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  1. i am transmasculine and i told them i dont identify as a man nor a woman i just lean more masc and they called me invalid and transphobic

  2. sadly he doesn't watch techno with me anymore because "if i watch all of them there's not any more"

  3. We cant trust them, theyll just do it again when they think its safe

  4. Gorilla, because even one black mamba would kill me instantly because I wouldn’t see it coming. At least I have some chance with the gorilla

  5. For me it depends on who’s saying the joke and HOW they say the joke.

  6. Nah. In fact phrasing it like this is perfect, because you’re totally respecting that she IS a girl, but you’re just not into dick. And that’s okay.

  7. As someone IN the film industry, there are definitely those who do it for money, but a lot to us do it because movies do matter to us. Me personally they’re one of the things I care about the most

  8. Well, you can play it. Our argument is just that it’s fine for your trans/Jewish friends and loved ones to distance themselves from you because you’re picking a game over them.

  9. Truly unpopular. For me it depends on the animal and the person, but say my dog or my teacher, I’d pick my dog.

  10. Depends on if you mean “send the villains here” or “mental asylum.”

  11. Young people statistically have more empathy and more TIME.

  12. Why the hell boycott the movie?? But tickets to it to show that that’s the stuff they should be doing to make money instead of saying that the game is undermonetized. If they realize how profitable the other things can be, they may be less incentivized to do shit to the OGL.

  13. The game is full of racist content and it goes toward JK Rowling. I won’t stop you from buying the game but I absolutely will distance myself from you for funding a woman who uses that money in ways that kills people like me.

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