[Callie Caplan] Jason Kidd on Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving’s partnership: “This isn’t two 23-year-olds trying to see who will be the alpha. This is Luka’s team. It will be Luka’s team.

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  1. You literally just said they created the day take shine off Bron, at least have some consistency with your takes

  2. As somebody who has no dog in this fight, the timing of that announcement really is stupid lol.

  3. Mavs were in a tough spot. They didn't have assets to improve and still have bad contracts. You have to make risks when you are in that position. The risk is absolutely high, but so is the potential reward.

  4. It's crazy but despite how much I dislike Kyrie I would do this move 100 times over. So far this season has been beyond painful with us being beyond mediocre.

  5. Speaks to how bad of a situation we were in before. The team was clunky, nobody knew how to dribble the ball, Luka was going supernova to beat lottery teams, and we were smack dab in the middle. Now we at least have a sliver of a chance at a ring.

  6. Fasting makes us stronger, Kyrie about to pop off and land us 55 wins by the end

  7. Right now it's at 6. Likely be 7-8 by Ramadan, I don't have a schedule on me at this time.

  8. Idk I’m have a good time, What about the other 28 teams. Are we having fun?

  9. Even at the 75th Anniversary, Lebron had to go over to greet MJ on the court, like MJ just passes right by him during the intros.

  10. He took it personal that Lebron was on his level.

  11. Bro acting like Lebron committed a felony with that record.

  12. They’ll put Kawhi on Kyrie all game, but I still sssume he gets 25 or so. Zubac on Wood is a tough matchup too.

  13. I'm so torn on Bullock. He's the worst player in the league for half the season, and the second half he becomes the most dangerous 3&d this side of the Mississippi.

  14. Luka is definitely capable of breaking the 30 PPG consecutive record. Oh, and also the most techs record too.

  15. FYI they didn't fully track minutes played until the early 50s so those minutes played numbers for Fulks, Mikan, and Zaslofsky aren't correct.

  16. Embiid and Luka are basically walking cheat codes on offense.

  17. Can somebody tell me Barkley's reason behind not even putting the man in top 5 lol

  18. Yup. Btw, fun tidbit: the Nets flair who also replied to this comment also believes Kyrie is Jewish. Not as a joke. Literally. Dude defended Kyrie when he was a Net now he’s on his dick as a Mav. Kyrie fans are so fucking braindead.

  19. He’s already started defending Kyrie and all is dumbass stances like the anti vax stuff on the Mavs sub within the last hour.

  20. I mean, at this point either we're contenders or we lose him in free agency and have a bit more movement. I'm glad the FO made the move anyhow, seeing Luka put up 50 to barely beat lottery teams was getting depressing.

  21. I'm exhausted and it's been a single press conference

  22. Also they're kinda the best in the world at it.

  23. Definitely not based. This was during the pandemic when players were often going into health and safety protocols and then you have Kyrie hanging around a large gathering, following no safety protocols whatsoever.

  24. True, I forgot about all the extra factors. My B

  25. Never said he didn't side with the hate. Just that he didn't delete it with hate primarily on his mind, and it was a more absent-minded choice. Could have worded it a bit better tbh but whatever.

  26. I'm pretty sure even if Lebron grabs his beard and peels his face off and he's Ted Bundy that he would still make it on the hall of fame.

  27. Lol They are going to learn very quick not to say stuff like this

  28. To be honest, I don't really think that's a thing he genuinely means, I think he is just emphasising that hypotheticals aren't worth playing with and needed another phrase to fill in the sentence. That being said, I'm sure Dallas isn't his first choice.

  29. It really isn't lol, I just hope he likes it here and decides to stay if we don't get the ring.

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