1. What piece of armor is it, what upgrade are you trying to apply to it, and how many primary factions have you encountered so far?

  2. Military fatigues? Or the version that is meant to be upgradable. I’m not sure sorry ah

  3. Specifically what do you not feel confident about? What worries / fears do you have?

  4. what do you mean google account exactly? to play cross devices Im pretty sure you have to link it to a social media account

  5. Ok so can I create an account with like dmm games with my email, and use that for my laptop login and my phone?

  6. Your game data should be linked to an account not a device, so if you just sign into the same account on your phone you should have all your data.

  7. Yesssss!!!! I struggle badly with confidence, especially around good singers who will judge me if I mess up! I know I can sing well and confidently, it’s just hard to around certain people for me.

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