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  1. This is the opportunity conservatives have been looking for to deny gun ownership to women.

  2. Or to fire up the ol’ “women are too emotional to be president.”

  3. Sanders’ long track record shows, with ample evidence, that he absolutely was sexist as a younger man. I’d hope that he has since matured.


  5. That's exactly what it is. These people are the types that get swept up in pyramid schemes. They are easy to influence by a person with experience in the con. Their emotions in the moment lead them. They get swept up in the "atmosphere" cultivated and all the like minded people confirming their biases. It's an experience to them. Like going to a concert is for many people. And they are making their political voting decisions based on those feelings.

  6. High jacking the top comment: The true reason the MAGA crowd does this is because at one point Trump had promised them that he would bus them to his rally and back. They stood out there for hours and when the bus finally got there, it broke down.

  7. He did this several times. His cult doesn’t care. He could walk out there and shoot one of them and they’d still vote for him.

  8. What in the actual fuck?! Oopsie. Accidentally spilled 8100 gallons of chemicals into a creek near one of the largest cities in the country. Nothing to see here!

  9. I live near Pearl Harbor. The Navy dumped jet fuel into our water and lied about it for weeks. Now we are in a class action lawsuit against the Navy. We were on bottled water for months. I’d highly recommend an under the sink water filter. I’d also recommend getting 5 gallon jugs and a hand pump or electric pump for it. It is such a hassle but you’ll adapt and then hopefully you can win your very own class action suit!

  10. I’m black. I promise you this is not an issue we have. It’s a white knight thing.

  11. I know of several Black women in Mom FB groups who are pretty passionate about it. They must spend 18 hours a day online just looking for opportunities to get big mad.

  12. I woke up to find myself in the middle of a stroke last November and while it was far from "near-fatal", and I was only in the hospital for five days and am near-fully recovered, I still suffer psychologically ever since. Nights where I start to cry after getting into bed because I don't know if I'll wake up the next day. Or starting to get lightheaded and beginning to panic that it might be a sign of a second stroke occurring. Or the existential dread of knowing that a stroke cuts, on average, more than half a decade off your lifespan and once you've had one, it gets so much easier to get the next one.

  13. I’ve had four DVTs (blood clots) and yeah… same. I try not to give it any of my precious time.

  14. I am constantly hearing about “building relationships” but my students always misbehaved more when they became too comfortable. They take it so personally when you catch them cheating on a test, won’t overlook a late assignment, or plainly just wont offer any favoritism.

  15. It’s a fine line. Developing a rapport can make all the difference for some students who couldn’t have cared less before but want to make their favorite teacher proud. But if you become too casual, it can feel like a license to slack off.

  16. Go to an in-person yoga class and pay your teacher fairly for their time and expertise. Online yoga is dramatically less beneficial than working with a teacher in real life and absolutely worth the money.

  17. The library. Free. So much joy and entertainment and learning right there.

  18. You can get the Kindle app on your phone and then borrow books and read them on your phone. It’s pretty great!

  19. I’m living on a small island in the carribean. There’s no street signs or addresses so if you are giving someone directions to where you live it would be like this.

  20. I’m on a small island in the Pacific with paved roads and street names. But the street signs are all basically blank because the sun just eats everything and it’s island life so nothing ever gets fixed or replaced. So you have to know where you’re going or have GPS and pray the signal doesn’t drop. You also have to dodge the car-totaling potholes as you’re trying to figure out where you’re going.

  21. Great but I’d like to see him try to live off a barista’s wages, too.

  22. Caucasians as a culture have been sitting in elevated chairs for a long time so they often have extremely tight hips. But other cultures developed without elevated chairs and their bone structure and connective tissue adapted over time to this squatting position.

  23. It’s always the most brainwashed people who fear divergent ideas the most.

  24. Sadly overseas doesn't have that option.

  25. We figured out the maximum size limit for the bags. Turns out it was exactly the size of Xmas tree storage bags. So we bought six of them and then packed other bags inside of the giant Xmas tree bags. We each had a large suitcase and tons of household goods in the Xmas tree bags. We had all our immediate household goods needs like bedding, shower curtains, etc. with us when we arrived. We also had our fire safe with valuables. It was a hassle loading and unloading them but it was worth not having to wait for the movers!

  26. My six year old had a 3x3 storage shelf with 9 drawers full of sorted and organized toys. All they had to do was wrap the whole thing in Saran Wrap and load it. Instead they dumped the contents of each of the nine, organized cubes into a huge box and then layered in clothing as “padding.” I opened the box and just closed it again. I honestly don’t think it ever actually got unpacked. I just couldn’t deal with the sheer chaos.

  27. It is interesting getting to know his story. I actually live fairly close to this guy and saw his car at the store one day. Super confused about all the antennas but if I run into him I'll definitely talk to him about it.

  28. I don’t know where he lives now but many years ago, he was stationed where I currently live in Hawaii. This guy kicked ass. It’s a good reminder to make the most of it.

  29. My work center has lost 29/32 people in under four years. I think retention may be a problem.

  30. I know a guy who’s job is to work in a DC think tank and think about how to fix it.

  31. It’s E1-E3. It’s not like they’re in charge of anything.

  32. The problem is that it won’t. The people who passed these laws still have the steering wheel.

  33. Thank you for sharing that. Such a self centered entitled little moron. I'll add this link to my comment.

  34. “I can’t understand what happened. I mean, I know everyone says that pit bulls can just snap and attack at random but I never thought my pit bull would do that.”

  35. Remember when you thought that most people were reasonably intelligent and decent?

  36. AI generated images of him being arrested was okay. But it's not as good as the real thing.

  37. I always tell my friends with young kids to get into a charter school (free, public school that you have to apply to months in advance) ASAP. The key is to find a program with as many barriers to entry (except cost) and put your kid there. The parents who are willing to jump through all those hoops generally raise better kids and the overall environment is far better than the school with the lowest effort to enroll. Crappy parents exist all along the financial spectrum but involved parents typically produce better kids.

  38. My xsmall/small shirt in the US was an XL in Japan.

  39. I feel gargantuan next to Japanese ladies here in Hawaii but I feel like a skinny bitch next to the Samoan women— they could absolutely crush me.

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