1. Taltz injections, I dont have any on my anymore. once a month shot

  2. I HAVE to know how many Sierras you do for that haul, like HOW? I’m over 80 in, no shinies. Ive only done Sierra minus one time each for Arlo and Cliff. I thankfully have a few 3*.

  3. I only fight Sierra 1 time everyday sometimes every 2 days if she doesn't show up in a balloon

  4. Lucky, I still have no luck finding the skyline.

  5. Cool chase find and the Skyline is one of my favorite speed champion builds

  6. It was my favorite car growing up watching f&f so I had to get it

  7. I’d happily power up to level 50 with those beautiful stats.

  8. Yesir, just waiting on mewtwo in raids for xl candy i got 2 other decent mewtwos as well

  9. Go for more shadow mewtwo is one of the strongest attackers in the game and if you have a few it would be good in raids even if the IVs are not the best

  10. I have 1 from the first time he came out and this one, only thing stopping me is I dont have enough candy to power the other 3 up

  11. It would be good just to have then so when you do get enough candy you can power them all up

  12. Can’t wait to get one even if I have to pay secondary I’m just too big a one piece fan

  13. Me too thats why I went to my local HT at 8 to get in line for it. Resellers got most of them tho 🙄

  14. It looks amazing! Really has become one of my favorites too!

  15. Yeah beat the new time research and you’ll get one, pretty easy but a grind.. you need to battle these new team rocket type trainers.. no Pokémon to catch after..

  16. You can just find one start the fight hit once then quit and rematch 5 times. easy as that

  17. I have been seeing sonic for around 30ish on eBay and Mercari

  18. Someone is going to be crushed when they find out their hiding place didn't work. But regardless, this is an awesome comic cover piece.

  19. Someone's gonna be mad when they come back.

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