have two options. You have a spouse with a higher paying job, or you live with 5 roommates

  26. Theyre very different aside from being romcoms. Tonikawa is almost 100% nonserious and Horimiya can get serious often. Both are very good in their own ways

  27. Unless you started dating really young or you’re broke, waiting 6 years is ridiculous.

  28. My wife and I got married on our 6th anniversary. I proposed about 2.5 years in though

  29. You knew you wanted to marry her within a good timeframe for sure.

  30. I do two year phone contracts usually. After two years i can barely get a day out of most phone batteries so i end up upgrading. Works for me and my lifestyle but isnt for everyone

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