'What the F-ck Is This?': Team Trump Blindsided by Jan. 6 Committee Getting Doc Footage

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  1. Thank you! I guess I'll pull the trigger. Use up my credits before Prime Day!

  2. Historically, what does Audible do for Prime dsy?

  3. I'm hoping for Premium Plus to be on sale for $99

  4. I'm still not sure if Siddons intended to portray clueless privilege or if this was Siddons's normal.

  5. It's not legal but if caught they face a $5 fine and a sternly mildly worded letter.

  6. If you’re walking across a scruffy, stoney field, watch where you step. The eggs are grayish-brownish with dark spots and flecks, about the size of those malted milk Easter eggs kids get. Normally, look for motion a foot from the ground - the parent will start some theatrics to draw you away from the nest.

  7. I have freaking stared at a nest trying to see it and still couldn't. Their eggs are like those 3d hidden images. Like you say, best thing to do really is to behave like the full grown bird that's freaking out wants you to. It's cooing like it's hurt and flapping a big ol' broken wing? Go in its direction, because it's definitely luring you away from its nest. Problem solved!

  8. Killdeer, they lay their eggs in the dumbest spots and then get all pissy when someone walks next to it

  9. Killdeer made their nest right on the curve of a narrow driveway that big trucks, tractors, and combines drive down. Lot of pissy killdeer noises that year lol.

  10. Hey here’s an envelope full of anthrax, I mean fake electors, I mean party invites. How’s about you do me a solid and take this to Trump, nooo Pence.

  11. You can't take national average for salaries in the US. Money varies incredibly from state to state. 65K in buttfuck nowhere Missouri is legit as fuck, but it ain't shit in L.A, you feel me ?

  12. We can try comparing apples to apples, which isn't perfect, but gives us a relationship at least.

  13. I know this is going to be hard for you to understand but people with CCW permits are not the ones shooting up schools.

  14. Nah, they just shoot up nightclubs, workplaces, airports, apartment complexes, restaurants, and hospitals.

  15. The voice combined with the weird way he talks, really is like putting a cheese grater to your eardrums.

  16. Be sure to picture the cutesy way he repeatedly juts his right shoulder forward as he tries to read the teleprompters.

  17. My dad finally simmered down about the hearings when I asked him if he remembered the Watergate hearings.

  18. It's like this with everyone who has fallen down the right wing AM radio propaganda hole. Some people don't realize that rural males have been getting indoctrinated with far right propaganda for the past thirty-plus years.

  19. Anyone not in the middle two columns needs to be looked at:

  20. It’s interesting how much further the right goes down into the misinformation row. Not surprising, just interesting.

  21. I go into some detail in my reply upthread about how bad this chart is. Example: it rates Breitbart as more factual then The Reid Out, when in reality it was founded as, and continues to serve as, a disinformation and propaganda outlet.

  22. we need term limits on every office.

  23. White collar crimes require intent. Blue? collar crimes require nothing more than you being near a crime as its happening. Possess enough illegal drugs, you're charged with intent to distribute, even if you never intended to sell any of it. Abusive boyfriend force you to drive his getaway car when he commits an armed robbery? You're treated as just as guilty as him in the eyes of the law.

  24. I don't see the connection bergen the composition of the Senate and what the DoJ does.

  25. I'm willing to bet everything I own that Republicans will flip once again and claim they're against (and always have been against) such "frivolous lawsuits".

  26. Yup. Lawsuits are only frivolous when it's the regular person trying to be made whole from damages caused by monied interests.

  27. Or Trump sitting down to interview with Bob Woodward, a man who took down a sitting President. I know he's a narcissistic moron, but nobody in Trump's orbit was like "hey that's a bad idea, isn't it?"

  28. He had nothing to worry about. This time around, Woodward cared for nothing but his book sales, and kept all the crimes he was told about and witness to under wraps until he could publish them in his book.

  29. I think he complained and then they eventually started giving him his weekend or gluten-free or whatever meals.

  30. At least Yellow in slide 7 doesn't have to live knowing he got his 5 year old baby brother killed by covid.

  31. I think it’s irrelevant since the penalty for car theft isn’t summary execution.

  32. Exactly. We could even word it more dammingly:

  33. She may have been right about her characterization of trump, but she’s also a criminal that spied on her opponent. Let’s make sure we call everyone out and not just what supports our narrative.

  34. I agree with your take. When I read the book, I thought it was pointlessly overdone. I was thinking "do I really need to read this?" And, yeah, it didn't seem to impact the character much or drive the story forward.

  35. I read Between Two Fires by Christopher Buehlman a couple of months ago, and while I thoroughly enjoyed the novel and its setting, I couldn't but cringe inwardly whenever Tomas said "whoring" as a curse word because I know exactly what he was trying to do. As a native French speaker, there is no direct English equivalent for "putain" in this particular context and to try and use it as a replacement for the cuss word "fuck" is just inaccurate and clunky. He would have been better off just saying "fuck" or "fucking" as it's the closest thing you're going to get to saying "putain" or "putain de merde".

  36. This piqued my curiosity so I looked it up and indeed, "poontang" comes from "putain."

  37. In The Deep, Nick Cutter has the characters pass through a cloud of phytoplankton once they get into the dark zone of the ocean where there's no more light. Phytoplankton are literally plants and need light to live. I learned this in grade school science class. The fourth sentence in the Wikipedia page for phytoplankton says that they only live where there's light. Literally 2 minutes of googling would have fixed this. It was like he had this scene in his head that he wanted to happen and remembered that phytoplankton was a word that he knew, so he just threw it in there. So fucking lazy.

  38. As an editor I would have called this out lol. Even if I wasn't content editing.

  39. Ahh the ambient noise there is pure relaxation.

  40. Party of Lincoln behaving like the party of Davis.

  41. I wonder how much that hurt Audible in the long run, as I bought so many books I canceled my membership. I can’t be the only one who did that either, I have all the audible originals that were on my list and kind of have no reason to re subscribe until the final Sandman comes out.

  42. A lot of folks are posting that they spent $100-$300 on the sale and then dropped their subscription. If they return in one to three years, it comes about even (assuming a $99 subscription or similar). Probably more than that didn't quit their subscription.

  43. It’s hard to fathom that people neglect personal hygiene when receiving a service that involves direct bodily contact. Its just fucking rude. Like most women I know shave their legs/bikini before a Gyno appointment ffs

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