1. Looks like he aint paying attention to the war, maybe he should take a step back from the production of his Tik Tok video making and focus on the war.

  2. I guess you could say that, one things for sure the wealthy russians are starting to make private armies,this is a sure indicator that some sort of civil war will take place, i think once these private armies are up and running putin and the kremlin will be in grave danger.

  3. Wealthy russians preparing for the take over of the Kremlin then russia, the one's with the largest army will be the new leaders of russia, time running out for Putin.

  4. Murdered by the Kremlin and Putin, many of these youngsters bodies are strew around ukraine rotting, left there by the kremlins orders,these young men are someones loved one a child husband lover or friend, for the love of god putin show some compassion and take your dead home.

  5. Putin/Kremlin invaded ukraine to take the billions of resources it holds no other reason, these are gangsters we are dealing with here not statesmen, russia is a terrorist state run by gangsters it is no longer a country just a state of terror and should be treated as such by all civilised countries.

  6. Russia is bleeding south africa dry of all its resources including diamonds and gold, billions have been taken from the south african people, money that could have been used for hospitals schools and roads has gone to the kremlin gangsters, time the good people of south africa stoped this theft.

  7. Judging by the conversation, they were given a suicidal order to hold their positions without the support of artillery or any forces. There are 8 of them. A tribunal awaits them if they refuse.

  8. Musk bought Twitter for long tearm profit only,no other reason,Biden is keeping young americans out of the war zone by helping ukraine defend it's own land, $250 per person is a good deal so you guys can go about your buisness without getting torn apart by bombs, thanks Joe.

  9. Britain produces its own gas, imports of 3% from russia was banned some time ago, also britain does not store gas.

  10. This woman and putins children should be under house arrest for the duration of this war, none of them should have access to the internet that's for sure.

  11. Ben Wallace met with Parly and Lecornu to produce a plan to aid ukraine for the next five years, this plan is not just military support during the war but supports after the war with re-build border security and medical help, before you attempt to criticize anyone please check out the facts, if you have nothing to say then please say nothing.

  12. Russia was hoping the salt mines where full of WW1 WW2 small arms, they was disapointed the mines was empty, russia aint able to arm these new formations so will take up the WW1 tactic of when dead take his gun and charge forward, putin lives in the past and is an stupid old dreamer, his new attack will fail and he is likley to use nukes on ukraine, either way it's the end for this thick old man.

  13. This block on oil needs to remain after the war untill russia disarms its nuclear threat, we must not allow a rogue nation to keep nuclear weapons.

  14. Its not mentioned due to the total lack of credible evidence, so story as it is is all bollox.

  15. Appointing a new defence minister aint gonna put any government in turmoil, so story all bollox,if you got nothing to say then best to say nothing dont just write any old bollox.

  16. Could drop one of these on any russian anywhere in Moskow St Petersburge, could land one 12 inch from them, no one in russia is safe now, putin make sure your underpants are clean.

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